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Passport Photos at Kmart for only $0.10!
ID photos
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Take or upload a photo

Take or upload a photo

That's the only thing you need to do. Take or upload a photo - we will take care of the rest.

AI prepares the photo

AI prepares the photo

Artificial Intelligence will check your photo, crop it to the right size and remove the background.

Expert verification

Expert verification

Our Photo Expert will make additional verification to check if your photo meets the official requirements.

Digital or printed photos

Digital or printed photos

You can download a digital version and order a printout which we will send within 3-5 days. Delivery is free!


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Don't waste time, effort or money. You can take your passport photo without leaving home.

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How to take a photo?

Taking a photo for your ID has never been so easy.

Follow simple instruction to take a perfect ID photo.


Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Kmart Passport Photos Requirements

Get Your Passport Photos at Kmart [DIY at Home]
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 37 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it printable?
Background Color
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Kmart Passport Photos - All You Need to Know

Kmart Stores

Kmart is nowadays a fairly popular option for printing out photos. If you are looking for a local Kmart store in Australia you are in luck. Although the brand operates in the United States as well - they are much harder to find in the US nowadays. In 2021 there are only 15 shops left on American soil. That however is not the case here, where the Kmart brand is still strong and popular with customers - with 209 stores open in Australia and another 25 in New Zealand.

Printing Photos at Kmart

Although our first thought of Kmart stores may be prints, photo books, or even photo mugs - that is not all our local stores have to offer. You may find there everything from books, clothing, and shoes to home décor and accessories for pets! 

But what we are mostly looking for at our local Kmart are - of course - photos. If we visit the store we might find a wide range of available photo sizes from standard formats to posters and panoramic prints. But what if we look for something a bit more formal? Like - for example - passport photos?

Can you print passport photos at Kmart?

Kmart photos come in many shapes and forms but if we specifically search for passport size photos on the Kmart Photos website we are out of luck. There is no special section dedicated to photos for documents and we are forced to just search in the listed sizes.

What is the passport photo size?

Guidelines say our photos have to be 35 to 40 mm wide, and 45 to 50 mm high, and that is the photo size we are trying to find. But thorough search would still leave us empty-handed. we cannot find the right size, and although Kmart has an option to order photos online we cannot use it in our case. To print the format we are interested in we have to physically visit Kmart photo centre.

Can you order passport photos online at Kmart?

Although the site seems not to offer that option you can still successfully print your passport photos at Kmart online store. All you need is a good template to make sure your printed photos will meet the passport requirements. Our passport photo maker offers specially prepared templates to meet all of your needs.

Passport photo template to print out in a Kmart

The template’s size is 4x6” (10 x 15 cm) and it costs only $0.10 to get that format at Kmart. All you need now is to print it, and you will have your photos ready. From one print you can cut out four passport-sized photos.

What are the prices at Kmart?

If you decide to use our template the cost of printing your passport photos will only be $0.10. Kmart also allows you to order your photos online. You have a choice - to pick up your pictures ready at the store, or get them delivered to your home address. The Kmart Photos page informs that the delivery will take from 6 to 14 business days.

You must also remember that you have to pay for your service while placing the order. You cannot make the payment when your package is delivered to you, or when you are picking your photos up at the nearest store.

Can you print passport photos from your phone?

If you have your photo ready - it is time to get it printed. Make sure you choose the right way to do it - you still have to remember about the quality of your printed picture, and the required method of printing with dye sublimation.

Kodak Moments

If you want to print your photos straight from your phone you can approach the Kodak Moments Kiosk. It is a self-service photo printing station and it allows you to connect by Wifi. It is an easy and convenient way to print your photos straight from your camera roll.

How to prepare your photo before printing it at Kmart?

After you take a photo for your new passport you may decide that it is not perfect yet. Wherever you would like to correct the size, the picture ratio, or just make sure your head actually takes as much of a space as is required - you may need a little retouch. There are a lot of photo manipulation apps and programs out there, but you must keep in mind that some forms of retouching will disqualify your passport photo from being accepted.

Kmart Photos App

One way to alter your picture is a dedicated Kmart Photos app you can download from the app store for free. It makes personalizing photos much easier, but it also has its limitations. You can pick and change pictures from your phone library and after some alterations - place an order for them to be printed straight from your app.

Can you prepare photos to print yourself?

If you feel secure using photo editing software you can always make sure your picture meets passport requirements yourself. There are a lot of both free and paid photo manipulation software options available. The most known examples would be Photoshop and Gimp.

But you must be careful how and how much you change your photo. The government guidelines state clearly that the submitted photos cannot have any retouches. Although cropping or resizing your photo to match requirements should be fine it can be quite risky to try to do anything with your picture if you are not particularly experienced with photo edition tools., or you do not know all the rules and guidelines. 

Dedicated app for passport photos

 Our service is a tool especially designed and dedicated to creating perfect passport photos. It not only helps you take a perfect picture according to all guidelines and restrictions, but will make sure the light, proportions or even your background are all correct. 

Passport Photo Online

To take a photo with your phone and then upload it to our app takes just a moment. Your picture will be transformed into a professional high-quality passport photo that is sure to meet all the government requirements. You can choose one of three:

  • You can download the digital passport photo template for free in our mobile app.
  • Have your photo edited and human revised. You can be sure it will be accepted, and the service costs only A$9.95
  • If you want to waste no time searching for a printing place you can order your passport photos already printed. They will be shipped to your address for just A$14.95

Photo requirements are based on:
Last update: 22/9/23

About the document

Applying for an Australian passport

To apply for an Australian passport you would need an application, a set of documents, two identical biometric photos, and another person to be your referee or guarantor. You can apply online and more than 70% of applications are completed that way. You can also ask for the paper version at an Australia Post outlet or an Australian diplomatic or consular mission.

Required documents for Australian passport

Unless you qualify for a streamlined renewal you will have to submit some documents to prove your identity. You need a full birth certificate, evidence that you are an Australian citizen, identity document with your photo, current address, and signature. If you have changed your personal information - you will also have to submit proof of name or gender change.

Who are the referee and guarantor?

Your referee can be anyone who is an adult Australian citizen and knows you for more than a year. At the same time - it cannot be your relative, someone you are in a relationship with, or who lives at the same address as you.

What is the difference between referee and guarantor?

A referee is used in the case of an online application and does not need to sign anything. It is the person that the government will contact to confirm your identity. 

In other cases - you will need a guarantor. He will have to sign section 11 of your application, as well as write confirmation on the back of your passport photo. Usually, the guarantor will have to write "This is a true photo of (full name)" and sign it in black pen.

What is a streamlined renewal?

Streamlined renewal is a faster and easier way to renew your passport. To qualify for it you would have to be able to show your most recent Australian passport. If it was issued when you were older than 16 years old, had a validity of more than two years, has your current name, gender, date and place of birth, and it is still valid or expired less than three years ago - you can use that option.

To apply for a passport streamlined renewal you only need to submit your application checklist, two passport photos, and most recent passport.

How to submit your passport application?

You can apply for your new passport at an Australian Post outlet or an Australian diplomatic or consular mission. You need your form, a checklist of documents you need to present, and two printed photos. You would also need to pay the passport fee - for adults it is $301. Your new document will be valid for 10 years.

Passport Photos

Passport photos - and pictures for other documents - are not that open to our interpretation and they force us to follow strict rules and regulations. The Australian Government’s page says quite clearly, that the quality of our photos must be high and meet international standards for biometric matching.

How to print your passport photo?

You need two identical, quality color prints. There are many requirements for Australian passport photos and even matters like usage of dye sublimation instead of normal inkjet printers are mentioned. While deciding how to print out our picture we have to keep that in mind.

What is the right Australian passport photo size?

Guidelines say our photos have to be 35 to 40 mm wide, and 45 to 50 mm high. The size of the face should be from 32 to 36 mm from chin to crown.

What are Australian passport photos requirements?

Lighting, background color, size and placement of the head - those are only some of the rules you must follow to be sure your photo will qualify for your passport. You will need a photo that is not older than six months. There can be no retouching, no red eyes or smudges on your picture. To take the perfect picture you need to follow some rules:

  • Make sure your camera is well set and the photo will be clear and focused.
  • Set behind you white or light grey background that will contrast with your face.
  • Make sure that lighting in the room is uniform, and creates no sharp shadows and reflections.
  • Place your face in the center of the composition and look straight into the camera, without any tilting.
  • Your eyes should be open, your mouth closed and your whole face should be relaxed and neutral.
  • Edges of your face should be visible and not obscured by your hair.
  • Jewelry can't obscure any part of your face.
  • If you wear glasses for medical reasons - frames can't obscure your eyes, and cannot reflect light in the photo.

If you wear clothing that covers your hair for religious reasons and you will wear it while crossing the borders - it can be on your passport photo. Your covering should be plain-colored, without any pattern and they cannot hide your face. It should still be visible from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead - all edges of your face must be clear and visible in the picture.

Can you take passport photos yourself?

The obvious choice while creating our photo would be to look for a good photography studio or find a photo booth near you. But more and more people nowadays decide to skip this step and take the photos they need themselves.

Almost every phone now has a good camera so it is only natural to wonder if the photos we take ourselves could have the right quality even for important documentation. The answer - luckily - is yes. The photos you see on your phone's camera roll can be submitted - sometimes with minor changes - to serve as your future passport photos.

Dedicated app for passport photos

Passport Photo Online is an app created to help you take the perfect photo for passport and visa applications. You can take your photo by phone and we will make sure it meets all the requirements for your passport. Your picture will be transformed into a professional high-quality passport photo. The whole process from taking the photo to placing your order should take less than a minute! You can download a digital file, or order your printed photos to be delivered straight to your door! 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Who can sign passport photos?

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The person who signs your passport photos is called a guarantor. He has to write "This is a true photo of (full name)" in the back of the passport photo and sign it in black pen. It can be any person who is an adult Australian citizen and knows you for more than a year. This person cannot be your relative, be in a relationship with you, or live at the same address.

What size are australian passport photos?

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Your passport photos have to be 35 to 40 mm wide, and 45 to 50 mm high. Your face should be 32 to 36 mm from chin to crow.

Are passport and visa photos the same size?

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Yes, Australian visas and passports use the same photo sizes - which are 35 to 40 mm wide and 45 to 50 mm high.

No. Although all passports may look similar the photo sizes vary. For example - the Australian passport photo can be 4 mm x 5 mm, UK passports accept only 35 mm x 45 mm sized photos, and the US requires their passports to have 2" x 2" pictures.

Yes, for an Australian passport it is required to submit two identical, good quality colour prints. Photos must be printed using dye sublimation, not an inkjet printer.

Yes, you can wear glasses in your picture if you are wearing them for medical reasons. The frames cannot obscure the face, and they cannot reflect the light while being photographed.

For an Australian passport it is required to submit two identical photos printed in colour.

There are no recommendations about clothes you should wear in your passport photo in Australia. You can wear your usual outfit, as long as your accessories do not obscure the shape of your head and facial features.