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Perfect Nepal Passport Photo [Crop & Resize Online]
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Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Nepal Passport Photo Size and Requirements

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Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
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Image definition parameters
Head height: 32.5 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
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Background Color
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Nepal Passport Photo Size - All You Need to Know

Nepal passport photo requirements

When applying for a Nepal passport, you’ll be required to provide some photos that will be useful for your authentication while going through the security check. The photo of your Nepal passport should meet the official requirements to be accepted, especially regarding the size and the quality. 

Nepal passport photo size

The requirements for Nepal passport photo size are based on the ICAO guidelines. In this specific case, the size of the passport photo should be equal to 45 mm x 35 mm. You should be careful about this, it shouldn’t be bigger or smaller than the said size, otherwise, your photo might be rejected. 

Background, contrast, and lighting in Nepal passport photo

The Nepal passport photo should also meet some requirements regarding quality. Indeed, the picture has to be colored and clearly printed - no shadow can be visible on the frame and the contrast has to be perfectly adjusted. Clearly, if your picture is too bright or too dark, it might face rejection. 

As for the background, it should be plain, light-colored, and with no borders. 

Nepal passport size photo: posture and facial expression

As for the posture and facial expression of the Nepal passport photo, it is important to have your head centered in the frame. Your face should be straight as well and cover between 70 and 80 % of the frame, not more.

As for your facial expression, your eyes should be wide open and your mouth closed. The point of the picture is to be as neutral as possible to be easily recognizable. 

Nepal passport size photo clothing

There’s no required dress code for your Nepal passport photo. However, you shouldn’t wear something too bright that will blend you in with the background, either something too colorful or with patterns. Wear something neutral and dark to create a contrast with the background. 

Nepal passport size photo - hairstyle, makeup, and beard

Remember that your face should be as visible as possible. In that case, you might want to tie up your hair if they are very long, or just find a suitable way to let them down without obstructing the visibility of your face, from your chin to the top of your eyebrows. 

As for makeup, it’s not forbidden to wear some. However, keep it natural because if you transform yourself too much with it, you might not be recognizable in the borders after… It would be unfortunate to see your dream vacations spoiled because of this, right? 

For the beard, the same rules apply - as long as it doesn’t change your natural face too much, and you usually keep it, you don’t need to get it removed for the picture. 

Accessories in Nepal passport photo

Accessories in your Nepal passport photo aren’t forbidden. However, they should be as discreet as possible, especially in the case of jewelry. If your jewelry is too big or too visible, you’ll have to remove it. 

If you do wear some eyeglasses, you can keep them as long as they aren’t too big and hide your face frame too much. As for sunglasses, there are no exceptions - they are strictly prohibited. 

Usually, head coverings are prohibited as well, except for religious reasons in some cases. 

Can I use a digital photo for my Nepal Passport?

It’s possible to make a digital photo for your Nepal passport. However, the photo needs to be printed to be put on the application form - you can’t directly use your digital picture. 

How to take a picture with your phone using Passport Photo Online?

Nowadays, you can do a lot of things virtually, such as taking your Nepal passport photo. Taking photos from home is probably the easiest and fastest way to get passport photos. Our Passport Photo Online app was designed for this and allows you to take your passport photos from home, either through the website or via our free mobile applications available on Android and Apple.

The process is very simple, all you need to do is simply take your photos with your smartphone or a camera, and upload the one that you like the most to our website or mobile app. Then, our photo editor will do the rest of the job!

We’ve prepared a few tips that could help you take the perfect Nepal passport photo:

  • Keep it natural! Don't take the opportunity to retouch your photo with a filter on Instagram or Snapchat, because our application will detect it. Anyway, you look better without any filter :)
  • Ask someone to take your picture or use a tripod if you’re alone. In both cases, it is better to avoid selfies!
  • One last tip: make sure your face is fully visible in the photo, don't be too close or too far from the camera. Like this, you can make sure that the job will be done even more efficiently by our photo editor. 

Why use our passport photo editing tool?

First, it’s cheap and time-saving. Perfect, isn’t it?

Our professional tool equipped with AI allows you to take your ID photos online from home for your official documents. All you have to do is upload your picture to our online photo editor or via our mobile application for Android or Apple. Then, nothing more to do - our software will take care of everything. 

Unlike traditional photo booths that only give you a few tries to take your photos and often lead to frustration in case of dissatisfaction, our application lets you take as many pictures as you want before paying! Like this, you have the possibility to back out if you don’t like any of your pictures.

Once you've chosen your favorite photo, all you have to do is to print your photos all by yourself on a paper dedicated to it, or have them delivered directly to your home (count some few days for the delivery).

Last update: 9/22/23

About the document

Have you lived in Nepal for years or simply want to move there? Applying for a passport might be extremely useful, especially when it comes to travel and for that, you’ll have to provide the perfect photo to guarantee the acceptance of your application. Here are some things you might want to know. 

Different types of Nepal Passports

The Nepalese authorities deliver three types of e-passports, regarding whom they are addressed to. They all have different colors to be distinguished from each other. Here they are : 

  • The ordinary passport: this type of passport is issued to a lambda Nepalese citizen, and their children who are aged below sixteen, if they do have some. The cover of this passport is chocolate-brown. 
  • The official passport: this type of passport is dedicated to officials traveling abroad for Governmental functions. It’s only issued in return for a written request from the Ministry or the concerned constitutional body. This passport is navy-blue colored.
  • The diplomatic passport: this passport is dedicated to people who are part of the Nepalese Government, but who occupy specific roles, such as President or Prime Minister for example. The cover of this passport is crimson-red. 

How to apply for a Nepal Passport?

To apply for a Nepal Passport, you first need to fill out the online application form and then take an appointment on the official website dedicated to this to finish the passport application at the service office. The appointment needs to be taken in the Department of Passport of the district in which you’ve migrated or acquired citizenship. 

Be careful when you fill out the application form, you need to pick the one that corresponds to your situation - passport for the first time, renewal of the passport, or lost/damaged passport. 

Required documents for a Nepal Passport

After filling out the application form online and taking your appointment for the Nepal passport application, there are a few documents you need to prepare to complete your application. Here they are :

  • Form with the barcode or just the barcode of your application form. 
  • Form filled by the district administration office to certify that you’re from this specific district. 
  • Copy of your Nepali Citizenship document. 
  • Old passport, if you have one. 
  • Money to pay for the specified passport you're asking for. 

Without all these documents, your application process will be delayed. 

Nepal Passport: validity, price, and issuing time

The price of the application for the Nepal passport is 5 000 ₹ (Indian rupees), which is equal to around $63 (USD). The price is only for the ordinary passport, as the official and the diplomatic ones are exempted from fees. 

The passport is usually issued in four weeks, but it can take up to six weeks depending on the period. For passports that need to be issued urgently, the process takes two to three days only, but you need to have a valid reason in order to go through this process. 

As for the validation date, the issued passport is valid for ten years from the date of submission.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is passport photo size for Nepal?

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The passport photo size for Nepal is 35 x 45 mm. It follows the OACI standards.

Will my passport photo be rejected?

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It won't, but only if you follow our instructions... Also, we advice you to take your picture from home with our application Passport Photo Online, it's the easiest, quickest and simplest way to make professional identity pictures for your Nepal Passport.

Can I take a Nepal passport photo with my phone?

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Of course you can! As long as you follow the requirements and our tips, your picture will be perfect. All you need to do is : keep a great posture, stay as neutral as possible and avoid anything that could impede the visibility of your face.

The Nepal passport is generated in different colors depending on whom it's addressed to. The chocolate-brown colored passport is dedicated to the regular Nepali citizens, the navy-blue is dedicated to officials traveling abroad for a Governmental purpose and the crimson-red is dedicated to the members of the Nepalese government.

Nepali citizens aren't required to have a passport to travel to India, but if they don't have one in their possession they should at least have a Nepali citizenship certificate to be able to travel.