Passport Photo at Snappy Snaps Store for 55p

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ID photos
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Passport Photo at Snappy Snaps Store for 55p
ID photos
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How does it work?

Perfect biometric photo within 3 minutes.

Check how simple and smart is it!

Take or upload a photo

Take or upload a photo

That's the only thing you need to do. Take or upload a photo - we will take care of the rest.

AI prepares the photo

AI prepares the photo

Artificial Intelligence will check your photo, crop it to the right size and remove the background.

Expert verification

Expert verification

Our Photo Expert will make additional verification to check if your photo meets the official requirements.

Digital or printed photos

Digital or printed photos

You can download a digital version and order a printout which we will send within 2-3 days. Delivery is free!


Take a biometric photo conveniently without leaving home

You save time and money


Don't waste time, effort or money. You can take your passport photo without leaving home.

Professional service

Over 1 million people have used our services within the past 11 years. Our Photo Experts are available 24/7.

Money-back guarantee

We give you a guarantee of acceptance by authorities or otherwise we will refund you double the price!

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Take as many photo shots as you want - you pay only when you are satisfied.

How to take a photo?

Taking a photo for your ID has never been so easy.

Follow simple instruction to take a perfect ID photo.


Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Print Snappy Snaps UK Passport Photo at the cost of 55p

Get a Snappy Snaps UK Passport Photo Printed for 55p.
Width: 900 px
Height: 1200 px
1 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 55 %
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 15 %
Is it printable?
Background Color
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Snappy Snaps Passport Photo - All You Need to Know

UK Passport Photo Cost at Snappy Snaps

If you are determined to attend a Snappy Snaps store, you must know that the UK Passport Photo price is 10 pounds for 2 photos. As you may know, Snappy snaps printing prices are quite high so you should keep reading so as to know how to get a UK Passport Photo for 55p and to avoid Snappy Snaps passport photo price.

How is that possible?

This is due to a huge difference in prices regarding standard 10 x 15 cm (4x6 inch) photo printout instead of a regular passport size photo.

In case you didn't know, there is a passport photo printing lifehack that works for all kinds of document photos! Let us comment what this trick consists on. If you want to get your UK Passport Photo for 55p, you should simply ask for a 10x15 (postcard size) photo template, which includes 4 photos each of them having the dimensions of 35x45 mm!

You will save a big amount of money! Furthermore, you can reuse it for other documents and retake the photo as many times as you want! The thing is that 10x15 photos are not available at Snappy Snaps. So we recommend you to attend any other store such as Tesco, Costco or Max Photo.

Snappy Snaps price for a passport photo

As commented before, you don’t really need to choose a 45x35mm passport photo at Snappy Snaps. We think it would be a better idea if you simply print the digital passport photo template at 10 x 15 cm size as if it was a postcard for only 55p at any other store. To this end, you need to generate a 10x15 passport photo template using our digital passport photo booth.

Once it is generated, find the nearest photo-printing store where the 10x15 photo size is available. Then you just need to cut the 35x45mm photos out of the printed passport template as this is the required size in order to get your UK Passport Photo.

Photo-printing stores timetable

When you need a UK passport photo, it's important to consider the opening hours of your local photo store. While Snappy Snaps is a popular option, opening times can vary between stores. If you're looking for a more flexible schedule, you might consider a Tesco passport photo booth instead. These booths are usually open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, making it easier to fit a passport photo into your busy day.

Alternatively, you can use the PPO Premium Photo Service to have your passport photo mailed to you, or check out other stores like Asda, Max photo, or Morrisons that offer the 10x15 size photo template.

Online Photo Printing at Snappy Snaps

Snappy Snaps allows printing different kinds of photos including Snappy Snaps passport photos. You can order the photo printing online and pick it up at the local Snappy Snaps store. This allows ordering Snappy Snaps passport photos anytime using the internet. In order to do that, you just need to find the website of the closest store and add the photo to be printed and collect it.

What is the Snappy Snaps passport photos price? Depending on how you order them, the most convenient way is by preparing a photo template with our editor and paying only £0.15 for a printed 4’’x6’’ photo with several passport photos. If you do not want to visit the Snappy Snaps store to get your prints, it is super convenient to use our Premium Service that includes printing and shipping by mail for a small additional cost.

How many Passport Photos does a photo template include?

A standard 10x15 ready-to-print passport template includes four 35x45 photos. You can also redo a passport photo template as many times as you desire. It costs 55p, meanwhile a standard passport photo at Snappy Snaps costs 10 pounds.

Infant and baby passport photo at Snappy Snaps

Many people look for the Snappy Snaps baby passport photos price. You can use the Snappy Snaps services to prepare baby passport photos but with our editor, it will be much cheaper. What’s important is that you prepare a good infant passport photo and then order its print. The Snappy Snaps passport photos cost in this case will be only £0,15 instead of 10 pounds if you use our editor to create a 10x15 template and order the printing of a simple photocard.

Tips on preparing baby passport photos: review the baby passport photo requirements listed on our site, prepare the place of the photoshoot, place the baby on a white blanket, on a car seat with a white clothing on it and take some pictures. No need to zoom in too close, our passport photo editor will do everything. You will get a 4’’x5’’ template with several baby passport photos that will help you save up on Snappy Snaps passport photos pricing. Then you can order the photocard or even better, buy our Premium Service to get the printed photos shipped to your home directly from our office.

That is much more convenient and you will not have to even leave your home with the kid.

Visa Photos at Snappy Snaps

Snappy Snaps can also take visa photos if you require some. They even allow reviewing the photo before buying and making another one if you are not satisfied. Well, you can do the same on our site without the need to visit a local Snappy Snaps store during its working hours. All you need to do is take a selfie of yourself from the right distance or ask someone to take a photo of you and our visa photo generator will automatically edit, crop and change the background.

For a small additional fee, our human expert will check the photo and you will get it shipped directly to your home via mail. Snappy Snaps passport photo price and visa photo prices make our service more convenient and less time consuming. Try uploading a photo and see the transformation right now!

How to apply for UK Passport online?

Yes, you can apply for a UK passport online! This will be faster and cheaper than getting your UK passport photo at Snappy Snaps. The online passport application is £9.50 cheaper than the one you submit in person. The only disadvantage is that you will have to wait till you get your passport delivered. In order to apply for UK Passport online, you would need to submit the corresponding application available on the UK government website.

For this purpose, you need to submit a passport photo in the digital version, which naturally has to fulfill all the standard passport photo requirements apart from those corresponding to the digital passport photo; this is 650x750 px, not less than 50 KB and not more than 10 MB. For those finding the task tough or time-consuming, you can also get your digital British passport photo using our website in less than a minute by simply uploading a photo!

Snappy Snaps Passport Photo Guidelines

If you are willing to attend a Snappy Snaps store, make sure you are asking for a passport photo style. But if you are determined to prepare your passport photo template and to get it cheaper, use our website and don’t worry about size, framing or others. Nonetheless, you should be informed - regardless of where you get your photo - about the general requirements established by the UK government such as posture, facial expression or other details causing a photo´s rejection. General guidelines are quite alike for all passport photos so we recommend you to familiarize with them. Scroll down to check out the Snappy Snaps Passport Photo requirements:

Snappy Snaps passport photo requirements

  • Printed to a professional standard
  • Taken within the last month
  • In colour on plain white photographic paper with no border
  • Taken against a plain cream or light grey background
  • Clear and in focus
  • Without any creases or tears
  • Unmarked on both sides (unless a photo needs to be countersigned)
  • Unaltered by computer software
  • Be a close-up of your full head and upper shoulders
  • Contain no other objects or people
  • Be in clear contrast to the background
  • Be facing forward and looking straight at the camera
  • Have a neutral expression and your mouth closed
  • Have your eyes open, visible and free from reflection or glare from glasses
  • Not have hair in front of your eyes
  • Not have a head covering (unless it’s for religious or medical reasons)
  • Not have anything covering your face
  • Not have any ‘red eye’
  • Not have any shadows on your face or behind you
  • You can’t wear sunglasses or tinted glasses. You can wear reading glasses but your eyes must show fully through clear lenses without glare or reflections.

Snappy Snaps Stores Near Me

Can’t find any Snappy Snaps around you? You don’t have to worry, it's not a problem. Anyway, the appropriate photo template for cheaper passport photos is not available at Snappy Snaps so you would need to get it and then attend your nearest Snappy Snaps store in order to print it out. What a waste of time, right? You can always receive it at home by using our Premium Passport Photo Service. To know more about our service, keep reading as to get your passport photo in a faster and cheaper way.

Passport Photo Online Service

All you need to do is to upload your photo and we will take care of the rest. You will get the perfect photo so as to fulfill every single UK passport photo requirement and to avoid further problems. Once your photo is uploaded, you will need to choose among any of the 2 options available: £5.95 - Premium Service - the background will be cleaned, our team will check its viability and your photo acceptance will be 200% guaranteed. £9.95 - same conditions but you will additionally get the physical version at home.

Photo requirements are based on:
Last update: 02/10/2023

About the document

Are you looking for a Passport Photo Booth close to you? I guess you then started to look for information regarding Snappy Snaps passport photos, Snappy Snaps prices (while simultaneously trying to find any existing Snappy Snaps promotional code), where is the nearest Snappy Snaps store... Stop wasting your time!

Try our digital passport photo booth and enjoy outstanding service at a cheaper price. What is more, you won´t need to go out! You can either apply for a UK passport online or in person. In case you would like to apply in person, let us recommend you to do the following: visit our website, take a photo and download the digital printable version.

Once it's done, all you need to do is to get your 10 x 15 cm (4x6 inches) passport photo template and print it out as 4 passport photos at the cost of 1 postcard size photo - this is 55p - at any of the instant printing services like Costco, Asda or Tesco, among others. You can also simply download the digital passport photo and apply for the UK passport photo online!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How much are passport photos at Snappy Snaps?

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A passport photo at Snappy Snaps photo booths costs £10 but you can always get it cheaper and enjoy many other advantages - such as taking your photo as many times as you want so you can make sure you look great! - Don´t think twice, visit our website!

What time does Snappy Snaps open today?

+ -

Opening hours may vary depending on the Snappy Snaps store. It usually opens around 8:00-9:30 am.

What time does Snappy Snaps close today?

+ -

As a general rule, they close at 6:00 or 6:30 pm. But make sure to check out your nearest Snappy Snaps store´s timetable before wasting your time.

Yes, but you should bear in mind that 10x15 (postcard size) photo template is not available there so you will need to pay the price for a regular passport photo.

Yes, they do! However, they do not provide the 4x6 ready-to-print photo template, which usually costs around 55p. In order to save a huge amount of money, you should buy this template and then attend your nearest Snappy Snaps store. But if you would like to get a digital UK passport photo, you definitely need to use our passport photo editing software!

No, there is not a single photo booth in any of their stores in the UK. To get your passport photo, you can either benefit from their virtual photo booth service and get your digital passport photo or send it to them beforehand in case you would like to have it in physical format.

Download a passport photo generator or visit one of the web photo tools - you can for example visit our website, upload a photo and get your digital passport photo in a minute! It will have a clear background, adjusted size and all the requirements verified.

All you need to do is benefit from any of the different apps or websites able to transform your selfie into an appropriate passport photo fulfilling every single official requirement. For instance, you can use our mobile app or website. Upload a photo and get your passport photo in a moment!

As you can apply for a UK passport either in person or online, we encourage you to take your passport photo from home during the next months in order to ensure your safety and health during the Covid-19 epidemic. For that end, you can use any of the available passport photo generators - for instance, our online photo tool - and then apply for the UK passport online.