EU Blue Card Photo: Requirements and Format [And a Hassle-Free Visa Photo Tool]

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EU Blue Card Photo: Requirements and Format [And a Hassle-Free Visa Photo Tool]
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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

EU Blue Card Photo - Size & requirements

EU Blue Card Photo: Requirements and Format
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 35 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
Is it printable?
Background Color
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More about EU Blue Card Photo - Requirements

EU Blue Card Photo Guidelines

The European Union Blue Card is not actually blue but blue and pink - this is a fun fact. But this is a very important document for people searching for a job in European countries. If you are non-European and you are a highly-qualified worker, you can apply for the EU-wide work permit called the Blue Card. Once you apply for it, you must meet all the requirements of the eligibility and provide some documentary. A passport-style photo of yourself is also needed. Check the requirements for this photography for the purpose to be sure that your application will be not rejected because of the wrong picture.

In order to know the exact requirements about the validity of the photo, you need to check it on the governmental sites of the country where you are applying for the EU Blue Card. For example, in France, the photo must be taken within the last 6 months and in Poland - within the last 6 days. The same applies to the number of prints. Usually, this is 2, but in certain countries, it can be four pieces. Anyway, the rest of the requirements stay the same and they are general demands applicable for biometric photos. In our article you can read about:

  • what is the required size and crop of this picture
  • how to pose in the photograph
  • what is the required background’s color of this photo
  • how to take a correct photo to EU Blue Card with your phone
  • how not to overpay for your biometric pictures

Photo to European Union Blue Card? Take it at home!

Nowadays we do more and more things via the Internet. One of them is applying for documents and… preparing pictures for these documents.

There is no requirement of taking a photograph for the Blue Card in a professional studio. You can, of course, pay for a professional photo session but there is a more convenient way to do it. You can save time and money by capturing the photo yourself. Do it at home or wherever you are. All you need are:

  • your smartphone
  • a photographer (selfies are not allowed) It may be your friend or a family member
  • a tripod if you prefer to do it alone
  • the EU Blue Card photo specification guidelines
  • a smart Blue Card Photo Maker

Technical demanding for the Blue Card photo (UE)

Before submitting your photo, check twice if it satisfies all standards. We offer you assistance with creating a Blue Card photo and check if it meets all the demanding. When you are uploading a photo to our smart photo creator, please remember that your photos must be:

  • printed on the photo-quality paper using dye-sublimation (no photos from an inkjet printer)
  • in minimal resolution (600 dpi)
  • in color
  • properly exposed (not overexposed, not to too dark)
  • focus and sharp
  • original (not the photocopy, not altered, not cut out from a larger image)

Please keep in mind that you must not take a selfie or use a webcam to take the picture.

The Blue Card (European Union) photo size and crop

The required Blue Card photo dimensions are 35 x 45 mm (width x height). No framing is allowed. You do not need to resize your picture by yourself - you can use a special online tool dedicated to adjusting the size of the photo.

In the picture only your face, neck and the area around the collarbone can be seen. Your face should be clearly visible and there must be a space left between your head and the photo’s edges. If you have voluminous hair, consider wearing it up.

This is important: your head must be placed exactly in the central spot of the picture and fill 70-80% of the whole photo. Remember, that incorrectly cropped pictures will not be accepted, so the good idea is to use a Blue Card Photo Cropper available online.

The EU Blue Card photo required background

The background in the Blue Card photo should be grey. In biometric photos, no objects or people can be visible behind you. It applies to the doors, home decorations, landscapes, etc. The background must remain absolutely clear and plain, with no shadows.

In-home conditions might be difficult to obtain. The good news is that you don’t have to even think about the background in your Blue Card European Union photo! Just upload your picture to the background remover photo app and this tool changes the wrong background into the required one in one second! 

Colors and lights in the EU Blue card photo

Biometric photos must be in color in order to represent your natural skin tones and eye color. That means that filtered photos or those with unnatural colors (like too much red or blue) will be rejected. Moreover, the effect of “red eyes” will cause a rejection of the picture too as it is not natural eye color. You may not either wear coloured contact lenses.

The “Red eyes” effect is caused by a flash lamp, so in order to avoid it, take the picture with distracting light. Daylight is highly recommended. If you take a picture facing the window, you can avoid skin reflections and your face is evenly illuminated. Bear in mind that any shadows on the face or background are unacceptable.

Dress-code in the EU Blue Card photo

You can dress as you like capturing your EU Blue Card picture. As the Blue Card is the work permit, our recommendation is to dress smartly. A white-collar shirt, V-neck top or dress would be perfect but this is not mandatory. Wear something much lighter or much darker than the color of the background (grey). In this way, you will obtain a satisfying contrast and you will not blend into the background.

Retouch and graphic improvements in the EU Blue Card photo

Any graphic interference in the picture is forbidden. You must not retouch your picture, correct colors, and put on any filters. If you want to look more attractive in your EU Blue Card, which is completely understandable, you can put on some make-up. Remember that the candidate's pictures are verified by artificial intelligence and if it detects any graphical interference, the photo will be rejected.

Posing in an EU Blue Card Photo

There are some universal rules about composition and the head’s position for biometric photos: 

  1. The en-face view is mandatory.
  2. The head must be located in the central spot of the picture.
  3. The head must stay straight (not be tilted in any direction). 
  4. The mouth must close (you must not show teeth).
  5. The candidate must look straight at the camera.
  6. Smiling is not allowed (the only natural facial expression is allowed).

Head coverings in the European Union Blue Card

Generally speaking, covering the head while taking a biometric photo is forbidden.

But there are some exemptions: if you wear your religious attire every day, you can wear it in the Blue Card photo too. That means that you may keep your hijab, turban, yarmulke, or other headgear worn for religious reasons. In some countries you will be asked to explain it or fill in any special form with the confirmation of your affiliation to a specific religious community.

If you keep your headgear, make sure that it does not obscure your face and its features are clearly visible from the front to the chin. No shadow can cast on your skin.

Keep in mind that fashion head coverings (caps, hats, headbands) are prohibited.

Eyeglasses in a European Union Blue Card photo

If you have prescription glasses you may keep them during capturing a photo. Just make sure that your pupils are clearly visible and the frames of the glasses must not cover your eyes or give any glare. You must not wear tinted glasses and sunglasses.

EU Blue Card near me

Did you type the question “where can I take a Blue Card (EU) photo near me?” to Google? And you are not satisfied with the replies?

The good news is that you can take the Blue Card photo there where you want! 

With our smart Blue Card photo app, you are able to produce an absolutely correct photo to your European work permit in 3 seconds. Your photo will be resized, cropped, and adjusted to all the requirements!

European Union Blue Card Photo Maker and Validator

If you want to create a perfect Blue Card photo easily and quickly, check the online photo tool which helps you to resize, crop and adjust your picture to the requirements. Thanks to artificial intelligence, your photograph will be verified immediately! If checked as “correct”, you have a guarantee of approval. Don’t risk that the photo in your application will be rejected, use the Blue Card digitalphoto app!

Last update: 6/6/23

About the document

The EU Blue Card is a work permit granted to highly-qualified workers from outside the European Union. Thanks to this document people having higher professional qualifications can work in 25 EU countries. There are all European Union countries excluding Denmark and Ireland.

The high skills of a candidate must be proven and confirmed. It can be a university degree or an employment contract with the indicated salary that is equal to or higher than the relevant salary threshold defined by the country you apply in.

Requirements for the Blue Card (UE)

Not everyone is eligible for the Blue Card. In order to get it, you must prove that you have 'higher professional qualifications' as indicated above. In some countries you must prove 5 years of professional experience, but everywhere. Moreover, you must:

  • work as a paid employee (the EU Blue Card does not apply to self-employed work or entrepreneurs)
  • prove that your annual gross salary is in minimum 150% of the average salary in the state you apply
  • show a work contract or binding job offer in an European country for at least one year (sometimes more)
  • gather all the required documents such as a passport (valid for at least 15 more months beyond your planned date to leave the EU), your up-to-date CV, and health insurance certificate
  • confirm that you fulfil the legal requirements to practice your profession (if there any law regulations) in the destination country

How and where to apply for the Blue Car (European Union work permit)?

You can apply for the Blue Card only in the country you are planning to work and settle down. It can be done by you or by your employer in this state. Check at the governmental sites of the country you intend to come to, what are the exact requirements. They vary depending on the country. For example, in some states, you need to pay the application fee and in others not.

You have to submit all the documents listed in the paragraph above plus a statement signed by your employer demonstrating the reasons for employment and the benefits gained by this act. In some countries, you might be asked to submit proof of no threat to the public policy, security or health.

The application process takes from 30 do 60 working days depending on the level of complications. Usually, the Blue Card is issued for 2 years. During this time you must not change the job if you want to renew it later on.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can I attach a digital photo for my European Union Blue Card application?

+ -
No. Only printed photos are allowed as an attachment of the EU Blue Card application.

Can I use my passport photo as a Blue Card (EU) photo?

+ -
Passport photos in different countries have different sizes, backgrounds, etc., so it would be better if you take a photo especially for the Green Card, respecting the rules about its size, crop, background, etc.

How to check my Blue Card (EU) photo if it is correct?

+ -
The Smart Verifying blue Card Photo App will do it for you! Just upload your picture and wait for 3 seconds. If the photo is correct, you may order it and it will be sent on your email address.
You don’t have to go anywhere as there is no requirement of taking the Green Card photo professionally. You can take it yourself wherever you wish - at your place, in the garden, etc.
Sure, you can! Any smartphone with a camera, as well as a tablet, is a perfect device to take a Green Card (EU) photo. Just use Photo Maker Online to adjust your photo to all the demanding.
Of course! Check the smart Blue Card Photo App which easily resizes, crops and adjusts the background in photos!
If you wear headgear for religious purposes, you may keep it in the moment of capturing the EU Green Card photo. Just remember that all your face must be clearly visible and evenly lightened (no shadows on it can appear).
If you wear glasses every day, you may keep them in the moment of capturing the EU Green Card photo. But remember that they can not obscure your eyes or cast shadows on your face. Sunglasses and tinted glasses are not allowed.
No. Your pictures must be printed using a dye-sublimation process, on photo-quality paper.
The required size of a EU Blue Card photo is 35 mm x 45 mm (wide x high).
No. You must fulfil the paper form and attach printed pictures of yourself.
It depends on the country where you apply for your Green Card. Usually, this is 2 prints, but sometimes (eg. in Poland) is 4.
The optimal resolution of a digital image ready to print as a Green Card photo must be 600 dpi.
No, any alteration in the picture by computer software is forbidden.
No, you must not smile or frown. Relax your facial muscles and stay still for a while - a neutral facial expression is required.
You can dress like you wish, as there is no such thing as “the EU Blue Card photo dress-code”.
The background in the Blue Card photo must be grey, unique, free of shadows and spots.
In the crop, all your head from the top to the chin, neck, and the upper part of shoulders must be visible fulfilling 70-80% of the photo.