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Body-camera distance

The distance between the face and the camera should be about 40 cm. Ideally the photo should be taken by the other person.


Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

South Africa Visa Photo: Size and Requirements

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Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
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Image definition parameters
Head height: 34 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm
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Background Color
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South Africa Visa Photo - All You Need to Know

South African visa photo requirements

To apply for a South African visa, you will need to submit two color passport photographs that meet the specific requirements. These photographs will be used for identification purposes and must be of high quality to avoid any delays or rejection of your visa application.

Make sure that your passport photographs are taken recently (within the last 6 months) and comply with the required specifications, including:

  • A size of 35x45 mm (3,5x4,5 cm)
  • A white or light gray background color
  • A neutral facial expression

Size and dimensions in a South African visa photo

One of the most important requirements for a passport photograph is the size. The photo must be 45mm in height and 35mm wide, with the applicant's face covering at least 29 mm in height (including the hair). The South African visa photo requires the face to cover approximately 70-80% of the total photo size.

Appropriate angle and face view in a South African visa photo

The applicant must face directly into the camera, and side photographs or tilted angles are not allowed as they do not give a clear view of the applicant's facial features. The photograph should only have one applicant, with minimal additional objects.

Facial expression requirements for South African visa photos

The South African visa photo requires a neutral facial expression, with both eyes open and the mouth closed. Smiling, frowning, or any other facial expressions are not allowed, as they can affect the clarity and accuracy of the photograph. 

Accessories and glasses in a South African visa photo

Accessories such as glasses, caps, or piercings are not allowed as they alter how a person looks. Headgear is only allowed if worn for religious purposes

Background and photo quality in a South African visa photo

The background color for a South African visa photo should be plain white or light gray. Any other color or pattern is not accepted and can result in the rejection of your visa application. Make sure that the background is evenly lit, without any shadows or discoloration. 

The photo should be high resolution and clear, with all facial features easily recognizable. The photograph should not be digitally manipulated in any way, and must be a true representation of the applicant's appearance.

Lighting requirements for a South African visa photo

The lighting for a South African visa photo should be even and without any shadows or glare. The photo should be taken in a well-lit area, with the light source directed towards the applicant's face.

Online visa photo editor for your South African visa photo

Are you tired of struggling to take the perfect photo for your South African visa application? Our online AI-enhanced visa photo editor is here to help! With just a simple selfie, our tool will convert it into a biometric photograph. Say goodbye to the hassle of adjusting the size, cropping, and checking the lighting of your photo – our tool does it all.

Click the "Upload a photo" button at the top of the page and let our tool do the work. Our human photo expert will even let you know if your photo doesn't meet the official requirements. If you're on the go, simply download our visa photo editor for Android or visa photo editor for iOS and take the photo with your phone. 

Table overview of the South African visa photo requirements

Below is a summary table outlining the requirements for a South African visa photo.




2 color passport photographs


35x45 mm (3.5x4.5 cm)

Background color

White or light gray

Facial expression

Neutral, both eyes open and mouth closed

Angle and face view

Applicant must face the camera directly 


Not allowed, except for headgear worn for religious purposes


Even lighting with no shadows or glare


High-resolution and not digitally manipulated

Age of photo

Taken within the last 6 months

Photo requirements are based on: www.dha.gov.za
Last update: 9/23/23