Russian Visa Photo: All You Need to Know About Size & Format [And a Hassle-Free Visa Photo Tool]

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Russian Visa Photo: All You Need to Know About Size & Format [And a Hassle-Free Visa Photo Tool]
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Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Russia Visa - photo size & requirements

Russian Visa Photo: All You Need to Know About Size & Format
Width: 35 mm
Height: 45 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 33 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 5 mm
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Background Color
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Russian Visa Photo - All You Need to Know

Russian Visa Photo Requirements

If you want to visit Russian Federation, you need to apply for a visa. You must provide the filled application form and five identical photos in color, not older than six months. You don’t need to search a professional photographer studio or photo booth; especially now, when going to the mall or city center is not recommendable by authorities because of covid-19 pandemic.

You can take your picture at home or any other place and you may have your Russia visa photo checked in a moment.

Russian Visa Photo Tool - make and check it online!

Do you know that you are able to get your Russian visa photo online? Try our visa photo editor!

This tool will resize, crop, edit and on the end check the photo in terms of Russia visa photo requirements.

Every picture you prepare on has the warranty of acceptance by a given institution. You can order it in a digital version and print on your own or we will print it for you and deliver wherever you wish.

These photos must meet certain requirements like size and quality, paper structure, posture, color of background, face expression and some more. It is important to know and apply them all to make sure that your pictures will be accepted by a Russian embassy or consulate. Acquaint yourself with the Russian visa photo specification, below we present a full list of them.

Russian visa photo size

Russia visa photo requirement in these terms are clear:

  • format of the photo (width x height) must be: 35 mm x 45 mm without frames and special corners
  • it must not be a selfie
  • the head must be placed in the centre of the picture
  • face should cover about 50% of the whole area (27mm - 36 mm from the chin to the top of the head) and the head and shoulders - not less than 70% and not more than 80% of the photo
  • the candidate must look straight forward, both sides of your face must be equally seen, side and angled views are not acceptable

Remember: all incorrectly cropped photos will be rejected, so a cropping tool for Russia visa photo may be useful for you. 

Background and lighting

The background in russian visa photo must be gray, totally free of shadows, patterns and other visible objects or people. If you are not able to prepare the required background, you can use a tool erasing unsuitable background and making it any color, in such a case grey. Just use a dedicated tool on and relax, we will do the job.

The best light is natural, both sides of the face must be evenly illuminated. A photo must reproduce your skin tones accurately.

Head position and face expression

The candidate should not look down or to either side, his/her head must be square to the camera. The camera lens must be at the eye level of the applicant. A neutral expression with your mouth closed and eyes open is the must. Don’t smile but just relax your face muscles in a natural way.

Your eyes must be well visible and recognizable, so if you don’t need glasses, take them off, make sure also that your hair doesn't cover your eyes’ line.

Eyeglasses on the Russian visa photo

If you want to be sure your photo will be accepted, take off your glasses (also sunglasses are not acceptable). If you must wear glasses for medical reasons and you really cannot take them off, remember that there must not be any glare on the glass and the frame cannot cover any part of your eyes. Moreover, there should not be shadows or refraction on your face.


This is a frequently asked question: how to dress for a Russian visa photo?

You can wear as you like – your everyday style. There are no special requirements in this term. Only uniforms must not be worn.


If you normally wear a beard, you can keep it for the photo. But remember that your face must be recognizable for an immigration officer, so don’t grow a beard before your picture is taken if you normally do not wear it.

Hats and head coverings

Generally speaking, head wear is not permitted on a Russia visa photo. You may wear your religious head covering only if it does not obscure your face. Your  face must be visible from the lower tip of the chin to the forehead. Face covering like niqabs are not acceptable.

Russian visa for children and babies

If you are planning to visit Russian Federation with your children, they must have a visa too. Babies who are unable to support themselves should be photographed lying down from above and they must have open eyes. If you support an infant, your hands or used to support the child should not be visible in the photo.

Retouching tools and Photoshop on the Russia visa photo

You must not use Photoshop on your Russian visa photo -  it applies to your face and also the background. So, no retouch, no artistic effect are acceptable. Instead, you may wear make-up and for the background use tool for the Russia visa photo just using a dedicated tool on

Russian visa photo specs about paper structure

The photo must be in color, printed on glossy, plain or opaque high quality photo paper.The relief or raster structure are not acceptable.

The print resolution must be of at least 600 dpi (especially when taken with a digital camera).The face must be sharply focused in all areas, adequate contrast and clear are also important.

Russia visa photo maker will be a perfect editor if you are looking for a tool with which you will be able to get your Russian visa photo online in a couple of minutes.

This tool resizes, crops, edits and on the end checks the photo to make you sure that it will be accepted by a given institution. We guarantee it! 

You can order it as in a digital version and print on your own or order already printed pictures that we deliver on a given physical address.

We will provide you with high quality Russian visa photos, correctly sized and cropped, meeting the criteria demanded by the Russian Government.

Last important thing: groupa images will be rejected. Your five delivered photos must be identical.

Summary for Russia Visa photo requirements and application

Photo is one of the most important elements during the visa application. The picture will be positively verified by the embassy official if it meets official requirements. Recommended photo size is 3,5 x 4,5 cm. The picture should have a balanced contrast, sharpness and lightning, hence, it is highly advised to use the service of an experienced photographer. The photo should be taken against a plain and uniform background. It should be printed in color, on a high quality photograph paper. The person in the photo should face the camera with eyes turned directly towards it. It is obligatory not to cover the face or hairline – it should remain clear and one is not allowed to cover it with hair or jewellery. While posing for a photograph one should close the mouth and have a neutral face expression, without any emotions.

Russia Visa online application for in USA

The Consular Section of The Russian Embassy in the United States states that electronic visa application in Russian or English language is the only form of applying for the document.

Last update: 10/4/23

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Is it possible I travel on a private trip with a tourist visa?

+ -

Yes, you can do it if you have confirmed accommodation (booked in a hotel or your family member’s/friend’s place) and transit information for every night of your stay in Russia. When you arrive in Russia, you must register your visa and confirm your accommodation and itinerary.

Can I extend my business Russian visa without leaving Russia?

+ -

No. With your business Russian visa you can stay in this country up to 12 months and you are allowed to leave and re-enter Russian Federation multiple times but where the document expires you must unconditionally leave. Otherwise your stay in Russia will be illegal. If you need, you may then apply for a new visa.

What to do if my Russian visa is lost or stolen?

+ -

As you cannot exit Russia without your valid visa, you must replace it in case of losing it for any reason.

First of all, in the case of theft, robbery or just losing it, you must contact a local police station. Request there for an official document confirming that your visa was lost. Then, you need to contact your embassy in Moscow with the purpose of getting a new passport. Remember that you will also need the return ticket and one photo for Russian visa.

If you are already in Russia and cannot leave the country for some of the following reasons, it is possible you extend your visa up to 2 weeks. The list of cases is closed and undisputed. There are following situations:

  • missing your back flight.
  • an accident.
  • a serious illness.
  • unavailability of booking a flight in case of an open-date ticket.

If you are planning to stay in Russian Federation for more than 30 days, you should ask for a business visa.

Yes. Biometric data collection of visa applicants has been introduced recently by Russian Federation government. The pourpose of this is to help with managing its security and control illegal immigration.

What does it mean to you? Only this when you apply for a Russian visa you will need to book an appointment to have your biometric data taken before you submit your visa application.

If your child is included in your or the second parent’s passport, there is no need to apply for a visa for him/her. In such a case, a visa support document is sufficient. But you need to apply for a child’s visa if your son or daughter has a separate passport. Sometimes it is necessary to provide additional documents and/or information with who a child will be travelling to Russia. In the case of small children who cannot write, the person who signs the application is a parent. Important thing: it is necessary to note it under the signature.

Generally speaking: no. But if you have figured out that your provided details were wrong, contact as soon as possible the embassy or consulate to see what they can do. Everything depends on which stage is the process - sometimes it is possible to change something without charge but in many cases unfortunately no.

Yes, you must provide the embassy or consulate with the exact dates of entry and exit Russia. Remember that with a tourist visa you can stay in the country maximum 30 days including day of arrival and departure. It is impossible you come to Russia earlier or leave later that is indicated in your visa document. If you think that your plans may change, the good idea is to add a few days before and after the expected dates of travel to make the period of stay more flexible.

No and it also concerns other countries. You are allowed to have only one active visa for a given country in your passport. So, if your Russian visa has not expired yet, is not cancelled or used and you apply again for a new one, your active (current) visa will be cancelled when the new visa validation period begins.

A work permit can only be obtained from the company that you are going to work for in Russia.

Invitations with the purpose of "education" or "study" must be issued by the school, college or university that you will be attending in Russia.

All non-Russians arriving in the Russian Federation must register their visas within seven working days of their arrival. Visa registration procedures and requirements are different in each city and region of Russia.You need to check it and to prepare more information about the region you go. Remember: unregistered visas can cause problems and delays. The worst case is a denial of exit from Russia so do not underestimate this duty.

If you want to go and stay in the Russian Federation, you need a document stuck into your passport. It permits you to enter for a chosen purpose (eg. tourism or business), stay in the country for an indicated period of time and leave Russia at the end. Remember that you will need your visa for the departure - if you lose it or stay longer than you were allowed to, you may have troubles with leaving the country.

You request Russian visa for the specific purpose and it will be written and encoded into your document. But this does not restrict you to this purpose and you may travel around Russia also to visit your family and friends or f. ex. take part in cultural events.

The main difference between them is a validation time. Tourist visas are valid for up to one month and allow either a single or double entry and departure. If you have a business visa, you may enter and exit Russian Federation multiple times and stay there from between one month to one year.

Some of the information on your Russian visa will be in Russian, some of them - in English. It is your responsibility to check if your visa is suitable for your journey before you use it. If you are confused, a good idea is to translate some data or look for a guide on how to read a Russian visa.

The cost of Russian visa depends on its type, requested period of stay, your citizenship, how quickly you need it and some more details.

Having the visa process done takes between four days and six weeks as the case may be. It depends inter alia on the visa’s type you ask. Please note that processing days are business days excluding weekends and Russian bank holidays.

This duty applies only to candidats answering “self-employed” or “unemployed” to the question about current employment status on a Russian visa application form. If you are in one of these groups, you will need to provide copies of your bank statements for the last full three months to demonstrate that you are able to pay your trip. Retired people and students are not required to submit the bank statements.

If you are applying for your visa yourself, you should bring:

  • a filled application form
  • your support documents
  • your passport valid for 6 months after your proposed departure from Russia and have two blank pages
  • a single passport picture following a specifications for a Russian visa photo
  • the consular fee 
  • proof of medical insurance 
  • recent bank statements ( only if you are self-employed or unemployed)

No, you cannot send your documents by post.

You can bring your application form together with your photos, passport and other required documents to a Russian Consulate, Russian embassy in your country or Russian Visa Application Centre.

Every foreigner country citizen who enters Russian Federation. The exceptions are only citizens of former CIS Republics, except Georgia and Turkmenistan. They may travel to Russia carrying only their passports.

If you travel through Russian Federation to another country (just transiting) you do not need a visa on condition that you do not leave the airport area. In case of the stay in the country less than 72 hours, there is a possibility to get a transit visa.