How to Get a Passport in Oklahoma

How to Get a Passport in Oklahoma

In 2021, the U.S. State Department counted a total of 120,444 passports issued by the 84 passport acceptance facilities in Oklahoma. The process to get a passport in the Sooner State is mostly the same as the one followed in the rest of the United States, with differences only in the appointment booking (which is up to local management).

If you want to find out how to get a passport in Oklahoma, stick around. In this article, we’ll explain every detail, to give you a full understanding of the application process.

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Oklahoma passport application process

Applicants must follow 4 (four) steps to get a passport in Oklahoma to get through the process smoothly and avoid delays. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1. Look for the closest passport facilities

The first step of getting a passport in Oklahoma is finding a passport acceptance facility. 

For those asking where to get a passport in Oklahoma, as mentioned before, applicants can find 84 such offices within the state’s territory, with 3 passport facilities in Oklahoma City alone. Residents only need to look for the local Court Clerk’s office, post office, and sometimes public library. It’s advisable to contact them to inquire about the booking procedures, as some require an appointment, while others accept walk-ins.

#2. Gather the required documents

First-time passport applications cannot be submitted by mail, applicants need to submit them in person as hard copies. To start processing, the Department of State requires the following documents:

  • a completed U.S application form – Form DS-11;
  • evidence of U.S. citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, certificate of citizenship);
  • a form of photo ID issued by the government;
  • a 2 x 2 inch passport photo.

The evidence of citizenship and the ID need to be handed in accompanied by a photocopy that follows these specifications:

  • single-sided
  • in black and white
  • printed on 8 x 15 inch paper.

#3. Present the application

Applicants have to go to the passport facility at the agreed-upon time with the full documentation. Fill out the application before handing it in but only sign it when the acceptance agent asks for it. In the appropriate section, it’s possible to opt for a passport book, passport card, or both.

#4. Pay the passport fees

To conclude the procedure, U.S. citizens need to pay the fees. The Department of State website indicates the following amounts:

  • passport card: $30
  • passport book: $130
  • both: $160.

Added to this, there is a $35 execution fee to be paid separately.

Generally, passport acceptance facilities in Oklahoma will accept the following payment methods:

  • money order
  • check (personal, cashier’s, certified, traveler’s).

A passport agency will accept a wider selection of payment modes:

  • check or money order
  • credit card
  • exact amount of cash.

The execution fee will be paid directly to the facility, the application fee has to be paid to the U.S. Department of State.

At this stage, applicants only need to wait for the new passport to be ready. Current processing times in Oklahoma are from 6 (six) to 8 (eight) weeks. There is also the option to pay an extra $60 for the expedited service, which will take around 3 (three) weeks.

A gray and blue infographic explaining the 4 steps of the passport process in Oklahoma

Getting a passport in Oklahoma – minors

To obtain a passport in Oklahoma for a child, the State Department requires some additional documents to provide proof of parental relationship and give consent. For the first purpose, it’s necessary to present one of the following documents:

  • full U.S. birth certificate
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • foreign birth certificate
  • adoption decree
  • divorce/custody decree.

To give consent, it’s best if both parents or legal guardians accompany the minor to the facility. If one of them cannot attend, it’s necessary to submit one of these forms:

  • Form DS-3053, signed in front of a notary public and accompanied by copies of each side of the parent or legal guardian’s ID;
  • Form DS-5525, for any special family circumstances.

A passport application for anyone age 15 (fifteen) or younger comes with different fees:

  • passport card: $15
  • passport book: $100
  • both: $115.


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How to get a passport in Oklahoma: FAQ

To wrap up, we’ll answer a few recurring questions about getting a passport in Oklahoma.

How do I get a passport in Oklahoma?

Look for the closest passport acceptance facility and check if they schedule appointments or accept walk-ins. Then, prepare the required documentation and proceed to apply for a passport in Oklahoma.

What do I need to get a passport in Oklahoma?

The documents for a passport application are standardized in the whole country.
The State Department requires:
Form DS-11
proof of U.S. citizenship
valid photo ID
a passport photo.

Can I apply for a passport online in Oklahoma?

No, passport applications can only be handed in in person.

What is the fastest way to get a passport in Oklahoma?

You can opt for the expedited service for an extra $60 to get a passport in about 3 (three) weeks. For more pressing timelines, you should contact the State Department to see if you qualify for an emergency passport.

How do I get a passport in Oklahoma City?

Applicants in Oklahoma City can refer to 3 (three) different facilities.
They are located at the following addresses:
Center City Station, 305 NW 5TH Street
Oklahoma County Clerk, 320 Robert S. Kerr
Reno-Meridian Post Office, 4901 W. Reno.

How to get a passport in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

In Tulsa, there are 3 (three) facilities that accept passport applications.
Residents can find them in these locations:
Eastside Post Office, 2920 S.129th East Avenue
Southeast Post Office, 9023 E. 46th Street
Tulsa County Clerk, 500 South Denver Avenue.

How do I get a passport in Edmond, Oklahoma?

To get a passport in Edmond, it’s possible to submit the application at one of these offices:
Coffee Creek Station, 407 W. Covell Road
Oklahoma County Court Clerk, 28 E. Main.

How to get a passport in Lawton, Oklahoma?

Passport applications can be processed by the Lawton Main Post Office, at 501 SW 5th Street.

How to get a passport in Stillwater, Oklahoma?

There are 3 (three) passport acceptance facilities in Stillwater:
Oklahoma State University, 120 AG North
Payne County Court Clerk, 606 S. Husband Street
Stillwater Post Office, 809 S. Lewis Street.

What are the offices for getting a passport in Durant, Oklahoma?

You can submit your application to the Bryan County Clerk, at 402 West Evergreen.

How to get a passport in Newcastle, Oklahoma?

There are no passport offices directly in Newcastle, however, in Norman, there is the Sooner Post Office at 200 36th Avenue NW, about 6 (six) miles away.

How to get a passport in Oklahoma – wrapping up

To get your passport in Oklahoma, it’s necessary to follow the same standard procedure as in the rest of the country. Start by finding the nearest passport facility and gathering the documents. In 8 (eight) weeks or less, you’ll have a new passport to travel abroad whenever you want.

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