Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo

Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo

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Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo - Size & requirements

Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo
Width: 1.5 in
Height: 2 in
300 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 1.1 in
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 0.4 in
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to make a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo Guidelines

Cal 1 Card is an official Berkeley campus identification document serving to access to residence halls, getting meals, and enjoy many benefits. As it is a photo identification document, the picture of yourself is mandatory. If you want to create the correct photo to your Berkeley Cal 1 Card, read the text below and know all the requirements.

Taking and preparing your photograph to the Cal 1 Card, you must remember about:

  • correct head position and composition of the picture
  • brightness and contrast
  • required facial expression
  • proper resolution
  • “must not” list of objects visible in the picture

There are also some demandings about:

  • right size
  • correct crop
  • required style and color of the background
  • correct file format

But don’t worry! You don’t even need to know how many inches your picture must measure. Of course, you can read about it in our article, but once you upload your photo to our Smart Photo Maker Online, you will get your photo properly resized, cropped, saved in a correct format. Moreover, the app will instantly remove the wrong background and replace it with the required one!

Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo size and crop

The required size of a Cal 1 Card photo must be strictly followed. This is not only about the size of the photograph but also the size of the image of the face. The rules are:

  • Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo dimensions must be: 1,5-inch x 2 inch (width x height)
  • Digital size must be (600 x 800 pixels)
  • The face height must be from 1 inch to 1 ⅜ inch
  • The eyes line must be situated from 1 ⅛ to 1 ⅜ inch from the bottom of the photo
  • There must be not margins

If you do not want to resize and crop your picture on your own, just use the resizing and cropping photo application. With it, you will prepare a perfectly resized and cropped Berkeley Cal 1 Card picture in a moment.

A perfect Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo - do it yourself!

Are you thinking now: OMG, where to take a Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo near me?

Good news! You do not need to go anywhere, track down photo booths or set an appointment in a photography studio. Don’t waste your time and money! There is a convenient solution: a Cal 1 Card photo maker! You will only need:

  • a smartphone
  • list of requirements for the Cal 1 Card photo
  • an Internet connection to upload your picture to the Smart Photo App which resizes, crops and adjusts photos to the demandings!

Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo composition

The picture for a Cal 1 Card must be a close-up of your face situated centrally and not tilted in any direction. A student must look straight ahead at the camera. Side angle photos, pictures showing a profile or semi-profile are unacceptable, only en-face shots will be accepted.

Berkeley Cal 1 Card facial expression

You must not smile in your Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo - keep a neutral facial expression with closed mounts and open eyes. Avoid comical faces and frowning, do not touch your face by hands, don’t close your eyes. Pictures with non-neutral facial expressions will be rejected.

Background in the Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo

The background in the Berkeley Cal 1 Card picture must be white or cream (off-white). No objects such as pictures, door panels, or plants should be visible in your passport photo, neither other persons. Background must be plain, clear, free of shadows or patterns. 

We know that obtaining such a perfect, spotless background in the home environment is a real challenge and that is why we created a photo background remover! This tool is able to exchange the wrong background into a white or off-white one just in one second. Use the tool and forget about preparing a background for your picture!

Technical requirements for the Berkeley Cal 1 Card

There are some demands about resolution of a digital image for the Berkeley Cal 1 Card. It must be at least 500 dpi

Moreover, the photo must be:

  • sharp in all areas
  • rich in contrast,
  • clear
  • not overexposed or underexposed
  • in natural color - not overly green, red or blue

Glasses in Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo 

If you wear prescription glasses or just wear them for style, you may keep them in the Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo. However, their glasses must be transparent - sunglasses or any other tinted glasses are never allowed.

Head coverings in the Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo

When it comes to fashion head covering like hats, caps, bands, etc. - they are not allowed as they can obscure your face. The only exemptions are items such as a hijab, headscarf, yarmulke, or other head covering is a part of your religious attire. You are not obliged to prove your religious belongingness, but make sure that your full facial features are visible.

Dress-code in Berkeley Cal 1 Card

Good news! There is not such a thing as a dress code for the Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo! You may wear what you like and choose an outfit that you feel attractive in.

However, we recommend you not to wear any white clothes. It is allowed but will not look good. And tank tops - don’t wear any if you don’t want to look naked.

Retouching tools and graphic programs

The general rules for photos dedicated to any kind of document is no graphic programs, no filters, no retouching at all. But it does not mean that you must expose all imperfections you would prefer to hide. Putting on some makeup is allowed. Especially face powder is recommended - it helps the skin to stop shining and covers imperfections. Why not to look attractive in your Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo?

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What is a Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo correct size?

The Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo must be 1,5 inch wide and x 2 inch high. You don’t need to resize your picture by any special programs. Just use the Resizing Photo Maker and have it done in 1 second!

❓ What is a Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo proper crop?

The face height must be from 1 inch to 1 ⅜ inch and the eyes line must be situated from 1 ⅛ to 1 ⅜ inch from the bottom of the photo. There must be no margins. To obtain the perfect crop, use a Documents Photo Cropper available online!

❓ What is the correct pose (head position) in the Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo?


  • stay straight - don’t tilt your head in any direction
  • look straight into the camera - don’t look aside
  • position your head centrally in the picture
Background must be white or off-white and only you can be visible in the image. If you want to obtain the plain, free of shadows and spots background, use the Photo Background Removing Tool for iPhones and every smartphone!
Yes, you are allowed to. Make sure that glasses don’t cover your eyes. Sunglasses and tinted glasses are not allowed.
Hijabs and any other head covering worn for religious purposes is allowed in the Berkeley Cal 1 Card. Take off only fashion headgears like hats or caps.
No, using computer software to correct the photo for the Berkeley Cal 1 Card is not allowed. However, you can put on some make-up if you like.
Yes, it mustn’t be black and white. And the colors must be true - no filters, please.
The minimum demanded resolution for the Berkeley Cal 1 card picture is 500 dpi.
The required Berkeley Cal 1 Card picture dimensions are: 1,5 inch x 2 inch (width x height).
No. The neutral facial expression is required. No smile and comical faces are allowed.
To take a perfect document photo, read beforehand about the required size, crop, background, head’s position, facial expression, etc. Check out our Berkeley Cal 1 Card photo guidelines!
Yes, we recommend you the smart Cal 1 card photo App online. This isa resizing and cropping photo application.
If you use the Cal 1 Card Photo Generator, the app will check your picture and inform you whether it is correct or not. With it, you will prepare a perfectly resized and cropped Cal 1 Card picture with a correct background in a moment.
It depends where you take it. If you go to a photography studio or a photo booth, you will spend more money than if you take it yourself. With the Cal 1 Card Photo Generator you save money and time!
Exactly where you want to take it! You can capture the image everywhere and later you can adjust it to demandings such as the size, crop and background. Just use the Berkeley Cal 1 Card Photo App!
Sure, you do! Every phone with a camera is a perfect device to take a picture to your Berkeley Cal 1 Card.

About the document

If you are a student of Berkeley University of California, the Cal 1 Card will be your photo identification card. Holding this card is mandatory.

Your Berkeley Cal 1 Card is not only an official campus ID, this is a “key” to open many doors during the student’s day. You will use your Cal 1 Card to sign in at the residence halls, take for free AC transit buses, or vote in ASUC elections. It authorizes you to enter Cal Dining locations and access your meal plans. You will need it if you want to practice sport at UC Berkeley sports events, programs, facilities and services.

Moreover, you can enter free of charge to the Berkeley Art Museum and have access to many other benefits.

Cal 1 Card as a Debit Card? Yes!

Are worried that you will need to carry cash or credit cards to purchase at campus merchant locations? Not with your Cal 1 Card! You can just swipe your Cal 1 Card and… it’s done! You can enjoy easy and quick transactions at over 40 campus commercial locations. Additionally, you will have access to your transaction history, balance and make deposits to your Cal 1 Card debit account via the Internet. It doesn’t cost you anything! And all this is for free!

How to get the Berkeley Cal 1 Card?

Getting the Cal 1 Card is very easy for UC Berkeley students. You need to attach your picture meeting all the requirements and follow the instructions about logging into your Cal 1 Card account on the official UC Berkeley site. Once you select “Upload Photo” (at the bottom of the page), upload the file with the correct picture of yourself.

Then you have to make an appointment. This meeting is necessary as you have to show your government-issued identification document. It might be:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • State Identity Card

The last step is a visit in the Cal 1 Card office in person. From the moment of obtaining your card, you are free to use it and enjoy all benefits it provides!

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