Traveling with kids – documents, photos, flights

Every year, more and more tourists decide to take their kids to another country. Family holidays should be planned well in advance, so you can be sure that everything will be prepared correctly. A very important part of the trip are the documents that each of the travelers must have with them, regardless of their age. Adults with ID cards can enter many countries without valid passports. However, the situation is different for kids under the age of eighteen. Which option is better: issuing an ID or a passport? Can a child’s documentary photograph be taken at home without the help of a professional photographer? Where do you fly with your kids most often? Answers to these questions, as well as a lot of useful information about traveling with kids, can be found in the following text!

Traveling with kids - documents, photos, flights

Documents for your children

ID or passport – what to choose?

If you are going on a trip abroad with your child, you will need to apply for an appropriate document confirming the identity of your child. Your ID card and passport are acceptable at airport check-in. Your child, regardless of age, must therefore be provided with one of these. But which one is better? If you can, you can apply for both a passport and ID card. However, if you want to issue one document, the first one will certainly be a better option. A passport finally gives you the opportunity to travel to many more countries than an ID card. If you decide to take your child, for example to one of the Asian countries where a visa is not required, you will need this document.

Documents for your children

Photos for children’s documents

Documentary photos for ID and passport usually have the same size and requirements nowadays. Therefore, if you want to apply for both documents, one set of photos is enough (each document form should be accompanied by one photograph). As you might expect, children’s documentary photos have slightly less rigorous requirements than adult photographs. Although the head must be kept straight, small children may have closed eyes, open mouth or unnatural, not very serious facial expression, such as a smile or grimace. The child’s face should be clearly visible and adequately lit. It must not be covered by a toy or a toddler’s hand. Also important is the background, which must be clear and homogeneous, without additional people or elements in the frame. You will take pictures of your child’s documents with almost every professional photographer.

Photos for children's documents

Documentary photos of your child can also be taken at home. If you comply with the above mentioned elements, you may not need to go to a photo point. In their own home, children behave differently than outside, where they are often more nervous and stressed. When you take a picture, you can approach your nearest professional photographer and ask if the picture is correct in terms of requirements. When it comes to printing this type of photography, there are various spots and machines available in every city.

A flight with a child on a plane

The first flight of a toddler by plane is certainly a challenge for both the child and the parent. If family holidays are a kind of “tradition”, it is worth to familiarize your child with the trip destination and the whole flight procedure as early as possible. Before you get on a plane, it is worth showing your child other means of public transport, such as a tram, bus or train. This will allow the child to “get acquainted” with the environment in some way, and if the child is a little older, it will probably also understand some basic principles. A child’s first contact with lots of people in one place should certainly not be on a plane.

A flight with a child on a plane

Some parents decide to visit the airport earlier, allowing their child to get to know both the building and the atmosphere of the place. Huge machines or announcements from loudspeakers are, after all, something alien, which can scare the child and make him or her cry. If you’re dealing with an older child, you can tell them what a flight looks like and even check their route on the Internet. It is important that the child is familiar with the topic, which will save him/her unnecessary nerves.

When it comes to the journey itself, a child shouldn’t be bored. This can cause it to whine or even cry. If you want to save your little one from stress, it is worth downloading a fairy tale to your phone, tablet or laptop to make him or her interested in something during the flight. Take also the favorite toy. If your child doesn’t want to sleep, you should have something you can take care of. As for the slightly older children, you can play word games with them, and also tell stories invented earlier. Reading from a children’s book will also be a good option.

Is it worth traveling with kids?

Every kid is curious about the world around him or her. The more they see in the early years of their life, the easier it will be for them to adjust to a new environment in the future. So it is worth to visit with children different corners of the world, instilling in them a passion to explore. Certainly, this may bring numerous benefits in the future.

Is it worth traveling with kids?

Thinking about a trip with a child, it is worth choosing a trip organized by a highly rated travel agency. Planning everything on your own is not necessarily beneficial. What matters is also safety and security, e.g. concerning transfers or the quality of the chosen hotel and the presence of facilities for parents with children. Only if you are completely calm will you be able to relax on your dream family holiday.