Indian Passport Renewal in the US – Step by Step Guide

Indian Passport Renewal in the US—Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to renew your Indian passport while you’re in the United States of America? Do you wish to be well prepared for the application?

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of Indian passport renewal and make sure you know how to gain one.

In this article:

Indian passport renewal process in the US: step one

You first need to know when to apply for an Indian passport renewal. An Indian national must replace the passport after the document has lost its validity. You can send a passport application as early as 1 (one) year away from the expiration date.

The next thing is how to apply for an Indian passport renewal in the US.

Indian passport services operate online, but you will need to either send or present the physical application to the VFS India Consular Application Center. Thus, you complete the passport application form through the internet, but the process involves both online and offline activity.

There are 3 (three) options you can choose from while submitting an Indian passport application:

  • re-issuance of a passport;
  • the Tatkal service (an emergency passport application);
  • a brand new passport when:
  1. your current passport has run out of pages for visas; 
  2. you apply for a child’s first passport.

Passport application processing times can vary. They depend on whether your current passport was issued back in India or through the Indian embassy.

If your current passport was issued in India, it would take between 3 (three) and 6 (six) weeks for the new passport to arrive in the US. 

Had it been issued at an Indian embassy before, the processing time will stay within 3 (three) weeks.

Meanwhile, the Tatkal emergency passport service will ensure your new Indian passport arrives within the next 4 (four) days.

Processing times, however, can vary depending on whether the documentation provided is valid. The application process may stall until VFS India Consular Application Center receives a document that’s been missing or a valid replacement.

Passport nearing its expiry date? Get ahead of the game and up to speed by reading:

Indian passport renewal process in the US: step two

You can start the Indian passport application process by visiting the website of Passport Seva. The link to the application form website is also available on the VFS.Global Internet site.

You must select the region where you wish to apply for passport services. The options include a list of countries and larger regions, such as:

  • Americas
  • Europe
  • Africa and Middle East
  • Asia Pacific.

Indian passport renewal process in the US: step three

The next step in the renewal of an Indian passport in the US is to register an account on a VFS portal system.

To apply for an Indian passport renewal in the US successfully, you first need to select an embassy or a consulate closest to you. Then you need to input personal information in the section that will open when you click “Register” on the right side of the web page.

  • your full name
  • date of birth
  • email address (will allow you to receive notifications when the application status changes).

Renewal of an Indian passport in the US will also require setting up an account on the Passport Seva website or logging in.

You need to pay the Indian passport application fee, which varies depending on the type of passport and if it is an emergency:

  • a 36-page booklet fee (adults & minors 15-18): $75;
  • a 60-page booklet fee (adults & minors 15-18): $100;
  • a 36-page booklet for minors: $50;
  • a 36-page booklet additional Tatkal fees: $150;
  • a 60-page booklet additional Tatkal fees: $150.

Additional fees include:

  • a $2 ICWF (Indian Community Welfare Fund) fee;
  • a $15.90 VFS fee.

The total fees a passport applicant must pay add up to:

  • a 36-page booklet: $92.90 (adult & minors aged 15-18);
  • a 60-page booklet: $117.90 (adult & minors aged 15-18);
  • a 36-page booklet: $67.90 (minors);
  • a 36-page Tatkal passport booklet: $242.90;
  • a 60-page Tatkal passport booklet: $267.90.

The fees can be paid using a debit card, a credit card, or in cash if you’re applying in person. 

Once the passport application has been completed, and the fees have been paid, download the checklist and the required affidavits. You need to send them to the VFS Indian Consular Application Center via a courier service.

Indian passport renewal in the US: applying in person

You can also bring your passport application to a meeting at the Visa Application Center. Schedule it via the Internet and confirm the date. You will receive an email with further information about the meeting and the fee included. You can reschedule the appointment up to 48 hours before the meeting.

Be wary that if you need to reschedule later on, the VFS passport services fee ($15.90) is non-refundable. 

Applying in person: documents required

If you wish to schedule an appointment to apply for a new passport, you will need to bring up to 15 (fifteen) documents with you. The list of items you need to bring includes:

  • a completed passport application form, signed by the applicant;
  • a current passport;
  • a birth certificate or a school leaving certificate;
  • self-sworn affidavit;
  • 2 (two) passport photos;
  • 3 (three) copies of the Nationality Verification Form (available to download at the official US Indian embassy website) / Personal Particulars Form (downloadable from the VFS website);
  • 3 (three) recent passport photos. If your passport expired at least 3 years ago, you will need to bring 8 passport photographs;
  • proof of legal status in the US (a notarized copy of a Green Card will do, as well as an Employment Authorization card);
  • photocopies of the first 5 (five) and last 2 (two) pages of your current passport;
  • a copy of your highest educational qualification degree;
  • proof of residence in the US(rental lease agreement or home mortgage bill, for example); 
  • Indian address proof (a driver’s license / an Aadhaar card / a recent bank statement);
  • a Change of Appearance form (sign and print the form if you’re applying after 10 years);
  • a completed and signed VFN document checklist;
  • an Annexure ‘E’: Specimen declaration of the applicant on plain paper.

Applying in person for a minor passport renewal

Firstly, minors applying for an Indian passport renewal in the US must select a “Re-issue” option on the website. Moreover, the Application Reference Number (ARN) needs to match the VFS payment receipt number.

The list of documents required to complete the child’s passport application includes:

  • a filled and signed passport application form;
  • their soon-to-be previous passport (when applicable);
  • 2 (two) recent passport photos;
  • a notarized copy of the birth certificate (with the mention of both parents’ full names);
  • the child’s parents’ Green Card or a photocopy of the record of landing or immigration documents;
  • Details from the birth register, issued by an Indian Mission in the US;
  • a copy of the parents’ EAD (employment authorization status) plus the I-485 receipt of the child;
  • proof of residence;
  • photocopies of both first and last pages of parents’ passports and valid US visas;
  • a photocopy of the divorce decree and the custodianship (when applicable);
  • a photocopy of a parents’ death certificate (when applicable);
  • a signed NOC (No Objection Certificate) or an affidavit from both parents.

Renewal of Indian passport in the US: application tracking

You can receive application status updates by email or SMS.

You can also track the application status via the Internet by entering the “Track application status” section on the Passport Seva website. You need to select the application type and input the right file number and date of birth.

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Indian Passport Renewal in the US – summary

Applying for a renewal of your Indian passport is a process that demands, first and foremost, a connection to the Internet to complete the online application form. Whether or not you wish to hand in the documents in person, you need to pay a passport fee and send up to 15 (fifteen) documents to the VFS India Consular Application Center.

Your passport will find its way to you within the next 3 (three) weeks at minimum and 6 (six) at maximum. You can also pay $150 for emergency service and get it within 4 (four) days.

Indian Passport Renewal in the US – FAQ

Here you will find the most common questions about Indian passport renewal application in the US Check them out if you’ve got further queries about the topic.

Can an Indian passport be renewed in the US?

Yes, it certainly can. You need to apply using an online application form. You then either send it, along with other supporting documents, to the India Consular Application Center or bring complete documentation to a scheduled appointment at the Visa Application Center.

Where to apply for an Indian passport renewal in the US?

If you wish to apply for a passport renewal in person, you must schedule a meeting at the Visa Application Center. There is one on 145 West 45th Street in New York, another on 1025 Vermont Avenue in Washington D.C., and yet another on 8530 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

When to apply for an Indian passport renewal in the US?

You can begin applying for a new Indian passport when the expiration date arrives within a year.

What is the Indian passport renewal processing time in the US?

The average Indian passport renewal processing time in the US is 3 (three) weeks. It can take longer, up to 6 (six) months if the previous passport was issued in India.
Emergency passport services can help you receive a new passport within 4 (four) days.

How to pay for the Indian passport renewal in the US?

You can pay the passport fee with either a credit card or a debit card. Cash is also acceptable in an instance when you’re applying in person.

How to track Indian passport renewal status in the US?

You can track the application through email or SMS notifications. You will be informed of all status updates thanks to the contact information you gave when registering an account on the Passport Seva website. Alternatively, you can use the “Track application status” option on the same website. Choose the right application type, input the right file number and date of birth, and you will see the progress.


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