Guidelines for Chile Visa

How to apply for Chile visa? - Everything you need to know!

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Chile is located in South America and its capital is Santiago, a thriving city with popular tourist destinations.

If you want to travel to Chile then you will most likely require a Chile visa. Take a look at this article where we have prepared everything you need to know about Chile visas.

Do you need a visa to travel to Chile?

Most foreigners are allowed to travel to Chile without the need of having a visa where they can stay for a maximum of 90 days. 

However, if your country is not visa-exempt then you will have to apply for a Chilean visa to travel to Chile.

To know whether your country is visa-exempt or not, we suggest that you contact the nearest embassy or consulate.

Chile visa types

Chile visas are classified into different categories:

  • Tourist visa
  • Study visa
  • Work visa
  • Temporary residence permit
  • Holiday work visa

General requirements for Chile visa

The documents you should submit for a Chile visa are as follows:

  • A valid passport as well as passport pages copies
  • Legal status evidence in your home country
  • Passport size photo
  • Itinerary of your flight
  • Accommodation evidence
  • Bank statements
  • A cover letter indicating your purpose of travel
  • Invitation letter if you are visiting a relative or friend
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Health insurance
  • Evidence of financial funds

Note that further documentation may be required depending on different factors from your embassy or consulate so it’s best to always contact them.

Requirements for minors

  • Certificate of birth
  • A travel authorization from the minor’s parents or legal guardians if the minor is traveling alone. The authorization must be notarized
  • If the minor travels with one parent or guardian then you will also require notarized permission from the other parent or guardian.

Chile tourist visa

A tourist visa can be granted to people who want to travel to Chile for tourism purposes or leisure activities.

The requirements of the Chile tourist visa are similar to the general requirements. Just keep in mind that you will need to fill in the appropriate application form and submit a letter indicating the reason for your travel, what you intend to do during your stay in Chile or places you plan to visit.

Chile study visa

The student visa is granted to foreigners who wish to study and pursue a career in Chile. 

For this visa, you will firstly need to enroll in an educational institution in Chile and you must provide evidence of registration.

You will also need to submit an enrollment letter from your college or university in Chile which states the duration of your studies, the courses you are taking and when will they start and end.

Chile working visa

The work visa will be provided to foreigners who wish to work in Chile. The Chile work visa, however, will not be granted without authorization.

To apply for a work visa it will depend on the duration of your stay. For those who want to work and live in Chile for up to a year then you will need to apply for a Temporary residence permit or a Holiday work visa.

If you want to work in Chile for more than a year though, a work visa is the one you should apply for.

When you apply for a Chile work visa, the company you plan to work at must:

  • Constitute in Chile
  • Show evidence that your work will benefit Chile
  • Evidence that the VAT has been paid
  • Evidence that insurance of employee has been paid

Besides the general requirements, for a work visa to Chile, you will also be required to submit a contract copy which should be in the Spanish language, comply with the regulations of Chile, and signed by the company. It should also be notarized. 

Chile temporary resident visa

This visa is granted to people who wish to live in Chile for a certain amount of time, however, it is temporary.

To be eligible for the temporary residence visa you must comply with one of the following statements:

  • If you have a relative living in Chile who has Chilean citizenship such as a spouse, children, or parent
  • You have been born in Chile
  • You have previously had Chilean citizenship but have left the country and lost the status
  • Are a retiree or you have autonomous income
  • If you are a businessman whose work benefits Chile development
  • If you are a journalist who is working in Chile
  • Have an internship position or doing research work in Chile
  • If you are a worker of religion

Besides the general requirements you should also keep in mind the following:

  • If you plan to live with a member of your family then you should submit a certificate or marriage or birth
  • If you are an intern working in Chile then you will need a letter of invitation from the host company
  • For minors, you will need an approval letter from the parent or guardian which states that you have financial support
  • If you are employed you will be required to include your contract
  • If you are staying in Chile for academic purposes then you will need to provide your educational background as well as educational certificates
  • For any other additional documents contact the nearest embassy or consulate to further help you with your application.

Chile holiday work visa

The holiday work visa is issued to people who are at least 18 years old and plan to work in Chile during the holiday season.

  • This visa Is available for up to 1 year
  • With the work holiday visa, you are not enabled to work in the same company for longer than 6 months
  • When applying for the work holiday visa you should provide evidence that you can financially support yourself during your stay in Chile
  • To be eligible for the Chile holiday work visa then you must have at least the status of a student and find the job by yourself

How to apply for Chile visa?

To apply for a Chile visa you can do so online through the official website provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The steps to take to apply for Chile visa are:

  • Go to the official website and fill in the application
  • Gather and submit every required document
  • Go to the embassy or consulate
  • Pay the fees
  • Obtain the visa

Chile visa photo requirements

A Chile visa will require you to submit a Chile visa photo that should meet the requirements below:

  • The photo’s size should be 45mm x 45mm
  • The photo should be in color and not in black & white
  • Keep your head straight and look into the camera lens
  • Your photo should be recent
  • The background of the photo should be in white color
  • Keep a neutral facial expression. Eyes open and mouth close
  • Glasses are allowed only if your eyes do not get obstruct
  • Headcoverings are allowed only for religious purposes

To get a Chile visa photo online we encourage you to use our passport photo maker application. You can download it on any smartphone.

What you have to do is uploading a photo and wait for the tool to do its trick. It will crop the photo and remove the background automatically. You might think that online photo makers are not that trusty but we ensure you that the photo validator will 100% guarantee you acceptance.