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1. Body-camera distance
2. Posture: Straight ahead
3. Even lighting on both sides of the face
Professional photo for your CV

Professional CV photo

  • Size
    • Width: 35 mm
    • Height: 45 mm
  • Resolution
    600 dpi
  • Image definition parameters
    • Head height: 34.5 mm
    • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
  • Background Color
  • Is it printable?
  • Is it suitable for online submission?

Professional photo for your CV

Why should you include a photo in your CV? Although it sounds unfair, Hiring Managers are drawn to images. A biometric photograph in your Curriculum Vitae will definitely help you build your brand and make the recruiters remember you. Imagine that you are a professional recruiter and your daily job is to go through tens if not hundreds of CVs. Undoubtedly, your CV is going to possess unique entries, however, they may get a little blurry in the eyes of a recruiter who has seen lots of other unique CV entries.

A photograph in your CV will not only make your CV easier to remember but also will help the HR Managers picture you as a part of the team or it may even show some desirable personality traits, such as confidence.

Moreover, let’s not forget that if you are applying for a job that requires direct contact with customer, looks might actually be important for the recruitment process.

CV photo tips

  • Face the camera directly with full face in view
  • Although it may depend on job you apply for, we recommend you the smart casual attire
  • Faint smile is encouraged
  • Try to look confident in the photo! Imagine yourself fulfilling your biggest dream
  • Don’t wear too much make-up or jewellery

CV photo size

Although there are no specific requirements as for CV photo size, we recommend the 35 x 45 mm size, which coincides with the European Union’s standard official documents size. It is not going to be too big, but will still draw recruiter’s attention.

CV writing tips

  • Use professional terminology
  • Order it chronologically
  • In the Interests section, put your professional interests instead of hobbies
  • Keep your CV to 2 pages long
  • Give your CV document file a professional name

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