Yearbook and Passport Photo – Explained

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You might wonder what kind of photo you wish to give to the yearbook adviser. Do you wish it to look similar to your passport photo, or maybe you want to show off your hobby or express yourself in another way? Perhaps you want your yearbook and passport photos to be similar?

Here, in this blog post, we’ll tell you all about yearbook photos:

  • how they look;
  • how you can look in them;
  • if you can submit a passport-style photo;
  • how to get a perfect one.

In this article:

Yearbook photos: freedom of choice

The tradition of creating a yearbook with pictures of the school students continues in many high schools around the U.S. 

Yearbook photos don’t mistake them for senior yearbook photos offer students a great deal of freedom in picking exactly what they want the yearbook photo to look like. This includes:

  • their choice of attire;
  • their pose;
  • background of the photo (including outdoor scenery);
  • props that showcase their hobby or personality.

A student can decide on a portrait celebrating the next step in their journey to higher education by wearing a gown and a cap.

They can also decide on a black-and-white photo if their school allows for such an edit.

Other yearbook photos include images in special attire, such as school sports team uniforms or attire best representing your own fashion style.

Even photos taken outside can be accepted, depending on your school’s photo acceptance rules. What’s more, your yearbook and passport photo can be one and the same if you wish.

Yearbook photos: potential requirements

The rules surrounding yearbook photos can change from school to school. This might mean a set of requirements that a student needs to follow in order to submit a yearbook photo that will be acceptable.

The most common yearbook photo rules, which are practiced in, for instance, Forest Hills Eastern Highschool in Ada, Michigan, or Camas High School in Camas, Washington, include:

  • a color yearbook photo;
  • a headshot with no props (caps, hats, hood, or even pets);
  • indoor background is suggested (e.g., gray, blue, white);
  • head and shoulders visible;
  • 300 DPI (dots per inch);
  • ideally, JPEG format when sending a digital photo (they may also accept TIFF and JPG formats).

Yearbook photo as an alternate proof of identity

If you are required to present proof of identity and you find yourself without a passport, for example, you can use your yearbook and a copy of the cover of the yearbook as a valid photo ID, provided it also states your full name.

Your yearbook photo will be an acceptable form of identification in the absence of:

  • a passport;
  • a birth certificate;
  • a Naturalization Certificate;
  • a Certificate of Citizenship;
  • a driver’s license;
  • a Government ID (federal, state, or city);
  • Military ID.

So, even if you find yourself in need of photo identification, your school yearbook, provided it is at least 5 (five) years old, will do. It will work exceptionally well if you opted for a classic, passport-style yearbook photo.


The Appropriate Dress Code For Passport Photos

Passport Photo Online – turn your yearbook photo into a passport photo

If you need a passport photo and you feel like your yearbook picture just needs a little bit of tweaking, use the Passport Photo Online website or smartphone application. The phone app will allow you to get a free passport photo template, while you can also pay $6.95 for the AI to turn the photo into a valid passport photo automatically and effortlessly. You only need to upload the picture and wait 3 (three) seconds for the process to finish.

Passport Photo Online will be your own, personal photo booth and will guarantee the photos that you receive are accepted when applying for a passport.

Yearbook and passport photos: summary

Yearbook photos allow students to express their individuality and experiment with the form of the picture, including the colors of the image, the pose they strike, props they bring, and hobbies they want to show off. A student can decide on a passport-style photo as well.

Moreover, if you find yourself without other forms of identification, such as a passport, a driver’s license, or a birth certificate, your 5-year-old yearbook will be okay.

Yearbook and passport photo: FAQ

Take a look and see the most common queries about yearbook and passport photos in the section below.

Can a yearbook be proof of identity in the U.S?

Yes, a copy of the page with the photo and the name, as well as the copy of your yearbook’s cover, will be deemed a valid identity confirmation in the U.S.

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