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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Photo for Nigerian Passport - Guidelines & Requirements

Nigerian Passport Photo in 3 Seconds: Quick and Convenient
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
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Image definition parameters
Head height: 73 %
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 7 %
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More about Nigerian Passport Photo - Requirements

Nigerian Passport Photo

Each government set their own standard passport photo format. This is usually the same or very similar in each country as the photo must follow specific guidelines so it is clearly visible in a passport. Thus, an incorrect photo format or size is likely to either delay the application process or reject the whole application. 

Size & Applicants Face

General Nigerian passport photo size is 35x45 mm. Applicants' faces must cover 70% of the whole photo and be visible from ear to ear & forehead to chin. When taking a picture it is essential candidate remember the following:

  • candidate must keep their eyes open and mouth closed
  • candidate needs to look straight into the camera lens
  • candidate must stan straight and not tilt their head
  • candidate must not smile, show teeth, frown or look away in another direction
  • photo must be recent, no older than 6 months

Note - applicant’s under the age of 5 (classified as newborns/children) have different rules when it comes to a passport photo. Newborns may take their photo in a car seat or on a bed/couch but they must have a white sheet present behind their head. Parents may also hold their baby, but they need to make sure their hands are not visible in the photo. A child must not sleep in the photo and have their mouth closed.

Quality, Lighting & Resolution of the Photo

If the application is done purely online, the digital version of the photo must be in square aspect ratio and measure a minimum of 600x600 pixels - so the resolution and quality are high. This will prevent the image from being blurry. The light must be evenly spaced out, as no shadows can be created on the applicant’s face. Photo must always be in colour.

Headwear & Glasses

In regards to headwear, hats (or any other form of head coverings) are not permitted in passport photos unless the applicant has a religious belief or medical condition. The medical condition must be supported with a doctor's note, whilst religious belief by providing a letter explaining traditional daily wear such as the hijab. Examples of headwear include caps, headbands, head scarfs, cloche, beret, beanie, helmets or hoods. 

In contrast, similar rules apply to glasses. Tinted glasses or sunglasses are never allowed in a passport photo. The only exception is when a person wears prescription glasses that are approved by a doctor and are part of their identity.

Acceptable Clothing for Nigerian Passport Photo

Acceptable clothing for a passport photo is daily wear or anything that does not blend with the background colour - white. It must not be a uniform, as uniforms are not permitted to be worn for a Nigerian passport photo. Any hair accessories (mentioned above) are also not allowed as they can distort the picture once the camera flash goes off. Therefore, the best option in regards to clothes is to wear everyday clothes and not to wear white.

Popular Mistakes when taking Nigerian Passport Photo

Although guidelines are straightforward, people don’t familiarize themselves with the information before taking the passport photo and this results in mistakes. Here are a few popular mistakes that people make when they are uninformed about Nigerian photo rules.

Incorrect Format

Candidate uploads a photo that has the incorrect size and has the wrong format. The incorrect size will mean that the photo does not meet the standards, and does not fit in the final document. The wrong resolution will make the image blurry and hard to read - which could cause massive problems, especially at the border check. And uneven light could cause shadows to appear (on the applicant’s face or in the background) which would also make the image harder to read.

The Photo Does not Reflect Current Appearance

The photo provided by the candidate is outdated and does not reflect the current appearance. This simply means that the photo does not reflect the appearance of the candidate and that it is either very old, or there was a change in the way a person looks. The following examples present changes that will force an individual to take a new passport photo: losing or gaining a lot of weight, shaving the beard off, getting a facial tattoo, having facial surgery, changed gender, added or removed many facial piercings etc.

A Person is Wearing a Hat in the Picture

As mentioned above, people without religious belief or doctor's note are not allowed to wear a hat for the duration of the picture. This includes scarfs, caps, hats, hoods, headbands, any hair accessories or other headgear. Headwear is simply not permitted as it doesn’t reflect the true hair of the person, making it hard to confirm identity. Thus, it is always advised to remove headwear for the duration of the photo, even a small headband may result in photo rejection.

Photo is Visibly Edited

Using filters from social media such as Snapchat or Instagram is strictly prohibited as it largely distorts the image making it unreadable. Any editing using photoshop or other online picture editing services are not allowed as the image must reflect natural skin tone, true hair & eye colour along with facial features. Any edits that make the face look prettier or skinnier will not be accepted.

Taking a Nigerian Passport Photo Using a Mobile Device

There are many services passport applicants may use in order to take their passport photo. A popular option is photo booths which are located in supermarkets, drug stores, shopping malls, or post offices. A person simply enters a small photo box and takes a picture which instantly pops out of the machine. This service is usually cheap, but it does not give any guidance on how to take a picture, and it does not confirm that the final picture is correct. Another method people use is going to a professional photography studio where the photographer gives guidance on how to position the head etc. This service is usually expensive. Lastly, an online service that can be accessed via the website or via the app, that works exactly like the photo booth but online.

Online service for Passport Photo

Passport photo online service is available on site as well as the app. It provides similar services to photo booths but it works fully online. All the applicant needs to do is take a picture using their phone, tablet etc and upload it on the site where tools do the rest for you. In this way, people not only save time but also effort as the app knows what to do next.

Passport Photo App - Android & iPhone

Not only online service is available but also an app. This can be downloaded on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android devices. Apple devices can download it in the apple store, the required system for this download is IOS 12.0 and the size of the app is 47.4MB. Whilst Android users may download the app in google play store where the system requirement is 5.0 or above and the app size is 13M. Apps on both devices are available in the following languages: English, Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Kazakh, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

How to take a Correct Passport Photo at Home?

To take a correct passport photo, applicant’s must know how to position their head and how to behave so the picture is approved. Firstly when taking a picture using any device (camera, phone, tablet) people must stand at least 40 cm away from the camera lens. A person must keep a neutral facial expression, have their hair neatly tied back, and have their eyes open. Once a picture is taken, it’s time to upload it to the app/online service.

Scanner & Editor

This is the next stage of the process, uploaded pictures will be scanned in regards to chosen document guidelines. Hence, firstly applicants choose a type of document, in this case, a Nigerian passport. Then the photo is scanned in regards to the Nigerian government passport guidelines to either accept it (if correct) or reject it (if not correct). If a photo is incorrect, app/online tools will give instructions on what and how to improve (if retake is required) or what to edit using the following tools.

Cropper & Background Remover

Cropper and background remover are tools used to edit the final shot at the end of the process. Cropper allows pictures to be cropped to required Nigerian passport standards. Whilst background remover allows applicants to remove any background that is not white. This, therefore, allows candidates to take a picture anywhere they like, even in a park, shopping centre or cafe.

Last update: 6/3/23

About the document

A passport is the strongest form of identity document worldwide. It permits individuals to travel internationally, verify citizenship, confirm identity, and do other things such as opening a bank account. According to Henley Passport Index, Nigerian Passport Power ranks 95th position in 2021. Hence, a Nigerian passport holder can visit 46 destinations without a visa. Whilst in 181 other cases, along with the passport visa is required.

Eligibility for Nigerian Passport

An eligible applicant for Nigerian Passport must hold Nigerian citizenship. Nigerian citizenship may be obtained in the following ways:

  • citizenship by birth (this applies to those who were born outside of Nigeria but who have parents and grandparents who are Nigerian citizens)
  • citizenship by naturalization (this applies to foreign individuals who have been living in the country for a minimum of 15 years)
  • citizenship by registration (person must be over age o 18, who was born outside of Nigeria but their grandparents are Nigerian citizens)

Additionally, a special immigrant status service is available for those who have married a Nigerian citizen (male or female) and have been married to them for a minimum of five years. After a 5 year period, they are also permitted to apply for citizenship and temporary residence permit is available for foreigners who want to temporarily reside.

Application Process for Nigerian Passport

The process is handled online, and general passport procedures include:

  1. visiting the home page of Nigeria Immigration Website
  2. Click of application choice (e-Passport or Standard Passport)
  3. Fill out the entire application form
  4. and pay the fee

Nigerian Passport Fee

The standard passport fee varies depending on age and booklet type. For applicant applying from Nigeria following fees apply:

Booklet Type

Age 0-17

Age 18-59

Age 60+

32 Pages

8,750 ($21.29)

15,000 ($36.50)

8,700 ($21.17)

64 Pages

20,000 ($48.66)

20,000 ($48.66)

20,000 ($48.66)

Note - fees are in Nigerian currency (Niara), US dollars can be found next to the fee in brackets. For those applying from America in an Embassy or consulate, fees change. For a 32-page booklet, the fee varies from $65-94 and for a 64-page booklet price is always $125. In contrast, for an E-Passport, the price range is $130 - 230 and 25,000-70,000 in Niara, depending on the booklet type.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can I edit my photo for my Nigeria Passport?

+ -
The only acceptable editing when it comes to passport photos is the background and red-eye removal, along with cropping. Any social media filters and photoshop editing is never acceptable. This includes: making the face look skinnier, changing eye and hair colour, or adding filters that will change skin colour and tone.

Can I hold my infant in a Nigerian passport photo?

+ -
Yes, but the parent needs to make sure that their hands are not visible in the final photo. Infants should keep their eyes open for the photo and mouth closed.

Can I use the same photo for a passport that I used for a Nigerian visa?

+ -
Yes, both pictures follow the same photo standards, size and dimensions.
Common mistakes include: incorrect sizing & format, outdated picture, the applicant is looking away or smiling, a person is wearing a hat or the picture is not in colour.
Yes, it is even advised that there is a second person that does the duty of the cameraman. Then there are higher chances that the photo will be done correctly and the person can direct the candidate on what to do.
It is highly advised not to wear any clothes that could blend in with the white background. Therefore, white shirts are not recommended. What's the best choice when it comes to clothes for a passport photo is daily, casual wear. Uniforms are also not acceptable.
The light needs to be evenly spaced on the applicant's face so no shadows are created. Correct lighting is important so the picture is focused and clear.
The applicant is required to keep a neutral facial expression. Therefore, smiling in any form is not permitted.
The applicant must stand 40 cm away from the camera lens, have their eyes open and mouth closed. Smiling, frowning and teeth showing is not allowed. A person must stand straight and look into the camera.
The standard Nigerian passport photo size is 35mm in width, and 45 mm in height. Resolution (in digital form) should be a minimum of 600x600 pixels.
The rules about appearance are simply - any drastic changes to individuals look will result in a new passport photo. In this case, if it's just one facial piercing, a person is not required to change their passport photo. If however, a person decides to get a few pricings on their face then passport photo would have to be updated.
Although sunglasses or tinted lens glasses are never allowed, in some cases, people keep their prescription glasses on their official document photo. This needs to be supported by a doctors note. People often chose to keep their glasses on as they simply identify with the glasses on daily basis - so they are part of their identity.
Headband classifies as headwear, which is not permitted unless a person has a medical condition or religious belief. Hence, headbands are allowed for any type of passport photo.
Yes, religious headwear is always accepted. In a situation where a person must keep their headwear on due to religious belief, they need to make sure their face is visible from ear to ear and from forehead to chin.
Yes, not only you can take a passport yourself using a mobile device, camera or tablet. But you can also scan it using a special Passport Photo Online service that scans the photo in accordance with chosen document and gives tips on how to improve & edit if needed. For instance, you can take a photo in a cafe and edit the background using the service so the background is white (as required).
The passport photo must be always in colour as it needs to reflect a person's skin tone and hair & eye colour. Coloured photos are also easier to read than black and white ones.
The passport photo requirements globally, suggest that the photo should be no older than 6 months. However, if the applicant didn't make any appearance changes and looks exactly like they did a year ago, then the photo is likely to be accepted.