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Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Swiss Foreign Residence Permit Photo Online - Size and Requirements

Swiss Foreign Residence Permit Photo Online
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 34.5 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it printable?
Background Color
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More about Switzerland Foreign Residence Permit - Requirements

Switzerland Foreign Residence Permit Photo Requirements

In order to apply for any of the Switzerland residence permit, a biometric passport photo must be submitted. This will be used for facial recognition, and therefore must meet a number of requirements in order for it to be accepted by the Swiss Authorities. A traditional Swiss passport photo is sufficient, provided it meets the criteria including standards such as international requirements for pose and quality and will lead to an application rejection if the following requirements are not met. 

Switzerland Foreign Residence Permit Photo Size

The Swiss residence permit photo must be of the size 35 mm x 45 mm. The distance between the top of the hair and the top of the photo must be 3 mm, with the head height being 34.5 mm. The size of the head from the crown to the chin should be between 29 mm and 34 mm, and the head must be in the centre of the image. The resolution of the biometric residence permit photo should be 600 dpi.

Quality of the Foreign Residence Permit Photo

In order to meet the quality requirements of the Swiss Residence Permit, the photo must:

  • be well-focused, sharp and clear
  • be properly exposed, avoiding over exposition and under exposition
  • show the natural skin tones accurately
  • not have any unnatural effects such as red-eyes or glares

We recommend you use natural daylight when taking the Switzerland foreign residence permit photo so that the face is evenly illuminated and does not get rejected. 

Background for the Swiss Foreign Residence Permit Photo

The background of the biometric photo must be a plain, light grey colour free of patterns or shadows. 

Only the face should be visible in the Switzerland Residence Permit photo, with free space on the edges of either side of the face.

Accessories in the Swiss Foreign Residence Permit Photo

If you wear prescription glasses every day, they are permitted in your residence permit photo as long as they do not cast any shadows on your face. They must not obscure your eyes in any way or cause a glare. The lenses must be clear and transparent - sunglasses are not permitted in the biometric photo.

Headgear for religious reasons is acceptable in the Swiss residence permit photo, as long as it does not cause any shadows or obscure your face. The headgear must be for a confirmed religious reason, no fashion headgear such as caps are accepted. The headgear must also be a different colour to the background of the Switzerland foreign residence permit Photo.

Facial Expression in the Swiss Residence Permit Photo

As for the facial expression - it should be neutral, meaning no smiling or frowning. Your mouth must be closed and your head must be straight and not tilted. You should ensure your eyes are open and looking straight into the camera, in order to ensure your Switzerland Foreign Residence Permit Application will not be rejected.

The biometric photo can not be a selfie or have any filters or alterations from computer software, including unnatural cropping from a larger photo.

Most Common Mistakes on Foreign Residence Permit Photos

The Swiss Foreign residence permit application may take a longer amount of time if all of the requirements are not met. In order to avoid your application being rejected, ensure that you have followed all of the standard criteria in your biometric photo. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when taking your residence permit photo:

  • selfies or the head not being centered
  • smiling or non-neutral expressions
  • tilted head
  • red eyes or glares from glasses
  • shadows on the face or background

How to take the Swiss Foreign Residence Permit Photo at home?

Thankfully, you do not need to travel to or pay for a professional photo booth in order to take your Switzerland Foreign Residence permit. With our app ‘Passport Photo Online’ you are able to simply take your photo at home! Simply upload it to our photo editing tool and let the software do the work for you. 

Take your biometric photo whenever and wherever you want. With our photo editing software, we will edit your photo until all of the requirements are met - ensuring that your application will be accepted. We even promise to reimburse you if it does get rejected! Use our photo editor app to get your accepted Switzerland Foreign Residence permit as fast as ever.

Residence Permit Photo Tool

With all of these requirements, it can make the Switzerland Foreign Residence Permit application seem like a big task. Luckily - we can help you with that. With our app ‘Passport Photo online’ we make the process easy for you. Simply take a photo of yourself and upload it to our photo editor, and it will check that all of the requirements are met and help you change what needs to be altered.

Using AI software the app has features that will alter your photo until it is guaranteed to be accepted by the Swiss authorities. With the background removing tool - the app will edit and remove any unsuitable patterns or shadows in the background of your photo, changing it to the plain, light grey background that is required for your Swiss residence permit photo. Also, the app can automatically resize and crop your image to fit the required dimensions. It will also recognize any unsuitable features of the biometric photo, and tell you what needs to be changed in order for it to be accepted by the Swiss authorities - saving you stress and time. 

Foreign Residence Permit Photo Mobile App

Find our photo tool app in both the Apple app store and google play store, and use any smartphone or device to take your biometric photo. Save time and money when completing your Swiss residence permit application by using Passport Photo Online, making the process easier than ever before! Take a photo in any place you want and you can ensure that it will be accepted when checked by our app. Simply download the photo editor app now and get your application completed stress-free!

Last update: 6/7/23

About the document

EU and EFTA residents do not require a visa to enter Switzerland, however, a Switzerland residence permit must be applied for when the stay is long-term. You are generally able to stay in Switzerland without a permit for up to three months, however, if you are planning to stay longer than that it is mandatory to obtain a Swiss foreign residence Permit. There are various different types of Switzerland foreign residence permits that are issued in a credit card format with a chip. In order to apply for a Swiss foreign residency card, you must fill out an application form including a recorded biometric facial photograph and a signature.

Types of Switzerland Foreign Residence Permits 

There are various different types of Swiss foreign residence permits depending on the length of time one will be residing in the country and the reason for seeking a permit.

  • L Short Term Residents Permit is suitable for those who are staying in Switzerland for a limited period of time (usually less than one year) for a certain purpose. EU nationals with an employment contract of between 3 and 12 months are eligible for this Switzerland residence permit, with the residence permit validity period matching the length of employment contract. Jobseekers from the EU can also obtain an L Swiss residence permit without employment.
  • B Resident Foreign Nationals Permit is suitable for EU nationals who plan on staying in Switzerland for longer and have an employment contract of at least 12 months. It is valid for 5 years and can be extended with certain requirements. Those without an employment contract can also obtain this Swiss residence permitB if they prove they have the sufficient financial means and insurance.
  • C Settled Foreign Nationals Permit is granted to those who have already resided in Switzerland uninterrupted for 5 or 10 years.
  • Ci Resident Foreign Nationals with Gainful Employment Permit is granted to members of foreign representations and family members of intergovernmental organizations.
  • G Cross-Border Commuters Permit is for residents of other EU states who work in Switzerland, with the requirement that they return to their main country of residence at least once a week.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How should I pose for my Switzerland foreign residence permit photo?

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You should keep your facial expression neutral in your Swiss foreign residence permit photo. This means no smiling or frowning and keeping your mouth closed and eyes open - while looking directly into the camera.

Can I wear a head covering in my Swiss foreign residence permit photo?

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If the head covering is for religous reasons then yes - you can wear it in your Switzerland foreign residence permit photo. Headgear for non-religous reasons - such as a hat - is not permitted.

Can I take my Switzerland foreign residence permit photo at home?

+ -
Yes! Thanks to our proffesional photo app - Passport Photo Online - you can take your biometric photo from anywhere you like. Simply upload the Swiss foreign residence permit photo to our app and it will do the rest for you.
Yes - you may wear glasses with clear lenses in your Switzerland foreign residence permit photo, as long as they do not cause a glare. Glasses with tinted lenses are not permitted in the photo.
Our Passport Photo Online app uses AI to check that all the requirements are fullfilled in your biometric photo. When using our app to take the photo, it will tell you what needs to be altered in order for the photo to be accepted by the Switzerland Authorities. We can even assure you that if the photo does get rejected - we will reimburse you!
The Swiss foreign residence permit photo should be 45 x 35 mm in size and have a resolution of 600 dpi. Use our app with cropping and resizing tools to ensure the biometric photo meets all size requirements.
EU and EFTA residents can stay in Switzerland for up to three months without a permit. However, if you plan to stay in the country for longer than that - you must apply for a Switzerland foreign resident permit.
Its easy! Simply use our digital photo app, and it will automatically resize your photo to the required dimensions - assuring you that it will be accepted by the Swiss Government quickly and easily!
The whole process to obtain your Switzerland foreign residence permit is likely to take around three months. With the Passport Photo Online app - we can help to ensure that the application will get accepted immediately, and therefore help you to obtain your Swiss foreign residence permit as quickly as possible. Use our app to make the application process as quick as ever!
There is no specific dress code when taking your biometric photo for your Switzerland foreign residence permit photo, however we reccomend that you wear plain coloured clothing that contrasts with the light coloured background in order to ensure that your application gets accepted.