Passport Photo at Asda for 55p

Passport Photo at Asda for 55p

Prepare a perfect document photo with guaranteed acceptance

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You save time and money - take a document photo conveniently without leaving home

Digital photo within a few seconds or printouts shipping to your home
Professional service
Over 1,000,000 people have used our services within 7 years.
Guarantee of acceptance
If your photo is rejected by authorities, we will refund you twice the price you paid
Satisfaction guarantee
Take as many photo shots as you want - you pay only when you are satisfied

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Tiffany D.

Over the years I've tried various apps for passport photos and this is by far the best! Very intuitive even for first time users! Perfect not only for passport photos, but also CV, visa etc If you want to save time, money and get a high quality photo, I can only recommend this app!

Pauline J.

Can't thank these people enough, they have gone above and beyond today to produce a lovely passport photograph from my poor photograph. Thank you for all your efforts. I would recommend this company good value, professional and kind.

makiya K

Excellent and prompt customer service. The pictures were high quality for the affordable price. They retouched a picture i sent and it was accepted as a passport photo. Highly recommend this service!!!

National Geographic
Puls Biznesu

Print UK Passport Photo at Asda at the cost of 55p

Get an Asda Passport Photo printed for 55p.
Width: 900 px
Height: 1200 px
1 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 55 %
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 15 %
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to make a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Asda Passport Photo Cost

Print your UK Passport Photos at an Asda Photo Booth for only 55p

Is it possible to be that cheap? Yes, getting an Asda photo template with several British passport photos makes it possible for you to print it for the price of a postcard. The printout will have the dimensions of 10x15 cm (4x6 inch) and will include several Asda passport photos on it. Asda photo printing price can vary but it is around 2.5 pounds for a standard passport photo print. Why would you pay that much if you can easily get Asda photo prints for only 55p?

There is a great lifehack to use in order to get cheap prints at the Asda passport photo booth. You can use it for different types of documents, including UK passport photos. It consists of printing a postcard template with several Asda passport photos instead of paying for the passport photo being taken and printed at the Asda print point. The template has the size of 4x6 inch and fits 4 UK passport style photos of the dimensions of 35x45 mm. This passport photo printing hack saves your time and money, as you can reuse the Asda photo prints for other suitable documents and our passport photo app allows you to take the passport photo as many times as you would like until you are satisfied with the result!

Asda Photo Prints Size

Just as we mentioned above, there’s no need to pay 2,5 pounds for Asda photo printing, as you can get several 35x45 passport photos at a cheaper price! Just use our passport photo app to take a digital UK passport photo and use the 10x15 cm template to print it for only 55p using the Asda photo booth. There’s not much to do, take a selfie and generate the Asda photo printing template using our digital passport photo booth. After that, you only need to look for the closest Asda photo shop or any other printing store. In the end, you will get the Asda passport photo template printed and need to cut out the photos. You can use the remaining UK passport photos for other documents that require photos of the 35x45 mm size.

How to print digital passport photos at Asda?

You don’t need to pay the whole price for the UK passport photos at Asda. All you need to do is to prepare the passport photo template in advance using one of the digital photo booth apps, download the file template and print it out at Asda as a 6x4 inch photo (standard postcard size photo). There are many different photo tools that can help you prepare a uk passport photo template, Passport Photo Online is the easiest and most convenient one! Just upload a selfie and within just a few seconds you will see the preview of your UK passport photo. If you don’t like the way you look in the photo, you can retake the passport picture as many times as you want. Afterwards, download the UK passport photo template and either print it out at the closest Asda store or use their website. Asda’s website lets their client easily order 4x6 inch prints. You will pay just 55p for such a printout. There are going to be 2 UK passport photos on the printouts, you will just need to cut them out. If you need more photos than 2, simply order more 4x6 prints at Asda! Not only will you save time and money but also it is a definitely safer option in the times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Asda Passport Photo - Open Hours

Our digital passport photo booth app allows you to take UK passport photos and prepare the 4-photo postcard template anytime you want. The only thing left to do is to check the Asda open hours if you plan to get Asda photo prints. The standard Asda open hours are 8-20. If you are busy during these hours and wish to get your template printed and delivered, you can use our Premium Photo Service (more details below)! Also, you could check the open hours of other printing places close to you, such as Snappy Snaps, Max photo, Tesco or Morrisons.

How many passport photos will I get when I print the template?

The standard UK passport photo size template you can generate with our passport photo app or using our website has the dimensions of 10 by 15 cm and will include 4 UK passport size photos (25 by 45 mm). It can be printed at a much lower price and our digital passport photo booth allows retaking the UK passport photos as many times as you need until you like the end result. The UK passport photo size template is completely FREE, you would only need to pay if you want the background to be removed. Such a 10x15 cm passport photo printout is only 55p at an Asda photo booth, while a standard UK passport photo costs around 2.5£ at Asda.

Is it possible to apply for the UK passport online?

Good news is that it is! This will save you a lot of time and money, as you will not have to wait in a queue, pay for a standard passport photo or even get out of your house. Moreover, the online UK passport photo application is cheaper than the one submitted in person by £9.50. Use this comfortable solution and visit the UK government site to find out more about it.

If it sounded like a better idea to you to apply for the UK passport photo online, you will need a digital UK passport photo that you can take and edit with our digital passport photo booth. It should meet the following criteria: the file should be between 50 KB and 10 MB and the photo size should be of 650x750 px. The digital passport photo you will send has to meet all the official passport photo requirements. If you want to save time and energy and be sure you will get the right UK passport photo - use our passport photo app or our website to prepare it in a few seconds! Just upload a photo and wait for the result!

Asda Passport Photo Rules

The Asda passport photo should meet all the official requirements. If you are worried about the photo being accepted, just use our digital passport photo booth and it will do the entire job for you. Nevertheless, there are some criteria that you should remember and respect: the correct face posture, the neutral facial expression and the lack of forbidden items of the photo. All UK passport photos have the same guidelines, that you can read by scrolling down.

Asda Passport Photo Requirements

  • Your facial expression should be neutral, no open mouth is allowed
  • You should directly face the camera
  • Your entire face should be visible
  • Wear normal clothing. Uniforms and extravagant clothing will be a cause of rejection. Religious clothing is allowed
  • Your UK passport photo should be current (not taken more than 6 months ago)
  • Remove the forbidden items and items that hide your face characteristics (headphones, jewellery, sunglasses)

Asda Passport Photo Near Me

What if there’s no Asda photo shop around? There’s no reason to worry if you cannot find an Asda photo printing place close to you or their open hours are not suitable, you can print the template at any other store that offers such services. What’s more, you can order the printout to be delivered directly at your home address using our Premium Passport Photo Service. This will save a lot of time and money!

Asda Passport Photo Booth

Asda is the biggest photo booths operator in Great Britain. You can find their photobooths in Tesco stores and other popular locations. In Asda photo booths you can take a UK passport photo and get it printed in just a few minutes. However, bear in mind that if you don’t like the way you look in the photo, you will need to redo the photo and pay for it again.

Nowadays, there is an easier and cheaper solution for taking a UK passport size photo! You can do it easily at home and print out at any photo-copying store or even have it delivered straight to your place! Just use one of the digital photo booth mobile apps and take a selfie. The photo will be cropped to the size, the background will be removed and the AI will check whether your photo meets all the official passport requirements.

Then, you will get a digital UK passport photo (remember - you can apply for the UK passport online) and a printable UK passport photo template. As explained above, the passport photo template can be printed out as 4x6 inch photo and will contain 2 passport size photos.

Using a smartphone instead of a traditional photo booth is definitely a time-saving solution. Not to mention that the photo booths are visited by tens of people every day and it may not be the safest option regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Getting the UK passport photos with your smartphone is 100% safe, since you can take it at home or any place you want, at any time.

Passport Photo Online Service

Upload a selfie and wait for a few seconds to let it be transformed into a professional passport photo size template that includes 4 UK passport photos and meets the official passport photo requirements. When you receive the template, you can choose between 3 of our options: Downloading the digital template for FREE Using our Premium Service for only 4.99£ - this will include erasing the background, human expert revision and a warranty that the photo will be accepted at any passport office Pay only 6.99£ and get all of the above + the printed passport photo template delivered at your physical address.

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 Does Asda do passport photos?

Yes, in most Asdas there are in-store photo centres or photo booths that can help you take a passport photo.

💡 Does Asda print passport photos?

Yes but printing passport photos at Asda costs £2.50. Let us tell you a lifehack how to get passport photos cheaper: upload a selfie in our digital passport photo booth app or on our website, let it be transformed into a postcard template with 4 UK passport photos and print it at the closest Asda photo booth for the price of 1 simple postcard or order the printed version using our Premium Photo Service.

💡 How much are passport photos at Asda?

UK passport photos cost 2,5 pounds at Asda. A much cheaper alternative is to use our digital passport photo booth or our website!

Opening hours depend on the Asda store. Usually, an Asta store opens at 8 a.m. and at 11 a.m. on Sundays.

Closing hours depend on the Asda store. The stores are usually closing at 8 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Asda is a subsidiary of Walmart, an American retail corporation.

ASDA stands for Associated Dairies, the name of the Yorkshire company that associated with the Asquith owned supermarkets and then expanded through entire England as ASDA.

The UK passport photo size is 35x45 mm. You can easily create UK passport photos of the right size using our passport photo app or our website.

You can print a passport photo at a local store, for example, Tesco, Max Spielmann, Costco or Snappy Snaps. Moreover, you can use our Premium Photo Service to receive the UK passport photo printouts right at your physical address without getting out of your home.

There are a lot of places to get passport photos, from photo studios to grocery stores that have photo booths inside. If you want to apply for the UK passport online, you will need a digital passport photo that can be made with our passport photo app. If you need its printed version, you can print it at the closest Tesco, Costco or Max Spielmann store or order the printout on our website.

Just take a selfie with a neutral facial expression and in normal clothes. Remove the excessive items that hide the characteristics of your face, such as jewellery or headphones and upload it on our website or in our passport photo app. It will generate a UK passport photo that meets all the official requirements in seconds!

If you fill the application correctly and your photo meets all the official requirements, it should take 3 weeks for you to get your UK passport.

It depends on your age and the way you are applying for the UK passport. For example, an adult will have to pay £85 if he applies by paper form and £75,50 for an online application. It also depends on the type of passport you want to get, whether it should have 34 or 50 pages.

Renewing the UK passport implies the same procedure as the one to get a passport. Fill in your application online or on paper, attach the UK passport photo and pay the passport fee. For more information, visit the site of the UK government.

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Are you searching for a passport photo booth to take and print your UK passport photo? Try our digital passport photo booth and don’t waste time looking for an Asda photo service! Use our passport photo app to prepare your UK passport photo and apply online or print your passport size photo at the closest Asda photo booth. Getting an Asda photo on our site is easier than ever! Just take a selfie and download your Asda print photo and visit an Asda photo shop or any other shop like Max Photo or Tesco. Prepare your 10x15 cm (6x4 inch) Asda passport photo template as a postcard and print 4 UK passport photos for the price of 1 simple postcard! You can also download the digital UK passport photo and apply for the document online to save time and money.

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