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SAT ID Photo

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A really easy format to get passport pictures. Very fast response to my questions via email.

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Excellent service. Very good software that enhanced our photos. They also did a manual check and had me redo one of the pictures for free. I have only used online passport photos for more than 10 years. This is by far the best.

Pauline Jackson

Can't thank these people enough, they have gone above and beyond today to produce a lovely passport photograph from my poor photograph. Thank you for all your efforts. I would recommend this company good value, professional and kind.

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SAT ID Photo Size & Requirements

SAT ID Photo
Width: 2 in
Height: 2 in
300 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 1.29 in
  • Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 1.18 in
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to make a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Get Your Sat ID Photo With Passport Photo Online

To ensure that there is no cheating, your SAT ID Photo will be checked several times. The info on your SAT Photo ID will be compared to the information on your Admission Ticket. You won't be eligible to take the SAT if all of the details don't fit or if you don't have an acceptable ID. Your results will be canceled and your exam costs will not be refunded if it is found after the test that you used a false or invalid Tag.

So as you may have understood, it is crucial that you have an acceptable SAT ID Photo when passing the SAT test. Do not panic, there is nothing easier than to get your SAT ID Photo with Passport Photo Online. We will help you from A to Z, from telling you all the requirements you must respect, to editing your photo to make it an acceptable SAT ID Photo!

General requirements for your SAT ID Photo 

We have listed here below some major general Photo ID requirements for the SAT you will need to respect for your SAT Photo ID to be considered acceptable by College examinations. On your Photo Id for the SAT :

  • You should be easily identifiable.
  • You must be the only one in the photograph.
  • A head-and-shoulders view is required, with the whole face, both eyes, and hair plainly visible. 
  • You should be in focus.
  • There should be no darkness or black spots.
  • Photographs in black-and-white are not approved by College examiners.

You must present an original photo, a physical document. Do not present a photocopied or an electronic version of your SAT ID Photo.

Technical requirements for your ID Photo for the SAT test

Apart from the general requirements, you must respect, there is also a technical aspect which is even more important for your ID Photo to be considered as acceptable for the SAT test. If you do not comply with those technical requirements, your ID Photo will not be approved for your SAT test. So keep on reading and you will find everything you need to know about technical requirements for your SAT ID Photo.

Like for a US passport photo or any kind of ID Photo, your SAT ID Photo absolutely has to be in color. White and black photos won’t be accepted. 

Your photo should be printed on a high-quality paper so that your facial traits could be clearly visible. 

Regarding the size, SAT ID Photo size requirements state that your ID Photo should be 2X2 inches in size. The space between the bottom of your chin and the top of your head should be around 1 inch to 1 3/8 inches

And the most important point of all, you should submit a recent photo of yourself. You are very cute in these baby pictures of you, but unfortunately, those pictures are not really representative of your actual appearance, and so they cannot be used for your SAT Test ID Photo. Be sure to submit an ID Photo taken within the last 6 months.

Get your SAT Photo ID with Passport Photo Online 

Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible for you to do just about anything online. In recent years, technology has been improving steadily, and the photography industry has also benefited greatly from these developments. 

Before, to get your SAT ID Photo, you had to go to a certified photographer or go to a photo booth. But now, you don't even have to leave your house to get your SAT photo! 

We can already hear you saying, "Really? But how is that possible?". Thanks to our app, you can get your SAT ID photo in just a few seconds and without setting a foot outside your home! 

Our Passport Photo Online application works very simply, even more easily than a photo booth! First, you need to download our application and take note of the SAT test Photo ID requirements mentioned above. Then ask someone to take a picture of you, trying to respect all the general and technical requirements we have presented to you. 

Once all of that is done, all you have to do is select the document you are applying for and then upload your photo to the application. 

Your photo will be cropped to match the official Colleges and universities requirements for SAT ID Photo

Finally, our photo verification software will check the conformity of your photo to ensure its validity. This software will verify that your photo complies with all SAT Photo ID requirements. This way, we can give you a 100% guarantee that your photo will be accepted and considered as acceptable by college examiners. And in the craziest scenario where your photo is rejected (a totally unlikely scenario), don't hesitate to contact us! We will refund you twice the price of your photo!

Our application is available not only on the AppStore but also on Google Store. So it is available for everyone! 

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! Take the plunge and download Passport Photo Online to get all your passport photos in the blink of an eye! 

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Why do I need a SAT Photo ID

SAT tests now required you to present of photo of yourself to avoid cheating. In the past few years, many people went to the SAT test pretending to be someone else. Therefore, to avoid this kind of cheating, college boards decided to require a photo of yourself. So you need a SAT ID Photo to be able to prove your identity on your SAT day test.

❓ How can I take my SAT ID Photo ?

How can you do ? Is there an wonderful application you could use that will help you to get any kind of official photo you want ? Oh wait ! That is the perfect description of Passport Photo Online ! You can, of course, get your SAT ID Photo with Passport Photo Online. All you have to do is upload your photo on our website and it will be ready in less than 30 seconds.

❓ What is an acceptable ID Photo for the SAT test

For your SAT ID Photo to be considered as acceptable, your photo has to be representative of your actual appearance which means that all your facial traits should be clearly visible. There should be no unwanted shadows on your face or in the background. Your face must be in the center and you should not be smiling nor showing teeth. That is basically all of the major requirement you need to respect for your Photo ID to be accepted for the SAT exam.
Of course you can ! But to wear too heavy makeup. The aim of the SAT ID Photo is to be able to identify you quickly. If you wear a too heavy makeup, examiners won't be able to identify you and your photo may not be considered as acceptable. So what you've got to keep in my is that it is okay to wear makeup, as long it stays discreet and neutral.
Thank to Passport Photo Online, you would be able to use this selfie of yourself. You will just need to upload it on our website, and we will then resize and crop it to make it acceptable for your SAT test.
Headgears are strongly forbidden. You cannot keep your cap of any hat on for your SAT ID Photo. There is only one exception for religious headgears, you can keep them on but you have to pay attention that they are not hiding your facial traits in any way.
You can go to a professional photographer studio, or to a Walmart Photo booth, or you can even take it at home. With Passport Photo Online, you can take your photo wherever you want, in your room, in your garden, at your workplace or even in your bathroom. You don't to bother to go out and search for a photo studio or for a photo booth, you can have your photo done from home in few seconds only !
Of course you can ! You can also take many other type of official photo : visa photo, passport photo or any other identity photo. Our database knows more than 50,000 of official photo templates ! You can also get professional photo such as LinkedIn profil picture with Passport Photo Online
You cannot photoshop your SAT ID Photo. As we said before, the aim of this photo is to show your real appearance. If you alter it in any way with photo editing, it would then no longer be a representation of your actual appearance. This also applies to photo filter. You should not use one as it could change your true skin colour or any other of your facial features.
If you really need your glasses on, then you can keep them on. But just be sure that your eyes are still clearly visible. However, we still recommend you to take them just to be sure that your ID photo won't be rejected on your SAT Test day.
If you have a bear on a daily basis, you can keep it for your SAT ID Photo. However, if you plan on growing one just for your SAT ID Photo, it is not really a good idea as this photo should represent your actual appearance.

About the document

What is the SAT Exam?

The SAT test is an unavoidable step for many students, especially for students applying in colleges and universities. This is basically an entrance exam used by more and more college admission boards as a part of their admissions process. But what is exactly the SAT exam? 

So as we said before, this is a university entrance exam that colleges will look at to make admissions decisions. This SAT test will help to determine a high school student’s readiness for college, and it will also be a way for the university boards to compare all applicants in a fairway. 

During the admission process, colleges do not only look at your high school GPA, they review many more things such as the class you took in high school, personal essays, recommendation from a teacher and, guess what, they also look at SAT test scores. 

The SAT test is a three-hour multiple-choice test, divided into three sections: Math, Evidence-Based and Writing, and Essay (which is actually optional). The test is a pencil-and-paper one created and administered by the College Board of the University you are applying for. This means that your test content can vary depending on where you are applying. 

However, one thing never changes, and when we say never, it is really never. When you are signing up for an SAT test, you will be asked to provide a photo of yourself. This photo is called SAT ID Photo and has to respect a certain number of rules to be considered as acceptable by the College Board where you are applying. 

SAT ID Photo requirements do not differ depending on where you are applying, the rules are the same wherever you are. Those requirements regarding the size, the color, the posture, the angle are to be considered pretty seriously as an invalid one could make you get turned away on your exam day. 

Keep on reading this article and you will find everything you need to know regarding SAT ID Photo, and you will see how to get your SAT Photo ID ready in 30 seconds only with Passport Photo Online!

SAT ID Photo: Why do you need one? 

When you sign up for the SAT, you must submit an SAT ID Photo. To ensure protection, the photo will be included with your Admission Ticket and will be compared to your photo ID on test day.

But why do I need to submit an ID Photo? And what do you mean by “to ensure protection”? Cheating has been a problem in the past, and some students have taken the SAT on behalf of others. So to be sure that there is no cheating like this, colleges and universities started to require the submission of a photo when signing up for the SAT test. This is why you need an SAT ID Photo.

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