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Body-camera distance

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Posture: Straight ahead

Place your face in front of the lens. Hold the camera at eye level and keep neutral face expression.



Stand facing the light source, for example an exposed window. The background will be cut out, don't worry about it.

Malaysian Visa Photo - Requirements & Size

Malaysia Visa Photo
Width: 35 mm
Height: 50 mm
600 dpi
Is it suitable for online submission?
Image definition parameters
Head height: 30 mm
Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 10 mm
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More about Malaysia Visa Photo - Requirements

Malaysia visa photo guidelines

Do you know that if you are not a citizen of one of the visa-exempt countries, you must get a visa to Malaysia? With the application form you are required to provide a Malaysian diplomatic mission with two pictures of yourself. Do you know how they must be not to be rejected? If not, read carefully our guide about:

Malaysia visa photo requirements

Malaysian visas are not very hard to get but applications go through strict processing procedures. It is worth remembering that the pictures you attach must meet the Malaysian visa photo requirements. If the pictures do not satisfy specifications, your visa application could be rejected.

So, what are the most importants things when you are taking a picture for a Malaysia visa?

You must take care about:

  • right size
  • correct head position and composition of the picture
  • required style and color of the background
  • brightness and contrast
  • required face expression
  • In sharp focus and clear
  • following the “must not” list of objects visible in the picture

Malaysia tourist visa photo specifications

Your picture that you attach to your Malaysia visa application form must be taken in 3 last months and be in color. Black and white, sepia and color-filtered photos will be rejected. The photo must be printed on high quality picture paper. Please keep in mind that a scanned picture or a colored photocopy are not suitable. Provided picture must be originale. It means that it cannot be cut out from the larger photograph and also that your e picture should not be modified in any way.There must not be any creases or staple marks on the paper.

This Malaysian visa picture must represent your skin tones, so check if it is not overexposed or underexposed (it might misrepresent your skin color).

Malaysia visa photo size 

Dimensions for a Malaysian visa photo are strictly executed. This is not only about the size of the picture but also a size of the image of the head etc. You must follow these rules:

  • Photo dimensions must be: 35 mm width and 50 mm height
  • The face must cover about 30-35 mm of the picture
  • There must be approximately 5 mm of the distance from the top of the head to the top of the picture
  • There must be about 5-10 mm of the distance from your chin to the bottom of the picture
  • There must be not margins

If you are not sure how to resize and crop your picture, you may take a look at our resizing and cropping photo application. With it you will prepare a perfectly sized Malaysian visa photograph! 

Malaysia visa photo required orientation and look

The picture for a Malaysian visa must be portrait-oriented. The face of the candidate must be centred, not tilted in any direction. A photographed person must look straight ahead at the camera. Side angle and semi-profile shots are unacceptable, only en-face shots will be accepted.

You must have a neutral facial expression with closed mounts and open eyes. If you have long hair, put it behind your ears as the hair must not cover your face.It doesn’t apply to a beard. You are not asked to remove your beard for a Malaysian visa photo

Malaysian photo visa background and lightning

There are strict requirements about the background to the Malaysian visa photo. It must be white plain, with no patterns nor shadows. It may be not easy to obtain but you should not be worried about it. Just check out the background removing photo tool which will prepare your perfect picture in a few seconds. It does not matter if you have taken your picture in your kitchen, garden or on the street. If it meets composition, colors and size requirements, the last step is a removal of a wrong background with an online photo app and changing it into a required white one.

Some people think that a Malaysia visa photo blue background is acceptable but not. Only white one!

There are not special requirements about lightning but we recommend a natural, white one and your skin and eyes color must be represented naturally. Don’t use a flash lamp - it might cause the “red eyes” effect which disqualifies a picture. To avoid a “red eyes” effect in the photo, take it without a flesh. Remember that you must not retouch the picture. Every altered photograph will be rejected.

What is forbidden in the Malaysia visa photo?

Be aware that if you fail to meet requirements about  Malaysia visa photo, your application probably will be rejected and you will need to start again all the process of applying. If you want to be sure that everything will be fine, remember that in your visa picture you MUST NOT:

  • tilt or turn your head
  • look sideway or have your eyes closed
  • have your mounts open
  • smile, frown, or grimace
  • have sunglasses or tinted glasses
  • wear any large and flashy jewelry

Your picture absolutely must not be altered using computer software or computer application. Removal of the background with the professional photo editor is allowed but do not do it by yourself.

Remember that the visa picture must show how you currently look and for this reason must be taken within the last 3 months.

Clothing in Malaysian visa photos 

We have some official recommendations and unofficial tips for you. Malaysian authorities recommend that you wear clothes contrasting with the white background. So white shirt can be worn. Choose something in darkers colors. Our tip is to pick an outfit that is modest. A conservative top is best. Do not wear anything with open shoulders (such as a tank top).

What about head coverings? So, you are not allowed to wear a fashion head covering in the visa photo, such as a hat, headband or baseball cap. If you wear a headgear for religious purposes, you may wear it in the picture, just make sure that it does not cover your face, not even your forehead and chin.

Glasses in Malaysian visa photo 

If you wear prescription glasses, you may wear them in the Malaysia visa picture as long as they do not obstruct your face. But if it is not absolutely necessary f.ex. for medical reasons, we recommend removing them as they can have a thick rim or there’s glare on the glass. It would disqualify your visa picture. Sunglasses or any other tinted glasses are never allowed. The last tip is not to wear any large and flashy jewelry and strong make-up.

Malaysia visa photo requirements for children

Every person entering Malaysia must have her/his own visa. If you intend to travel with minors under your custody, apply for a visa for them too.  if you are submitting a picture for a young child, make sure that the child or the baby is alone in the picture. This means that you cannot be in the picture holding it. Also any objects, such as toys or bottles in the picture cannot be visible in the photo. Like in the case for the visa photo for adults, a child must be facing the camera, with a closed mouth, open eyes and neutral facial expression.

Malaysian visa photo near me

Are you asking yourself where is the place where you can get a picture of your Malaysian visa near you? The answer might surprise you: anywhere! You do not look for a professional studio or photo booths, all you need is your digital camera or smartphone and free three minutes! Just follow our guide about Malaysia photo visa requirements, wear your favorite outfit and ask somebody to help you with taking a photo. Then, even if you see that the crop or the background are not perfect, you may just use an online photo maker and adjust your Malaysian visa picture to all requirements.

Malaysia online visa photo editor

With our online photo maker you are able to take and prepare your visa photo at any time and in any place. With this tool you can in one second remove an unsuitable background and change it into a required one, crop and resize your image.

The online visa photo app verifies also if the picture meets all requirements. If you want to be sure that attached to your application form picture is correct, just let us do the job!

You have an unlimited number of trials and you will pay only for 100% correct and satisfying you photos with a warranty of acceptance by authorities!

Last update: 11/29/22

About the document

Visa to Malaysia

A Malaysian visa is a document issued to foreign nationals who plan to enter this country, and who are citizens of visa-subject countries.Tourists who are not citizens of one of the visa-exempt countries and  must previously get a visa from an office called Malaysian diplomatic mission. Your application will be a subject of approval from the side of the Immigration Department of Malaysia or the Malaysian Representative.

If you are a holder of passports issued by the following jurisdiction of a visa-exempt countries list, you  are granted visa-free entry to Malaysia for a number of days linked to your nationality. Citizens of 63 jurisdictions (including the US) are granted visa-free entry to Malaysia for 90 days. Other nationals from visa-free listes may stay for 30 or 14 days.

Remember that a Malaysian visa is not a complete guarantee that you can stay in Malaysia, the final decision always is taken by an Immigration Officer at the entry point.

Malaysian border control

A Malaysia Visa is simply a pre-entry document and you will need the permission of the Immigration Officer to cross the border.

Even if you are a visa-free agreement country passport holder, it is possible that you will not be let enter Malaysia. When you come at the entry point, an Immigration Officer will decide to issue you a Pass or not. But in practise, if you are not a convicted felon and there are not strong prerequisites to stop you at the border, you will obtain an endorsement in your passport which states that you are allowed to stay in the country and for how long. Even if you are not required to obtain a Malaysian visa prior to travel, you will still receive a  stamp in your passport. Entering without a visa does not mean neither that you will not be a subject to immigration check at the entry point. Every foreigner crossing a Malaysian border is verified at the entry point.

Keep in mind, that all travellers to Malaysia must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months.

Who does need a visa to Malaysia?

As the first step before you plan your itinerary, check if you need to apply for a Malaysian visa. You do not need to do it if you are a national of the countries listed f.ex. on Wikipedia sites:

If you are from a country which is not exempt from Malaysia visas, then you will have to apply for this document before going there.

However, there are several countries who can stay in Malaysia for specific periods of time without having to get a visa. It is never more than 90 days. If you want to legally stay in this country longer, consider applying for another than a tourist type of visa.

Malaysian visa for the US citizens

If you are an US passport holder, you don’t need to get a visa if you only intend to visit Malaysia for a short period. You are allowed to stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 90 days only with your passport. But if you intend to stay there for longer than  3 months, you do need to apply for a Malaysia visa, or the appropriate Pass related to your travel purpose. It may be work, study, family reunification etc. 

Regardless of the purpose of your visit to Malaysia, you must carry with you a valid passport which expires not sooner than in 6 months from your entrance to this country.

Malaysia visa application process

To get your Malaysian visa, as the first step you need to find a Malaysian Representative Office. Just check to see whether there is MRO or a visa application center in your country and find the one nearest to you.

The second step is to download and complete the application form from the website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. You can fill it out online. All you’ll need is access to a computer and Adobe Reader. After completing the application form, print the document in two copies and sign them.

Now is the moment to gather documents. Attach also 2 color photos meeting the requirements and submit the application. Depending on your country, you may be able to submit the application in person or by mail.

Then, all you need is wait for your visa to be granted.

Required documents

When you submit a Malaysia visa application, you must present several supporting documents. Check the list below and start gathering them. You are going to need:

  • 2 printed copies of the Malaysia visa application form
  • your original passport valid at least 6 months from a planned date of entrance to Malaysia
  • 2 photocopies of your passport
  • 2 visa photos meeting all requirements
  • a copy of your flight itinerary including a returning ticket
  • proof of accommodation in Malaysia, (hotel booking or an inviting letter from your family member/friends)
  • bank statements from the last three months period

What’s next?

At this point you need to wait for your visa application to be processed.

The processing time for a Malaysian visa depends on your country and the method through which you are applying (online, via mail or in person), the time of year and whether you have all the required documentation.

If you are applying online, the process should take no longer than 4 days. If you are applying manually, the processing time depends on the office which is handling your application.But in most cases, you will be informed about your visa during 7-8 days.

If your Malaysia visa application is approved, you have to retrieve your passport with the affixed visa. Congratulations, you are allowed to travel to Malaysia!

Remember however that it is the Immigration Officer at the port of entry who decides whether you may enter or not. If the officer let you in, you will obtain a Pass. For example, if you want to travel to Malaysia for tourism purposes, you will receive a “Short Term Social Visit Pass”.

Malaysia single entry and Malaysia multiple entry visa

Depending on the number of entries, the Malaysian government grants two types of visas: Malaysia Single Entry Visa and Malaysia Multiple Entry Visa. The first of them is valid for a maximum of three months from the issue date and allows the holder to travel to only Malaysia once. This type of visa is usually issued for social visit/tourism purposes.

Malaysia Multiple Entry Visa can be valid from three to twelve months from the date it is issued. Its holder can enter Malaysia multiple times during a visa validity period.  This type of Malaysia visa is usually issued for education and business purposes. However, the maximum one stay period is 30 days on one entry. After 30 days you must leave Malaysia and then you can return until the multiple visa expires.

Extension of a single entry visa in Malaysia

People often ask if they can extend their tourist visa for more than indicated time. The answer is: generally speaking, no. A single entry visa for Malaysia basically cannot be extended.

If you want to stay in Malaysia for longer than your Pass is issued for, you have to leave the country and apply for the appropriate - business, education or other type - Malaysian Visa and Pass.

However, an extension of a Social Visit Pass may be possible in extraordinary cases, and only after consideration on a case to case basis. For example, you could receive an extension for your Social Visit Pass if you fell ill, had an accident, or if a situation in your home country (such as a war) could endanger you if you returned.

In such a case, you must prove the ensuing situation and show a confirmed return ticket to your home country.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can I have make-up in my Malasian visa picture?
+ -

Not a strong one. If make-up changes your face features, it is not allowed. But a bit of foundation and mascara would be ok.

What should I wear to a Malaysian visa photo?
+ -

Because clothing is visible in the passport photo, a recommendation is that you wear dark-coloured attire (this includes headscarves) so as to be in clear contrast to the white background. Choose something modest, naked shoulders are not welcome.

Can I print my Malaysian visa photo on my home printer?
+ -

No. Photos printed at home are unlikely to be of an acceptable standard. Print your visa photo in a store with a professional photo printer or order a delivery of printed photographs with us.

Yes. You can choose a method of applying for your visa - manually or online.

However, online application is not for every national. Most visa-subject nationals have to apply at a Malaysian Representative Office Abroad or through an authorized visa application agency. If you go for the appointment, don’t forget to take with you your passport and two color passport-size photos of yourself.

Yes, every person, regardless of age, must have an entrance permission to Malaysia if required. So if you are not from a visa-free country, you must submit a visa application for you and minors travelling with you. Remember to attach two color pictures of your baby or child to an application form on his/her name.

If you have a smartphone with a camera and use an online photo editor - you even don’t need to leave your place! This photo tool automatically crops, resizes and adjusts the background to the requirements.

The best option is to use a visa photo editor. This online photo maker removes a wrong background from your picture and changes it into a white one.

You can do it automatically with the cropping and resizing online visa photo maker in a couple of seconds.

No. You must not Photoshop your picture nor use color filters. All modified pictures will not be accepted.

The required Malaysia visa photo dimensions are: 35 mm wide x 50 mm high and the head size inside the image must be about 30-35 mm.

Yes, this is a touristic country and its authorities are very welcoming. If you meet all requirements, you probably will get your Malaysian visa easily and quickly.

Yes, if they do not obscure your face oval. Consider taking off shining, huge earrings as they can give a glare on your face. Small pair of earrings or a necklace would be perfect for this occasion.

Yes, absolutely! If you have a smartphone with a camera, you may take the picture of yourself and adjust it using an online visa foro maker regardless if you have Android or iOS. This app automatically resizes, removes the wrong background and verifies the uploaded photograph.

No. Holders of US passports are granted visa-free entry to Malaysia for 90 days.

No. The requirements for a Malaysia visa photo in terms of the face expression are pretty clear: “No smiling. Mouth closed.”

You can get it in the studio, in a photo booth or… in your living room if you wish. You may use your smartphone or a digital camera and then adjust the picture with our visa photo editor.

If you wear prescription glasses, you do not need to take them off. Make sure that they have transparent lenses and they do not obscure your face or give any glare.

If you wear a headpiece for religious purposes, you may wear it in the picture. Remember that it must not not cover your face, not even your forehead and chin.