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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Cambodia Passport Photo - Size & Requirements

Instant Cambodian Passport Photo: Prepare It Online
Width: 40 mm
Height: 60 mm
300 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 36 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 6 mm
Is it printable?
Background Color
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Cambodia Passport Photo - All You Need to Know

Cambodia Passport Photo

Do you need a picture of the passport of Cambodia? Take it with your smartphone and adjust to the requirements within 3 seconds with an intelligent Passport Photo Maker!

Cambodia passport photo - take it yourself!

Many applicants ask: must I take a Cambodia passport in a professional studio? The answer is: this is possible but not necessary. Taking a photo professionally you pay for a studio, expensive equipment and a photographer's work. This is expensive stuff, moreover, you need to search for such a place, go there, waste your time in a line and finally spend a couple of hours taking a single photograph!

But you definitely don’t need to do all of this! You can take a photo by yourself and with a little help from the smart Cambodian Passport Photo Maker, you are able to get a professional-quality picture in a couple of seconds! And the best is that you pay just a part of the “professional” costs because all the process of preparing the passport photo is automatic!

Cambodian passport photo - complete guidelines

If you want to know how to produce a Cambodian passport-style picture that will be 100% accepted by passport officers, read our guidelines and create your perfect document photo following our instructions.

After further reading, you will know: 

  • what is the required size and crop of the photo
  • how must be the background
  • how to pose in the picture
  • what is allowed and forbidden in official images
  • how to avoid the most commonly made mistakes
  • how to quickly verify is your picture meets all the photo requirements
  • how to save your money and time taking a photo to your passport application

Cambodia passport photo maker

Below, we give you some advice and tips on clothing, facial expression and some other details. All you have to do is read carefully our guidelines, pose correctly and upload your picture to the Cambodian passport photo editor. This tool based on artificial intelligence will correctly resize and crop your image and adjust its background to the requirements. It takes only a couple of seconds and you will receive the photo ready to upload to the online application or to print.

All you need is your phone or tablet, tripod or a helping person (selfies are not allowed) and the Passport Photo Generator available online.

Cambodian passport photo size

The size of the photo you attach to your passport application depends on the place you apply from. There are some different sizes used by Cambodian consular and immigration offices: 35 mm x 45 mm, 40 mm x 60 mm or 51 mm x 51 mm (for example if you apply in the US). 

The most commonly used Cambodian passport photo size is however 45 millimetres (mm) high by 35 mm wide which is the standard size of passport-style photos used in most countries of the world.

Cambodia passport - style photo view and crop

The only one accepted view of the Cambodia passport photo is the en-face view. Profile and semi-profile shots are not allowed. Also, selfies and photos with filters are not acceptable.

Your passport photo must not be a cut down version of a larger picture. In the image all your head is photographed, en-face must be visibly seen (it must be close-up), also the neck and the upper part of your shoulders. The image of the head from the crown to the chin must take approximately 70-80 % of the whole image.

We advise you to use the US Passport Photo Resizer and Cropper which will adjust your image to requirements.

Cambodia passport photos background - color and style

There are strict requirements for the background of the biometric photos. In the case of the Cambodian Passport, it must be light-grey in color and plain. “Plain” means with no patterns nor shadows. Only your face must be visible in the picture, no other people or objects.

Obtaining this style of background may not be easy but you can use the background removing photo tool which will prepare your perfect picture in a few seconds. It doesn't matter if you have taken your picture in your living room, bathroom, or on the beach. The removal of a wrong background with an online photo app and changing it into a required white one is easy and quick. Just upload your picture to the Online Cambodia Passport Photo App and have it done in 3 seconds!

Colors in Cambodia passport photos

You are obliged to attach to your passport application 1 or 2 color photos of yourself (the quantity depends on the place you apply for your passport).

Photo of the passport must show the natural tones of your skin and eyes, so high-quality paper and dye-sublimation processes must be used during printing pictures.

Colours in the picture must be natural - not too light, not too dark. The photos cannot be black and white or in sepia. Avoid the “red-eyes” effect, as this is an unnatural colour of the eyes and such a picture will be rejected. Use daylight instead of a flash lamp, as a flash is “responsible” for the red-eye effect.

Quality requirements for Cambodia passport photos

All submitted photos (if more than one) must be identical. Moreover, they must not be printed with your home inkjet printer as the quality of the print would be insufficient.

Your photos also must be:

  • printed on plain white photographic paper with no border to a professional standard
  • if digital: at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall
  • in the min. resolution of 600 dpi
  • clear and in focus
  • unaltered by computer software
  • well exposed (not underlit or overlit)

Cambodian passport photo - the head’s position and the facial expression

The picture for a passport of the Kingdom of Cambodia must meet some requirements about posing. Your head must be centred, not tilted in any direction. You must look straight ahead at the camera and the camera lens must be positioned at the level of your eyes. Side angle and semi-profile shots aren’t correct, only en-face shots will be accepted.

You must keep a neutral facial expression with closed mounts and open eyes. Bear in mind that smiling in a Cambodian passport photo is not allowed. “Smiling” photos will be rejected. 

Cambodian passport photo - validity and originality

Keep in mind that your passport-style photo dedicated to the Cambodian passport is valid only 6 months after the moment of taking it.

Moreover, your photo must be original - you are not allowed to use any graphic program to retouch the face image or clear the background. No Photoshop, no colour filters are allowed. But you can make the background in the picture light-grey just by using a tool for the Passport photos! This App will help to turn the background into the required one and this is absolutely allowed.

Make-up in the Cambodian passport photos

Remember: you are not allowed to use photo retouching tools, but you can wear make-up. Face powder is recommended - it helps the skin to stop shining and covers imperfections. Also, mascara and lipstick are allowed, so feel free to put on some make-up if you like it. Of course, you must not exaggerate and your facial features must still be recognizable.

Glasses in Cambodian passport photos

The first rule about eyeglasses in Cambodian passport pictures is that they must be transparent. Sunglasses and tinted glasses are always forbidden. You can keep your eyeglasses during the moment of capturing a passport photo, but remember that:

  • the frames of the glasses must not cover your eyes
  • there must be no glare on glasses that obscures the eyes
  • shadows cast by glasses frames or refraction on your face are unacceptable

Head covering in a Cambodia passport photo

If a hijab, headscarf, yarmulke, or other head covering is a part of your religious attire and you wear it every day, you can keep it while capturing a photo for your Cambodian passport. You are not obliged to prove your religious belongingness in such a case.

But be aware that your full facial features must be visible. Headscarves, hijab or other headgear must not obscure your face or cast a shadow on it.

When it comes to fashion head covering like hats, caps, bands, etc. - they are all forbidden in the official document photos - this is a general rule. The same applies to all massive hair accessories - they must be taken off too as they may obscure your face oval.

Hair and beard in the Cambodia passport photo

There are no special requirements about hairstyle in Cambodia passport photos but if you have a voluminous hairstyle, wear your hair up. If you have long hair and you wear it loose, put it behind your ears as the hair must not cover your face. You are not asked to remove your beard for the Cambodian photo of your passport.

Facial piercing and jewellery in the Cambodia passport photos

If you have facial piercing, you may look for the answer to the question: do I need to remove my facial piercing for my Cambodia passport photo? The general rule is: you do not need to remove jewellery or piercing as long as these items do not obscure any part of your face and do not give any reflection on your skin. So, the small jewellery items are allowed and discreet facial piercing too. However, better take off big or shiny as jewellery cannot obscure the edges of your face. Remove headbands or massive, decorative hair accessories too.

The biggest mistakes that applicants make in Cambodian passport photos

As you already know, taking a photo for the passport at home is easier, cheaper and lets you save time and energy. But many people are worried if it is possible to prepare a photo for official documents and avoid mistakes. The answer is: yes, this is absolutely possible and easy! All you need to remember is how to avoid mistakes. We checked which are the reasons for the most rejections.

Below we present the list of them just to let you avoid them!

  • a wrong size

Make sure that your photo is properly resized. Check in the passport office or an embassy where you apply for a new passport how are the requirements of size for this type of photograph. Usually, this is 35 mm wide and 45 mm high.The size of the face from chin to crown must take 70-80% of the whole image. Use a Cambodia passport photo resizing App to obtain the correct dimensions and crop of the photo.

  • wrong background 

The color of the background must be light-grey. Do not use other colors. Moreover, if patterns or spots in the background appear - the photo is not correct and will be rejected! Use the background removing photo tool to be sure you meet this requirement.

  • smile

People smiling in their passport photos have their applications rejected. This is sad, but true.

We know it is hard not to smile when somebody is taking a picture of us. Everybody wants to look attractive, but we cannot do it in photos for official documentaries. Take a neutral facial expression, close your mouths and open your eyes. 

  • face covered

Your facial features must be clearly visible even if you keep your hijab or other headgear worn for religious reasons. Once again: it cannot obscure your face. Fashion head coverings are not allowed at all.

  • profile or semi-profile view

The only accepted view is an en-face one. Do not tilt your head and look straight at the camera lens. Unfortunately, many applicants still attach semi-profile pictures which cause a lot of refusals

  • monochromatic pictures

Yes, in your passport you will see a black and white photo of yourself but you are obliged to submit a color one. Only color ones are accepted because only the color photos meet the biometrics requirements and they are stored in passports with electronic chips in colors.

  • wrong quality of the photo

Make sure that your photo is clear, focused and sharp, not overexposed or underexposed, not damaged or scratched.

Where to take Cambodian Passport Photo? Try the Smart Passport Photo App!

You must submit 2 printed photos together with your application for your Cambodia passport application. Of course you want to be sure that you attach a 100% correct picture, right?

If you download our intelligent Cambodia passport photo generator you will be able to easily crop, resize, change the background and verify your photo. If the application marks the image as correct, you may be 100% of approval in a given institution in Cambodia or overseas.

Cambodia passport photo checker

Online Cambodia passport Photo Maker enables you to create your perfect picture with no rush, to try different outfits and hairstyles and save your time and money. But its most important advantage is that it always checks your pictures in terms of photo standards. If you work with this useful tool, you can be absolutely sure that you will NOT attach the wrong photo to your passport application!

Last update: 10/1/23

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is the required Cambodia passport photo size?

+ -

The required size of the passport photo in Cambodia may differ depending on the place where you apply, but the most commonly used is 35 mm x 45 mm.

What is the required crop for the Cambodian passport image?

+ -

The correct size of the head must take 70-80% of the picture surface. The best idea is to use the Passport Photo Cropping App to obtain this crop.

Can I smile in my Cambodian passport photo?

+ -

No. A neutral facial expression is mandatory. Do not smile, frown or make grimaces.

Yes. After capturing a photo by your iPhone or another smartphone, upload it to Online Passport Photo Maker and have it done!

Yes, attires worn for religious or traditional purposes are allowed in passport photos.

Headgears worn for religious purposes are allowed under some conditions. It must be a part of your religious attire and you must make sure that your headgear does not obscure or cover in any way your face.

No, you can't. Only color pictures will be accepted. Moreover, colors must be real and represent your natural skin tone. Do not use color filters in your picture.

The background must be clear and light-grey. Use the photo background remover to obtain a perfect background in your passport photo.

You can get it in the studio, in a photo booth, or even at home! Use your smartphone or a digital camera and then adjust the picture with our passport photo editor.

Your application will be delayed and you will be requested to provide a new photograph.

If you upload your photo to the Passport Photo Maker - you can take the picture everywhere you want.

Your photo that you attach to the passport application must not be older than 6 months.

No. You can take it with your camera or smartphone. Just remember about the passport photo requirements and meet all of them.