Review: eGreenCardPhoto – best site where to get a Green Card photo?

Would you like to get your Green Card photo for free? eGreenCardPhoto is the site you were looking for! eGreenCardPhoto is the online photobooth that will help you get your Green Card photo in a minute! For those of you that didn’t know before, eGreenCardPhoto is part of ePassportPhoto; this is, one of the main leaders when it comes to passport photo tools. Although an app version is still not available for this photo generator in order to use eGreenCardPhoto, the group has been operating efficiently since its creation in 2005 and millions of users have already benefited from its services. What is it that makes this online photobooth so distinguished? Continue reading if you would like to know what are its main advantages and disadvantages.

eGreenCardPhoto site’s interface – is it good enough?

In contrast with most of the online photo tool sites I visited recently, eGreenCardPhoto’´s interface is definitely one of the best ones I used so far. Its user-friendly interface makes the site easy to use. Besides, information is presented quite clearly and well-organized. This helps the user go straight to the point and not to get confused as for the excess of unnecessary features commonly found on other sites. So it’s good to know that what is thought to be at first a 1 minute task, it’s actually a 1 minute task. Its lack of extra frills – usually leading the users to a misunderstanding or doubts regarding how to use the online photo generator – makes the site handy for users of different ages. Moreover, it looks up-to-date and not excessively colourful, which makes the information to be displayed simply and clearly.

Content – What eGreenCardPhoto can offer to you?

At eGreenCardPhoto, you´ll only find one option available as we can expect by its name. In spite of that, you have many other options available at ePassportPhoto (part of the same company). Here, you can get a picture for your passport or visa application among others. provides its users with guidelines concerning the different documents so as to inform them of the many official requirements stated by its corresponding government. You can also find universal instructions on how to make a photo being valid for every kind of official application.


Price – how much do I need to pay in order to get my Green Card photo?

How much do I need to pay for a Green Card photo online? eGreenCardPhoto site is a completely free service. In turn, ePassportPhoto has different options available which you would need to consider if you´re willing to get a different official document apart from this Green Card. Though, you need to know, this “do it yourself” free service does not include any of the available features on other sites such as background removal, professional validation or guaranteed acceptance.

Should I use this free site or should I consider to pay for my Green Card Photo?

Although we cannot expect much more from a free site, we can think about a few missing features probably making the online tool unsatisfactory for many of us.

  • They do not provide users with background removal so you will need to take your sample picture against a white blank wall no matter if you´re paying or not.
  • No automatic support about the quality of image. Thus, any kind of image from users can be uploaded.
  • No app available, which I consider as a “must” at this time.

Nonetheless, they provide what I consider to be an outstanding service for a free “do it yourself” site. I guess that if you would like to make sure you get the perfect photo, you can still visit other sites such as Passport Photo Online but this is definitely a good option if you don’t want to spend a single buck. At least, if using eGreenCardPhoto, you will get the right green card photo size and precise instructions on how to take your picture. Not bad!

Privacy – Is a safe site?

So, when it comes to privacy, eGreenCardPhoto´s policy is nothing unusual. They claim to only share customer information to those third party intermediaries helping them to run its service. Moreover, they do retain or access your customer information with the only purpose of providing the client its service but they will never share it without your consent. Additionally, advertisers on eGreenCardPhoto do not have access to your personal information and its employees or partner companies´ employees are the only ones who may see your photos. As usual, they do also use IP addresses and cookies. They do neither spam your email or personal accounts with annoying messages since they will only contact you in order to provide information about order status that may be relevant to you.

Summary – Advantages, disadvantages, final grade and recommendations

Advantages – what are its best features?

  • Free
  • Outstanding interface
  • Reasonable privacy policy

Disadvantages – what could be better?

  • Few features available
  • No app available

eGreenCardPhoto Review – Final grade: 8/10

Although we can list plenty of disadvantages, we need to consider that this is a free service and everyone could easily get a Green Card photo having the right Green Card photo size. I personally think that this is one of the best tools to use in order to get your Green Card photo. But if you´re willing to use a better service having many more features available, you should definitely try Passport Photo Online. Would you like to get a photo for your passport? Maybe a visa? Hunting license? Driving license? We got plenty of different options!.