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Photo for Personnel Screening
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Requirements for Personnel Screening Photo

Photo for Personnel Screening
Width: 50 mm
Height: 70 mm
600 dpi
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Image definition parameters
Head height: 35 mm
Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 39 mm
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More about Photo for Personnel Screening - Requirements

Some countries require employees background checking and one of the documents like this is Personnel Screening. It analyses an individual's suitability to hold employment in a given role. Screening measures help to provide cost-effective and legally compliant assurance that only the right people, in the right job roles, are working within an organisation.

Today will be discussed photo specifications regarding a personnel screening document, how to take a picture of it, what it requires in general and who have to apply.

Photo specifications for Personnel Screening

For acceptable verification, applicants should provide a copy of two valid pieces of Canadian government-issued identification. For business owners who hold the contract, their CSOs or alternates must sign and date copies of the identification to be certified.

Acceptable identification:

  • Driver’s licence issued in Canada which includes a laminated photograph
  • Canadian passport
  • Canadian birth certificate

Personnel screening photo size

For this reason, you must be asked to attach a photograph in a Canadian driving licence size which is approximately 50mm x 70mm.

Personnel Screening Photo Tool

When you know the personnel screening photo dimensions, you may wonder how to take the right photo to that document then. If you need help, use our photo tool which lets you take the right photograph at home!

Here are some general rules on how to take a photo to a document:

  • pictures must be taken recently
  • the quality of photo both picture and paper have to be high
  • no red-eye are accepted
  • use natural flesh tones and natural light
  • the background has to be white or light coloured with no patterns and the face has to be clearly distinguished from the background
  • the photographed person has to look directly into the camera while its head is centred in the picture
  • the facial expression has to be neutral
  • the mouth must be closed too and your eyes must be open and visible
  • the face cannot be covered 
  • glasses are only allowed if it is your usual look (and they’re not sunglasses) but their frames aren’t thick and they don't cover your eyes
  • no head coverings are forbidden (such as hats, headbands, caps, etc.), allowed only for religious or medical reasons

Following the above rules, you can take your perfect photograph for any document like personnel screening. 

You have a warranty that the picture for your personnel screening form will have the acceptance of a Canadian institution. Just use our photo online editor and make the process fast and simple!

Last update: 15/07/2021

Last update: 2023-03-25

About the document

Personnel Screening

Personnel screening involves analyzing the background of company applicants to ensure that they are a creditable fit for the role in which they intend to work. The process may entail the analysis of criminal records, credit history, employment/academic verifications, job skills, and other criteria. This policy provides a framework for building a screening policy that fits the needs of your organization.

This is for new joiners as well as individuals who are moving between job roles within an organisation. A suitable level of screening should be applied to all individuals who are provided access to organisational assets including permanent, temporary and contract workers.

Who is eligible for a personnel screening?

To get a personnel security screening employees and key senior officials (KSO) is a Canadian organization registered in PSPC's CSP need apply as well as Canadians living abroad and working on a contract with a country that holds an international industrial security instrument with Canada.

What do you need to apply for a personnel screening?

To be eligible each employee has to go through a preliminary verification (background checks). This means that CSO or ACSO is required to complete preliminary verifications on all employees of their organizations who require a new security status or clearance. 

It is a process of ensuring if the employee’s given information are both accurate and complete, like:

  • Full legal name and date of birth - it can be verified by the employee’s birth certificate, confirmation of permanent residence document or Canadian citizenship certificate or card.
  • Current address - by verifying the employee’s driver’s license, provincial photo card, firearm license or secure certificate of Indian status.
  • Educational credentials/professional qualifications relevant to the employee’s position - verified by checking the employee’s official transcripts, diplomas, certificates from educational/professional institutions, etc.
  • Employment history relevant to the employee’s position - contacting the employee’s previous employers to ascertain dates of employment, performance and reason for leaving employment, or by asking the employee to provide records of employment, T4s, or pay stubs.
  • Personal character references - contacting 1 or more personal character reference(s) to validate the accuracy of information verified during the background check process.

Personnel screening costs

PSPC does not charge an applicant or organization a fee for processing personnel security screening requests. However, an applicant is responsible for the costs of:

  • obtaining police certificate or alternative documents, including fees to have these documents translated and authenticated
  • fingerprints

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is the personnel screening form?

+ -
The Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form is used to apply for a reliability status or a security clearance.The role of personnel screening is to establish that job applicants and contractors are who they claim to be, verify their credentials and check that they meet any preconditions of employment.

What does employee screening mean?

+ -
Employee screening is sort of a testing future employees if they are right candidates to work fot the company. This include reference and credit checks, background checks, and physical/drug testing.

Who is eligible for security clearance in Canada?

+ -
For the security clearance eligible are federal public service employees, members of the Armed Forces (including civilian jobs in the military), and people under contract to a government department who, in the performance of their duties, have access to classified government assets or information.
The security clearance form, TBS / SCT 330-60E, is used to apply for a security clearance (Secret, Top Secret or other) and to request an update, upgrade or supplementa.

To apply for a reliability status or a security clearance, fill out the personnel screening, consent, and authorization form (TBS/SCT 330-23E (Treasury Board Secretariat/Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor)) (Secret, Top Secret or other). It can also request an upgrade, a transfer, a supplemental, a reactivation, or a duplication.