Get a Passport Photo in Portland [Best Location at Hand]

See where to get a professional passport photo in Portland. Or use your phone to snap it at home—faster and cheaper.

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Get a Passport Photo in Portland [Best Location at Hand]
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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Passport photos in Portland near me - digital photo printing

Get a Passport Photo in Portland [Best Location at Hand]
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More about Passport Photos Portland - Requirements

Where to get a US passport photo in Portland?

Are you looking for an alternative from a photography studio to take a US passport photo faster? Excellent! You are in the right place. Mentioning a place… if you are in Portland and you are looking for a passport photo maker or you are considering to take a photo on your own, continue reading to discover all the passport requirements as well as where to get a passport photograph in Portland.

US passport photo requirements at the Portland passport office

In order to apply for a US passport, American citizens are obligated to fulfill certain guidelines. When applying for a passport, one of the key elements is the passport photo. You have to meet the guidelines if you wish to get the correct photo. The main requirements are the dimensions of the photo, the position of the head, the facial expression, the color of the background and so on. If these conditions are not met, both the photograph and the whole passport request may be turned down.

There are precise criteria depending on the country issuing the document, for example, the British and European criteria are different from the guidelines stated by the American authorities. As a result of the way the photographs are digitised, the authorities cannot accept pictures that do not comply with these requirements.

US passport photo specifications

  • Photos ought to be taken in color (NOT black and white)
  • The face of the applicant must be in the center and front facing
  • The clothes should be casual. Hats, head coverings and dark glasses are forbidden unless a signed statement is submitted by a physician verifying that the garment needs to be used for medical reasons
  • If the applicant is a baby, it is acceptable even if the child's eyes are not open or absolutely open. All other children must have their eyes open.
  • Lighting is required to be appropriate, so that there are no distracting shadows on the face or the background
  • The photo must show the applicant's full head from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin
  • The eye height must be between 1-1/8 inches to 1-3/8 inches (28mm to 35mm) from the bottom of the photo
  • The height of the head must measure 1 inch to 1-3/8 inches (25mm to 35mm)
  • All pictures must be 2 inches x 2 inches in size and up-to-date (taken within the last 6 months)
  • The background of the photo must be white or off-white

How to print a passport photo in Portland?

After uploading you picture, our passport photo tool will fix, edit and check your picture for compliance with the guidelines. If it is acceptable, you will have a moment to select a printing option. After that, you have the option of downloading the photo, receiving it by email or having the printouts sent to your home. If you choose the download option, you can go to any photo printing store or kiosk with your digital passport photo and print it out.

Where can I get a passport photo taken in Portland?

You can get the passport picture taken in photo booths, post offices, shipping stores, pharmacies or at professional photo studios but remember that in there you have to choose among a limited set of shots, though the best option is taking photos on your own! You can take as many pictures as you desire. Furthermore, this is free of charge. Use an online passport photo tool to save time and money!

Simply get a photo with your mobile phone (ask a friend to photograph you or put a tripod approximately 10 feet from the place you are). Make sure not to take a selfie! After that, upload your picture to our passport photograph service and ready! The photo editor will take care of everything else.

Now you can download the passport photo template and go to the closest photo store to get it printed in the correct size. Regarding the passport photo template, it should be printed as a 4x6 inch photo, so that you'd have multiple passport size photos that only have to be cut out!

US Passport Photo Online - Photo Booth App

Have you ever spent time looking for a photobooth near you? Well, you could save yourself some time and take the photo using your phone! Our app ‘Passport Photo Online’ will crop your photo, remove the background, and check your photo. It’s like having a photobooth in your hands but better!

These days everything is becoming digital, and at ‘passport photo online’ we are enthusiasts of advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence. We have created a way of having all the features that a traditional photobooth would have but with AI. This assures that the photo you take is perfect for a US passport. This app is unique because it makes sure everything is perfect so your photo will not be rejected, nonetheless, a standard photobooth just takes a couple of photos, without considering whether your eyes were actually open or not. If you are looking for a cheaper, faster, and more convenient option switching to digital photo booths is the answer.

Taking a passport photograph is not as difficult as it might seem. You don’t need to be an expert or a photographer or go to an old-fashioned photobooth. You only need to make sure that you meet all the requirements for the picture, like the background color, the dimensions of the photograph, the facial expression… And use a digital photobooth that will adjust the photo to the requirements for the official US passport photo.

Passport photos near me Portland

You no longer need to leave the house to obtain a passport photo in Portland. This is without a doubt the most swift, simplest and most recommended way, because by using our mobile photo app or online passport photo service, you will be certain to have the correct photograph that will comply with all the official requirements outlined above. All in a matter of seconds, and with the guarantee of acceptance by US officials.

It should be considered that you can take passport pictures online, but it is impossible to submit passport applications online. You will need to complete the form by hand. To that end, you can go to a Portland passport acceptance center and seek a copy to fill out, or you can just download the passport application form (DS-11) and fill it out by hand.

Photo Booth in Portland

If you are looking for old-school, traditional photo booths, there are some around Portland. But bear in mind that not all photo booths provide a tutorial so it is crucial to be aware of all the US passport photo requirements to know how to pose, how to keep hair, what to wear, where to look, etc.

Try Passport Photo Online digital photo booth that helps you take the photo at any place and any time – at home, at home, in the park, on a walk, in a shop! The passport photo editor will remove the background and also resize and apply the necessary changes to make sure that the photograph presents an appropriate lighting and your face is not obscured by any objects or covered by hair.

Passport photo at Walgreens Store

You can easily print your US passport photograph at Walgreens. If you use PPO to prepare a template, you don't have to worry about the photo dimensions or correct framing. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that an inappropriate posture, facial expression or banned garmets might cause a photo’s rejection. That’s why we highly recommend you to read the photo specifications. Scroll up to take a look at the US passport photo specifications. You can see how to do it step by step and how much it costs at our Walgreens passport photo prints tutorial.

If you have the template generated, find the closest Walgreens store in Portland, OR and you don’t need to ask for a 2” x 2” (2 inch x 2 inch) passport photo. Just print the template at 4x6 inch size like a postcard for just 35c. After having the photo printed you just need to cut the photos out of the printed template.

Walgreens Pharmacy photo shops in Portland, OR:

  • 2103 W BURNSIDE ST - PORTLAND, OR 97210
  • 1215 NW 23RD AVE - PORTLAND, OR 97210
  • 1620 NE GRAND AVE - PORTLAND, OR 97232
  • 9855 SW CAPITOL HWY - PORTLAND, OR 97219
  • 6116 NE M L KING BLVD - PORTLAND, OR 97211
  • 5420 NE 33RD AVE - PORTLAND, OR 97211
  • 4325 SE 82 ND AVE - PORTLAND, OR 97266

Can I get my passport photos taken at CVS?

Another option to have your photo taken as well as printed is to use the CVS pharmacy passport photo service. This is widely available at nationwide pharmacy chains, including CVS. The photo shop service includes taking your photo, making sure that it meets State Department regulations and printing the required two copies for $13.99. Tourists do not need to make appointments before getting passport-style photographs taken at CVS, but would need to call their local pharmacy ahead of time to be positive that the service is provided.

You can also simply prepare the US passport photograph beforehand and then just get it printed at the CVS Pharmacy in Portland, OR. Print our photo template as a 4x6 inch photo and you will have your passport photo prints in no time! Check how much it costs and how to do it step by step at our CVS passport photograph prints tutorial.

CVS Pharmacy photo shops in Portland, OR:

  • 105 NW 13TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97209
  • 8145 SE 17TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97202
  • 12555 NW CORNELL RD PORTLAND, OR 97229
  • 9009 SW HALL BLVD TIGARD, OR 97223

Passport photos at Walmart

At Walmart, you could ask to print a US passport photo, but if so, you will get a 2x2 inches photograph whose price is $7,44. An alternative way of doing it would be asking for a 4x6 inches dimensions photo, which will cost only 25¢ and it will include a couple of photographs on it.

How can I make this hack work? Easy! When you go to Walmart make sure to have a layout with a couple of your passport pictures on it, and ask them to print the format in a normal postcard picture dimensions (4x6 inch). This way you will have an extra photo in case you need it any day and it will be less expensive!

If you are not sure how to get prints of your US passport photo at Walmart, just check our Walmart store passport photo prints tutorial.

Walmart photo kiosks in Portland, OR:

  • Portland, Walmart Supercenter #2552, 4200 Se 82nd Ave
  • Happy Valley, Walmart #5440, 10000 Se 82nd Ave
  • Portland, Walmart Supercenter #5899, 1123 N Hayden Meadows Dr
  • Tigard, Walmart Supercenter #5935, 7600 Sw Dartmouth St.
  • Milwaukie, Neighborhood Market #3144, 15600 Se Mcloughlin Blvd
  • Beaverton, Neighborhood Market #3050, 9055 Sw Murray Blvd
  • West Linn, Neighborhood Market #5994, 19133 Willamette Dr
  • Beaverton, Neighborhood Market #5993, 17275 Nw Cornell Rd
  • Vancouver, Neighborhood Market #3145, 2201 Grand Blvd
  • Vancouver, Walmart Supercenter #2550, 221e Ne 104th Ave

Does Rite Aid have photo services?

In regards the Rite Aid US passport photo, the situation is similar to what was mentioned above – print a 4x6 inch photo template instead of a normal Rite Aid passport pic. The 4x6 inch template creates more U.S. passport photos and can be printed for only 19¢, while the Rite Aid passport photo costs more than $7! Check our Passport Photos at Rite Aid lifehack!

Rite Aid photo kiosks in Portland, OR:

  • 05345 Portland, 622 SW Alder StreetPortland, OR 97205
  • 06467 Portland, 600 NW 10th AvenuePortland, OR 97209
  • 05347 Portland, 2440 SE Cesar E Chavez BlvdPortland, OR 97214
  • 05351 Portland, 5431 SW Beaverton HillsdalePortland, OR 97221
  • 05346 Portland, 1814 NE 41st AvenuePortland, OR 97212
  • 05352 Milwaukie, 10860 SE Oak StreetMilwaukie, OR 97222
  • 05350 Portland, 4346 NE Cully BoulevardPortland, OR 97218
  • 5356 Portland, 11190 SW Barnes RdPortland, OR 97225
  • 05329 Lake Oswego, 90 B AvenueLake Oswego, OR 97034
  • 05322 Beaverton, 12575 SW Walker RoadBeaverton, OR 97005

Where are the closest passport photo booths around me:

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