Indonesian Passport Photo

Indonesian Passport Photo

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Pauline Jackson

Can't thank these people enough, they have gone above and beyond today to produce a lovely passport photograph from my poor photograph. Thank you for all your efforts. I would recommend this company good value, professional and kind.

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Indonesian Passport Photo - size & requirements

Indonesian Passport Photo
Width: 40 mm
Height: 60 mm
300 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 38 mm
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 6 mm
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to make a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Indonesian Passport Photo Guidelines

The Indonesian passport photo is a biometric photo that shows the characteristics of each person's face. Through this picture, officers can easily and rapidly identify the person in the photo using special biometric software. There is no need to use a photo booth or go to a professional photographer to take a biometric photo, it can be taken at home with a smartphone or other device with a digital camera. The file itself can be easily prepared using the Passport Photo Online app or an online tool. Learn more about how to do it and the photo requirements for your Indonesian passport and take an appropriate photo at home with your phone.

Indonesian Passport Photo Requirements

A photo that does not meet the official requirements can most likely block your passport application during the process. You need to know the detailed photo requirements for the Indonesian passport or use Online Photo Passport from home. Find out more! 

Indonesian Passport Photo Size

The Indonesian passport requires a 4x6 cm photo. The head in the picture should occupy about 80% from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head and must be in the center of the picture. It is important to take the picture from a distance that allows you to cover the entire head, neck, and upper shoulders in the whole frame.


The photo cannot be blurry or grainy and cannot have visible pixels or printer dots. It must be focused and cannot be changed by any computer program and you cannot apply filters to it. Try to provide a photo with the highest quality possible so as to minimize the chances of the photo being rejected.


It is recommended a photo of at least 300 dpi for the Indonesian passport. To have a greater chance that your application will not be rejected, you could take a picture with a resolution of at least 600 dpi in order to print the photo in high quality.


The background is a fundamental requirement for an Indonesian passport. It must be uniform, plain, white, and have no shadows.


Good lighting will ensure the right contrast between the background and the person in the photo. The photo cannot be overexposed or underexposed and the face, arms and back must be illuminated evenly, without presenting shadows. It is important that there is a good contrast in the photo that allows easy recognition of biometric features.

Head & Face

Half-face photos will result in the rejection of the picture and possibly the entire passport application. It is important that the expression in the photo is neutral. Do not smile and show your teeth and keep your mouth closed.

Glasses and eyes

You cannot wear glasses on your photo for Indonesian passport. The frames or lenses might cover the eyes of the person in the photo. Your eyes must be open and you must look directly at the camera. The pupils and irises of the eyes must be visible in the picture.

Hair and headcovers

The oval of your face should be visible in the Indonesian passport photo, as should your eyebrows, so don't cover them with your hair. If you have fringe, move them aside. Head coverings are generally prohibited except for those worn for medical or religious reasons, such as headscarves or Jewish skullcaps.


There are no official dress code requirements for the Indonesian passport photo. It is possible to wear casual clothes as long as it is not extravagant. It is forbidden to wear a uniform or military clothing. About the clothing color, consider putting on something other than white and black. These colors may disturb the contrast between the background and the person in the photo.

Most common mistakes in the Indonesian passport photo

The photo is out of date

This picture should show your current aspect, so it is required a photo not older than 6 months from the date of application

The photo is overexposed or underexposed

Pay attention to the lighting in the photo! An overlit or underlit photo can cause problems for your document approval.

Incorrect sizing

The photo must be exactly 4x6 cm, the head must be centered in the image, and must cover an area of approximately 80%. 

Photo is unclear or blurry

Both the digital file and the printed photo can show neither pixels nor blurs. Make sure the image is in focus!

Eyeglasses in the picture

You cannot wear glasses, not even in case they’re prescripted. They might cover your eyes and part of your face. Remember that in biometric photos it is important that all facial features are well shown

The picture is altered

Your photo for the Indonesian passport will not be shared on Instagram, so apply filters to an image or edit it with computer programs. This photo should show your natural aspect, especially your natural skin color and eye color.

Red-eye effect

The photo must not present any red-eyes effect.

How to take an Indonesian photo passport at home

All Indonesian passport photo requirements can be easily met with our smart online tool or our Android or iPhone app. It's so easy! Just pose according to the criteria regarding clothes, glasses, hair, and headgear, take the photo and enter the file into our editor, which will quickly prepare it for printing or online submission.

Here's how it works exactly: 

  • Pose for the photo in front of an open window in the daylight; if the light is not enough, use a lamp.
  • Ask someone to take your picture or use a tripod about 4 feet away.
  • Pose in accordance with US passport photo requirements.
  • Submit your picture via the app or online editor.
  • Receive via email a file prepared for printing or sending in a digital version.
  • That's it!

Indonesian passport photo tool

Background remover

The editor will remove the background from the photo itself, making it completely white and without any objects. You won’t need a completely white background, our tool will take care of it.

Photo cropper

The Passport Photo Online app or online tool works also as a photo cropper, cropping the Indonesian passport photo to the correct size and prepares the correct frame from which you can print the photos or send a printed version.

Photo checker

Our tool not only takes care of adjusting the size and background of your photos to the required ones but also checks the position of the head, the height of the head in the photo, the visibility of all biometric features of the face. The intelligent software also checks whether the photo has normal contrast and lighting. When there is something wrong, the tool informs you that you need to take the shot again.

Indonesian Passport Photo Mobile App

Indonesian passport photo app for iPhone

Our online app is ready for iOS and iPhone owners can already download it from the Appstore. If you still don't trust our photo validation tool, check out the opinions and reviews about our app. You can prepare your Indonesian passport photo in minutes using our iOS app.

Indonesian passport photo app for Android

We also have an app for smartphones with Android system. You can go to Google Play and download our app, which will help you prepare and adjust your Italian passport photo. You can install it on the following cell phones: Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus etc.

5 reasons why the photo tool is the best option for making passport photos

Taking a passport photo at home using our app seems to be the best solution for five reasons:

  1. Our built-in passport photo editor allows you to adjust your photo to the requirements of the authorities, such as size and background, and detects any errors that could lead to a rejection of your passport photo;
  2. You can save time by using your smartphone instead of searching for a photo booth or professional photographer.;
  3. Save money! Instead of going to a photographer or a phone booth, use our tool to get your passport photo at a cheaper price.;
  4. Take as many photos as you want and choose the one you like the best. A photographer and a photo booth give you the option to choose from a limited number of shots while with our tool you can take photos until you are satisfied;
  5. Your photo will be 100% guaranteed by our tool, so you will have no worries about acceptance.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Can I take a passport photo on my phone?

All you have to do is to take a photo by your phone or digital camera, upload it and our passport photo editor will convert the photo to a passport size, erase the background and crop it to the passport photo size.

❓ What is Indonesian passport size photo?

The Indonesian passport requires a 4x6 cm photo.

❓ Can I take a passport photo my self?

You can easily take a photo by yourself with Photo Passport Online, just download our app from App Store or Google Play store or simply use our web page.
With Photo Passport Online every place will be the best! You can take all the photos you want and choose the best one wherever you are.
Every place is the cheapest with Photo Online Passport. You can take your Indonesian photo passport at home, in the office, at the park or on the street. Our service is much more affordable than a professional photographer or photo booth.
There is not an official dress code for the Indonesian passport photo. But is forbidden to wear a uniform or military clothing. We suggest you not wear extravagant clothes and consider putting on something other than white and black. These colors may disturb the contrast between the background and the person in the photo.
It is important that the expression in the photo is neutral. Do not smile and show your teeth and keep your mouth closed.
It is pretty simple to create a photo passport with Photo Passport Online. The AI will help you to meet all the requirements of the Indonesian authorities and cut the photo into the necessary size.
Head coverings are generally prohibited except for those worn for medical or religious reasons.
Unless it covers a distinguishing mark, lipstick is allowed in passport photos, as well as in the other official documents. Our suggestion, however, is to not use too flashy kind of lipstick.
Makeup for a passport photo is allowed, but it must be subtle and delicate enough to make the person in the photo recognizable. Women can accentuate their eyes with mascara or crayon and their lips with lipstick, they may use a gentle foundation. However, we would like to stress that makeup cannot hide or mask the so-called special characters, i.e. furrows, strong wrinkles, scars or permanent beauty marks. If such characteristics are covered in the photo, the photograph will not meet the requirements of law and should be rejected. Even if the photo passes the verification process, we can expect problems at the airport or border control.
You can wear lenses in your passport photo, as long as they do not cover any distinguishing marks. If you have tinted lenses for medical reasons, you may have to provide a signed medical statement.
Editing photos to documents is forbidden. You cannot retouch, crop yourself from a bigger photo, remove any scars, tattoos, wrinkles, spots, etc. Any ways of interfering regarding changing the picture will cause a rejection. Use a mobile photo app instead or our online service which will edit your photo with a guarantee of acceptance.
In order to be accepted, a passport photo must meet a number of criteria regarding the background of the photo, lighting or size. Most Android smartphones have enough camera to take high quality photos. If you have already taken the photo you want to use for your passport, use our passport photo editing application, which will remove the background from the photo, cut it to the right size and frame your face.
No. No, photos for the Indonesian passport cannot be black and white, only color photos with a white background are accepted.
Yes, it is definitely legal to have a beard in a passport photo, although you should bear in mind that the passport photo has to resemble you in the way it would not constitute any problems for the border control. Hence, if you drastically change your look by shaving it, consider renewing the passport photo to avoid any problems.
In order to be accepted passport photos have to meet several requirements like colour of the background or size of the photo. Hence, your iPhone camera might not let you take a valid passport photo, however, you can use our photo cropping tool or a passport photo maker that will edit your photo for you.
If being best applies to the price, user experience and quality, we would recommend you our passport photo maker. For 4.99$ You will get a professional passport photo within a few seconds! Our mobile app is available as a webpage, but also as mobile apps. You can easily download it on your iOS smartphone and on most of the smartphones equipped with Android software.
The height of an Indonesian passport photo is 6 cm and its width is 4 cml. You can check the other requirements of the passport size photo at our website.
If you need the digital passport photo and don’t need to bother with the printed one, you should use our passport photo generator. It will transform your selfie into a digital passport photo within a few seconds. It will be downloadable in the most useful formats.
It is not allowed to wear glasses, not even in case they’re prescripted. The frames or lenses might cover the eyes of the person in the photo

About the document

Who can apply for an Indonesian passport?

The Indonesian passport is a travel document issued by the Government of Indonesia to Indonesian citizens residing in Indonesia or overseas. The Immigration Management Information System (SIMKIM) is a system that integrates all the functions of immigration at home and Indonesian Embassies/Consulates abroad. The SIMKIM system is applicable for applying for new Indonesian passports (Indonesian citizens) and visas (foreigners) issuance services. 

With the implementation of this new SIMKIM system, the applicants for the issuance of an Indonesian passport must come in person to the Indonesian authority to undergo the process of fingerprinting (biometrics) and photo-taking (face recognition).

Indonesian passport application requirements

For Indonesian citizens who live or are in the territory of Indonesia, the application for an ordinary passport is submitted to the Minister or a designated Immigration Officer at the local Immigration office by filling out the data application and attaching the required documents which consist of:

  • a valid identity card or a certificate of moving out of the country;
  • family card;
  • birth certificate, marriage certificate or marriage book, diploma, or baptism certificate;
  • Indonesian citizenship certificate for foreigners who obtain Indonesian citizenship through citizenship or submitting a statement to choose citizenship in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations;
  • a letter of stipulation for a change of name from the competent official for those who have changed their name; and
  • Old ordinary passport for those who already have an ordinary passport. 

Indonesian passport fees

As of July 2014, Indonesian passport fees (inclusive of service charges) are Rp 155,000 (US$ 11) for a regular passport (24 Pages), Rp 355,000 (US$ 26) for a regular passport (48 Pages), Rp 405,000 (US$ 30) for an electronic passport (24 Pages), Rp 655,000 (US$ 48) for an electronic passport (24 Pages). These fees above included a biometric service fee of Rp 55,000 (US$4).

Payment can be made through banks and ATMs, online marketplace (Tokopedia and Bukalapak) or by cash.

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