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Cambodia Visa Photo

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Cambodia Visa Photo Requirements

Cambodia Visa Photo
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 34 mm
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to take a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

A Cambodian visa is required for most nationalities, only citizens of a few countries are exempt. Australian nationals can purchase a visa on arrival in Cambodia. They are also eligible for e-Visas

However, there are several options available to travellers when acquiring a visa for Cambodia. To find out what is important to know before your journey to Cambodia, read this guideline and take your perfect Cambodia visa photo!

Guidelines for a photo to Cambodian Visa

If you plan a journey to Cambodia and you have a ticket and packed luggage you might just need to apply for a visa. Take a look at some Cambodian visa photo specifications. You will find out what is the right colour of the photograph, of the background, the Cambodian visa photo dimensions as well as how to use a photo tool and take a picture to visa by yourself! The wrong photograph can cause a rejection so you have to be sure that the one you take for your Cambodian visa meets all the requirements. 

Cambodia visa photo size

The size of a Cambodian visa photo should be 50mm x 50 mm or 2×2 inches, for the digital photo the size and dimension shouldn’t be more than 1MB and 400×600 to 800×1200 pixels in PNG, BMP or JPEG formats. The position of the applicant’s head should be in the middle and from forehead to chin should not be less than 25mm and more than 35mm distance

Other specifications regarding Cambodian visa: 

  • a photo can be black and white or colored 
  • the background should either be off-white or white 
  • you can smile naturally but with a closed mouth 
  • The eyes must be visible so you should look straight into the camera 
  • The clothes should be light-coloured but stands out on the light background 
  • If you wear glasses every day you can keep them but only if they don't reflect any glares and show your eyes
  • headgear is allowed only in case of religious or medical reasons, a hat and large hairpieces cannot be worn.

For most documents like visas or passports, the photograph should not be older than six months.

The most common mistakes on photo to Cambodia visa

Taking and uploading a Cambodian visa photo might cause many problems so you must meet the most common ones to know what you should avoid:

  • wrong photo size - it is very important to focus on Cambodia visa photo size as it can be rejected if it is not exactly of the size provided above in this write-up
  • showing teeth while smiling - you can smile on Cambodian photo to visa but without showing your teeth, your facial expression should look natural
  • wearing jewellery - it is recommendable to not wear any jewellery but especially large earrings or necklaces aren’t permitted
  •  posing with headgear - hairpieces or hats aren’t allowed in the photo for Cambodian visa unless due to medical or religious reasons you have to wear it, you can but without covering your face
  • hairs covering your face - your hair should not cover your face or even not cast any shadows.
  • wearing tinted glass or sunglasses is not allowed unless you can wear prescription glasses with your eyes visible within their frame
  • reflection from flash - it is recommendable to not use a flash at all while taking photos because it can make your eyes red which is not acceptable
  • using a lamp at night while taking photos in the dark - take photos during the day using natural daily light, it should expose the natural tone of your skin.
  • wearing too light clothes - avoid wearing light-coloured clothes as they can blur with the background.

Cambodian visa photo requirements for babies and young children

Nowadays, children need to have their own travel documents so if you need to apply for a Cambodian visa for minors, instead of taking them to the crowds and queueing for the right photo in a photography studio, you might arrange your own studio for your baby in such circumstances. Take the right photographs of them by yourself!

The requirements for babies and young children are quite similar to the adults’ photos to visa but here it is what you should remember:

  • The child, no matter how old, has to be in the picture alone - if you take a photo of a toddler, make sure that your hands aren’t visible in the frame, put your baby on the bed with a white sheet instead or use our photo background remover to change the colour for the right one.
  • The eyes of your child have to be open and they have to stare directly into the camera - do not take a photo of your baby while they are asleep because closed eyes will cause a photo refusal.
  • The mouth of the child must be closed.
  • Nothing can obscure your child’s face - their hands cannot be in or around their mouth, the same concerns any items like toys or pacifiers; nothing else should bother a child and cannot appear in the photo.

Photo Tool for a Cambodian visa

A common cause of rejected photos is the quality of the lighting or a wrong background so we recommend using the Passport Photo Online website or app which works like a photo editor, background remover and resizer at the same time. This photo maker will resize, crop and create a perfect photo for your Cambodian visa. 

You can use your mobile app on iOS or Android. After downloading, you just have to choose the type of document, this is the moment when the app resizes your picture. Then, you choose a free option of editing or upgrading (paid) one. While it starts editing your photo with a background remover, cropping and verification if the visa photo meets the standards of your Cambodian visa.

You don’t need to worry because you will save time and money while the process takes less than a minute for having your photo ready!

Last update: 20/5/22

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What size photo do I need for Cambodia visa?

The size of photo for the Cambodian visa should be 50×50 mm or 2×2 inches. The digital photo the size and dimension shouldn’t be more than 1MB and 400×600 to 800×1200 pixels in PNG, BMP or JPEG formats.

❓ Do you need a photo for Cambodian visa?

Like for most visas around the world, photos are required so you have to upload one while the process of applying for your visa application.

❓ How much is a Cambodian visa on arrival?

If you want a tourist visa, it is available a single entry visa for 30 days in cost of $30. However, it is possible to renew it once for another 30 days in price of $30-$50.
A Cambodian visa is required for most nationalities, only citizens of a few countries are exempt. However, there are some beneficial options to enter Cambodia like visa on arrival for a lot of citizens and e-Visas. Check if you can apply for one of them from your country.
Cambodia is one of the cheapest country in Southeast Asia. The food there, hotelsare cheap and even private transportation is possible to get at cheap costs.
Cambodia is quite safe for women travelling alone but it has share of petty crime so you should keep your eyes open and your bag close to you. Travelling at night isn't adviced.
Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world! About a third of its citizens live on less than a dollar a day.
Depending on which visa you are applying for the estimate time can vary but the easiest and quickest way is applying online for e-Visa which you can receive via email ready within 24 hours.
It is safe to fly to Cambodia but like elsewhere in Southeast Asia it does have petty crime and troubles with police so as long as you are aware of this, you will be fine. The tourism become more popular there.

About the document

A lot of foreign nationals need to apply for a Cambodian visa. However, now it is easier! Citizens of over 200 countries are eligible for the Cambodia online visa which you can obtain online! The online visa is the best way to obtain this essential travel document.

A passport-style photograph has to be provided during the visa application process. The photograph must meet the specifications laid out by the Cambodian authorities exactly, or the application will likely be rejected.

Visa for Cambodia you can obtain in one of three ways: on arrival, from your Cambodian consulate/embassy or online (e-Visa).

How to get a Cambodian visa? 

Depending on the country you will have to follow certain rules and regulations about the Cambodia visa photo size and other specifications. Anyway, a visa is required for most nationalities.

Cambodia visa application requirements

To apply for a Cambodian visa a valid passport is required. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after the date you return home, not six months after you leave home to start your holiday. 

There are a few types of available visas for people travelling to Cambodia. Read below the three waysof obtaining the Cambodian visa.

Visa on Arrival 

The most simple way to get a Cambodian visa is the Visa On Arrival which travellers from many countries can obtain. Cambodia requires visas from most nationalities and the VOA is valid for 30 days. 

Countries whose nationals may purchase a visa on arrival include Britain, Canada, the USA, Australia, the EU, China, South Africa and India.

Visas on arrival can be acquired at the following airports in Cambodia: Sihanoukville Airport, Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport. They are also available at several border checkpoints.

Visa from Consulate/Embassy

The most exhausting way of obtaining a Cambodian visa is through the Cambodian consulate or embassy in the country of your residence. However, this is only one option for some citizens from given countries.

Some visa agencies might help you with the application forms but that means you might not have your passport from a week to a month or even longer. This is how long the application process might last. 

The details might vary depending on the country you apply from. It means you have to contact the embassy or consulate in your country to find the exact details of what you need while applying for the Cambodian visa.

Nationals of the following countries must obtain an ordinary visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Syria.

Apply for an e-Visa

The online way is the most preferable often as it doesn’t require you to leave your house at all! Citizens of many countries can apply for the Cambodian online Visa (e-Visa).

You save your time because these applications are usually quite quick to process (averagely takes 3 days to receive). The online visa is valid for a maximum stay of 30 days and 90 days from the date of issue.

You have to check on which airport the e-Visas are accepted, for sure at the Phnom Penh International Airport, Preah Sihanouk International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, and some others. However, not every port of entry accepts the e-Visa so be sure the one you travel to does.

Important to know is that you can’t apply for an e-visa more than three months before your trip and the e-Visa is also only for single entry trips, and can only be extended once.

Cambodia visa fees

The fees depend on the nature of your journey, the fees can be divided into:

  • Single entry visa fee for tourist for 30 days cost US$ 30
  • Single entry visa fee for business for 30 days cost US$ 35

Also, some agencies might charge you for help if you apply through one.

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