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Japanese Passport Photo

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Lu Wu

I downloaded PhotoAid app because I needed passport photos and wanted the option of taking my own photo so I can choose my final pic, as well as save a substantial amount of money. I ordered my digital print and they fixed my background color to white, added my shoulder back in when it was cut out of frame, fixed everything so it is now passport acceptable, and even offered to ship my photos to me free of charge when I contacted them. I saved a ton of money and saved time too since I didn't have to edit the photo myself. Awesome company with exceptional customer service! Highly recommended!


Great company. They've been helping especially during this pandemic where businesses are closed and I needed a passport picture for my kids. It was so difficult gettu6the right shot from the kids but their human robot was able to correct most of my shots to a standard passport pict.. They, sent me both hard and soft copies.

Diane H.

Service was great. We sent 2 photos for 2 different passports. One of them they were able to make good enough to submit, but the other just wasn't good enough quality (our fault). They were so nice and great with communicating what we needed to do-and they even offered us a 2nd free photo, even though it was my fault. The final product was great and we were able to use the photos for our Japanese passport renewals. Thanks!

National Geographic
Puls Biznesu

Japan Passport Photo Online - Size & Requirements

Japanese Passport Photo Online
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Image definition parameters
  • Head height: 34.5 mm
  • Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it suitable for online submission?
Is it printable?
Background Color

How to make a photo?

Body-camera distance
Body-camera distance
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Posture: Straight ahead
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face
Even lighting on both sides of the face

Japan Passport Photo Guidelines

Do you know that the Japanese passport is the “strongest” in the world? It allows its holder to travel visa-free to 191 countries. If you are eligible, you may consider yourself the luckiest traveller in the world! What to do to get this powerful document? It’s easy if you are a citizen of Japan. You only need to submit some documents, attach 2 color passport-style photos and fill in and sign an application form. If you want to get your travelling document quickly and without any problems, make sure that your attached photo is biometric and complies with International Civil Aviation Organization Standards. Our easy to read guidelines will help you to produce a perfect photo on your own without the pressure and stress. Nowadays you do not need to track down a photo studio or photo booth, waste your time and overpay for a passport photo. You can do it by yourself because all you need are:

  • a smartphone with a camera or tablet
  • a person who will help you as selfies are unacceptable
  • a tripod if you prefer to do it on your own
  • Japanese passport photo list of requirements which we provide you with
  • smart online passport photo maker to facilitate your work

What do you need to know about a Japanese passport photo requirements?

There are some standards your photo must comply with in order to be accepted by the Passport Office. Your passport photo must be:

  • of good quality
  • taken within 6 last months
  • printed in color
  • original - not cut out from a bigger picture

There are some more demandings we will present in next paragraph. With our handbook, you will be able to create a photo of the same quality as taken professionally but you will save your time and money. We have much lower prices than photography studios and at the same time, the picture prepared with our Passport Photo App always meets all requirements because, at the end of the process of creating it, the photo is verified.

Japan passport photo size (dimensions in mm)

The correct size of a Japanese photo dedicated to a passport is 35 x 45 mm (width x height). 

Your head from the tip of the chin to the top of the head as well as its both sides must be fully visible in the image. The head with hair must take approximately 70 - 80% of the image (between 32 and 36 mm). It is worth remembering that the height of the face cannot be less than 32 m, otherwise the photo will not be accepted.

Lights and colors in a Japanese passport photo

Your face must be evenly illuminated so we recommend you to capture a picture facing the window. There is also one good reason to do that: daylight is the best for this kind of pictures - it does not give glares as a flash lamp, do not provoke a red eyes effect (also the effect produced by flash) and helps to show your natural skin tones.

Remember that the photo must be in color. Black and white photos are forbidden, watch out for unnatural colors too.

Background in a Japanese passport photo

The background must be white and solid. No other persons, objects or patterns must be visible. Only your face, neck and the upper part of your shoulders can be seen in the picture. Does it mean that you have to paint your wall now? Absolutely no! Actually, you can take your picture wherever you want! Then download and use the smart background removing photo tool. It erases an unsuitable background and exchanges it into a white and plain one in just one second! It also crops the image so even if your head is too small or too much of your body is visible, do not worry - this cropping passport photo tool will help you to obtain a correct crop automatically.

Composition and facial expression in Japanese passport photos

The composition in biometric passport photos in Japan and in other countries is strictly specified: the candidate’s head must be positioned in the central spot of the image, not tilted in any direction

Also, the facial expression is predefined:

  • you must look straight at the camera and keep eyes open
  • you cannot smile or frown
  • your mouths must be closed but not tightened

Keep in mind that your whole face must be clearly visible, so make sure that your hair or head covering does not cover its oval. 

Head coverings in a Japanese passport-style photo

If you cover your head for religious reasons and you travel with your headgear worn internationally, you may keep your head covered while capturing a photo to the Japanese passport. But even if you keep it, the face must be clearly visible including the forehead and both cheeks.

Fashion head covering such as hats, caps, headbands etc are prohibited.

Dress-code for a Japan passport photo

There are not any requirements about clothing in Japan passport pictures with one exception: uniforms and clothes which can resemble uniforms (with military patterns or visible insignia) are prohibited.

Our recommendation, however, is a simple blouse or shirt with a collar or V-neck. Color white is not recommended if you do not want to blend with the background. If you like jewellery, you can put on a necklace and a small pair of earrings. Huge earrings or hair decorations can obscure the face and in such a case your picture will be not accepted.

Big mistakes and “Mustn’ts” in a Japanese passport photo

This is the responsibility of a candidate to know and meet all the requirements about passport photo. Photos taken with mistakes cannot be accepted and cause delay or rejection of the application process. How to avoid the most common mistakes? We have prepared the list of the things you MUST NOT do in your Japan passport photo. 


  • tilting your head in any direction (down, up, sideways)
  • looking sideways
  • keeping your eyes closed
  • keeping your mouths open
  • smiling!
  • wearing eyeglasses with tinted or black glasses
  • having the eyes obscured by eyeglasses’ frames
  • wearing a fashion head covering 

Remember also that your picture must obligatory be:

  • taken within last 6 months
  • printed on photo-quality paper
  • focused, clear and properly exposed
  • original (not alterer or cut out from a larger picture)

Smart Japan Passport Photo Maker online

Preparing your perfect picture for a Japanese you need to remember about resizing, cropping, adjusting the background etc. If you want to be free of it and focus on the proper composition and facial expression, you may use the Japanese Passport Photo Editor based on artificial intelligence.

In just a quick moment you will get your perfect visa photo ready to print!

This photo maker is available online, easy to use and helps its users to save money and time. How is it possible? It is because you pay only for correctly prepared and verified photos and they have a guarantee of acceptance by your Passport Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What is the required size for the Japan passport photo?

The required photo dimensions for a Japanese passport is 35 x 45 mm.

❓ How big must be the head in a Japanese passport photo crop?

The maximum size of the head from chin to the top can be 36 mm and the minimum - 32 mm. The head must take 70-80% of the image.

❓ Must the photo for a Japanese passport be biometric?

Yes. All photography to passports in all countries must comply with International Civil Aviation Organization Standards.

It’s easy. You need to know the requirements for a biometric photo and have at your disposal a smartphone or a camera. The rest you can have done thanks to the Photo AiD App - a smart passport photo maker.

Yes, you can pose in the passport photo in Japan in a headgear if you wear it for religious reasons every day. It applies to all religious attire. But keep in mind that your whole face must be clearly visible, and a head covering must not cover any part of it.

No, you can keep them worn, just make sure that the frames do not cover your eyes and there is not any glare from the glass. Lenses must not be tinted.

No, you must not smile in biometric photos. You are expected to have your mouths shut, your both eyes open and to relax your face muscles.

No. The photo must reflect your natural skin colors, so the color one is required.

Yes. You can take it with your smartphone, tablet or a digital camera if you like. To adjust your picture to passport photo requirements, download the Japanese passport photo maker and make it easier!

Yes, you can have a necklace or earrings, also a facial piercing if you wear it permanently. Also earrings but only if they do not obscure your face oval and don’t give glare. Scarfs, headbands and huge hair accessories could obscure your face features as well, so they are not recommended.

Yes, you are allowed to wear makeup but only if it does not change your appearance.

No, don’t do this. You must not use Photoshop or filters to make your photo prettier or free of blemishes. All changed by computer software pictures will be automatically rejected.

Yes, this is the only color required by Japanese Passport Offices. If you are not able to capture a picture on the white and plain background, don’t worry! Just download the background removing passport photo app and upload your picture and have it done in 1 second!

You can do it in an easy way using a cropping and resizing passport photo app in a moment.

Not as much as a session in a professional photo studio. Our tool is based on artificial intelligence and all the process of producing a picture is automatic so we can offer you really low prices! Check our price list and stay with us!

About the document

Japan’s passport

Japanese passport is a travelling document issued by Japan to its citizens. Japan's passport allows to Japanese (born and naturalized) to travel to 191 countries visa-free or with visa-on-arrival. This makes it Number 1 in the ranking of the most powerful passports in the world. If you are a citizen of Nippon you are one the most privileged travellers worldwide. Japanese passport is a biometric document. It contains the holder’s photo, a signature and fingerprints. It has a machine-readable page and a chip with encrypted data. There are 4 different types of Japan’s passport. Ordinary passports are issued for 5 (for children and teenagers up to 19 years of age) and 10 years for citizens who are 20 years of age or older. However, adults can choose either a 5 years (blue) or 10 years (red) passport for different registration fees.

Types of Japanese passports

  • Ordinary passports issued to normal Japanese citizens (born from one or two Japanese parents or naturalized).
  • Official passports issued to public servants and members of the National Diet
  • Diplomatic passports issued to members of the Imperial Family, diplomats and their family members, and high-level government officials.
  • Emergency passports issued to overseas Japanese nationals when diplomatic missions of Japan are unable to issue ordinary biometric passports due to a malfunction and there is no time to wait. Emergency passports are valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

There is also a Travel Document for Return to Japan. This is a kind of emergency single-use travel document issued to overseas Japanese nationals to return to Japan.

Required documents

To apply or renew your passport, you need to set an appointment in Japanese Passport Office or Japanese Passport Agency. If you live abroad, find the closest Japanese embassy or consulate and book an appointment there. Before going to the appointment, prepare following documents to take with you

  • downloaded application form filled in by a black pen
  • current or expired Japanese passport
  • one color photo taken within 6 last months

Koseki Tohon or Koseki Shohon (Family Registry) - only in your previous passport is lost or expired or you have changed personal data such as a name or registered address.

The time of waiting for your new passport may vary. It depends on the period of the year and the office/consulate/embassy when you apply. But it is never more than 5-6 weeks. Fees are different and depend on the validity period of the passport.

Interesting facts about Japanese passports

The Emperor and Empress of Japan do not hold a passport.

Japanese passports have the inscription in the centre of the front cover in the shape of Chrysanthemum Imperial Seal and the text in Japanese “Nipponkoku Ryoken (日本国旅券)”

Ordinary passports valid for five years feature dark blue covers and those valid for ten years - crimson coloured covers. Additionally, official passports feature dark green covers, and diplomatic passports feature dark brown covers.

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